How To Stop Clothes Creasing In The Tumble Dryer (best tips)

It’s not uncommon for garments to come out of the dryer appearing creased and wrinkled. However, not many of us have the time or energy to iron each piece of clothing for them to appear presentable.

There are many reasons why this happens: overloading the dryer, using too much heat, or even leaving the clothes in the dryer makes them crease.

Luckily, there are many ways to reduce wrinkling, and we’ll share our best tips with you today!

Tips to reduce wrinkling when using the tumble dryer

Many of us don’t like wearing wrinkly clothes, especially at times when we have to go to work or do something special.

This is why when our garments come out of the dryer looking crumpled, it can be very frustrating! There’s no need to worry about it anymore though, as this issue is easy to fix.

To lessen the wrinkles and creases on your clothes, here are some things you need to do when putting them in the dryer:

Untangle your garments

When they’re done in the wash, it’s common for the clothes to lump together or to get crumpled. It’s not good to put them inside your tumble dryer when they’re still in this state.

person holding a grey sweater

Why? Because you’re not giving your garments the chance to smoothen out before drying. As a result, they’ll get more wrinkly once they’re finished, which is exactly what you want to prevent.

To avoid this from happening, make sure to untangle your clothes and give them a little shake when transferring them to the dryer. All you have to do is hold each piece of clothing (for example, on its upper part), shake them out, and then place it in the dryer.

Put in just the right amount of clothes

It’s a good rule of thumb to never, ever, overload your appliances. This is especially true for tumble dryers.

Overfilling your machine with clothes makes it slow and less efficient. You’ll probably take a longer time between each cycle, and the garments will not have enough space to spin around.

Make sure to follow the manual on your appliance and see the recommendation on how “full” they can be while still being functional. For most machines, this is putting clothes that will fill at least half, but not over ¾ of the tumble dryer’s drum.

NOTE: If you’re using a washer dryer combo, take note that it’s common for them to have a different drying capacity to its washing functions. This will mean that in most cases, you’ll have to separate one wash load into two when drying them.

Use the low heat setting

Did you know that high temperatures cause wrinkles to form on your clothes? If you often use this setting, the high temp in the dryer may be the culprit behind your garments creasing.

If possible, it’s best to use the low heat setting in your dryer for items that are prone to wrinkling. Just make sure to read the care labels on your clothes, as some items have to be dried with proper care.

Always check the wash care labels

Also, check if your machine has an Anti-Crease programme. This setting is much gentler on your clothes, which significantly reduces the wrinkles that’ll form on your fabrics.

NOTE: If you really need to use the high heat setting in your dryer, try adding an ice cube inside with your garments. Doing so can help reduce creasing as the cube will melt and steam the clothes once the tumble dryer starts to spin.

Make use of dryer balls

Dryer balls are laundry aids that primarily help garments dry much more quickly in the dryer. They work by agitating the clothes in the machine, which forms more space and allows the fabrics to get sufficient airflow.

As a result, the moisture from the clothes will be absorbed quickly, and also keeps clothes from creasing!

There are many types of dryer balls. Most laundry experts would recommend a wool dryer ball due to its natural materials, but a rubber dryer ball is effective too!

NOTE: Don’t have dryer balls? You can use tennis balls as an alternative!

Relaxdays XXL Wool Dryer Balls, Set of 6 New Zealand Balls, Eco-Friendly, Ø 7 cm, White
  • Softeners: Simply put the wool balls into the drying machine
  • Protective: The dryer balls work against static load and prevent wrinkles

Remove garments immediately once they dry

Once your clothes are done in the dryer, make sure to remove them from the machine immediately.

Why? Because the longer you leave them in the drum, the more they’re likely to crease.

pair of jeans

To reduce the wrinkles on the garments, you can even give the clothes a little shake after getting them in the dryer.

BONUS TIP: Fold your clothes as soon as you can

We get it: it’s tempting to get all the clothes from the dryer and leave them in the hamper or on a chair somewhere. Then, we’ll just wait until we have that rush of energy to get on with the folding.

Unfortunately, this habit can actually contribute to the reason why our clothes look so creased most of the time. After all, the garments are just strewn on top of each other.

To prevent this, we recommend folding your clothes immediately after they’re done with the dryer. This way, any remaining wrinkles on the clothes can get smoothened using our palms, before they’re put away in storage.

Ways to reduce wrinkling when using the washer

One common misconception about creasing is that the reason why this happens is because of your tumble dryer. Although it can be a culprit, most of the creasing actually occurs when you’re washing the clothes.

Here are additional tips to reduce creases when washing your garments:

Shake your clothes first

Before you put your clothes in the washer, make sure that they are free from tangling.

Do the method earlier which is holding the clothes on its upper part and shaking them lightly. This way, they are properly placed inside the washer and will have more space to get clean and move with the water and detergent.

Do not overfill your washer with laundry

Overloading your machine makes it less efficient, but also creases your garments. It’s also not good to underload the dryer as doing so is just a waste of resources.

Make sure to fill your washer’s drum at least halfway through, but not over ¾ to maximize its effectiveness.

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Add white vinegar or fabric conditioners

Fabric conditioners have chemicals that make garments have fewer wrinkles.[1] Since they soften the fabric, they can be a good addition when you’re tired of seeing creases on your clothes.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t like using fabric conditioners due to the chemicals they contain. Also, if you are concerned about the environment, they are not exactly eco-friendly, either.  

This is where using white vinegar is a great alternative. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also help reduce wrinkling and deodorise the clothes, making them smell fresh.

distilled white vinegar washing machine

We hate ironing clothes, too

In this modern day, nobody really likes to spend their time ironing clothes. This is exactly the reason why there’s a huge market for steamers and fabric conditioners that offer wrinkle-free properties.

If you want to save time and money, doing the tips above will certainly help you reduce laundry creases.

Do you have any tips to share? What method above worked for you? Feel free to comment them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dryer balls reduce creases?

Yes, using dryer balls reduces creasing on your garments and removes excess moisture at a faster rate.

Why are my clothes so creased after the tumble dryer?

If your clothes are so creased after putting them in a tumble dryer, chances are you may have overloaded your appliance. Avoid overloading or underloading your dryer to make it efficient and less likely to crease your garments.

How do you get wrinkles out with the dryer?

Use a low heat setting on your dryer to get the wrinkles out of your clothes.

What is one way to avoid wrinkled clothing after drying clothes in a clothes dryer?

One way to avoid wrinkled clothes after drying them in a tumble dryer is to get them quickly once the spin is complete. This way, you’ll get to smoothen out any creasing with your palms before they get more wrinkled in the drum.

Is hanging clothes better than using a dryer?

Hanging your clothes on a clothesline is better than using a dryer due to its cost-effectiveness. Also, doing so is gentler on your clothes, which makes them have a longer lifespan.

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