What Is A Shoe Dryer? (trainer & boot dryers explained)

If you have ever experienced wet feet due to your shoes becoming soaked during a particularly heavy downpour. Or you have accidentally walked through a deep puddle and your shoes have become sodden, then you’ll know just how uncomfortable that experience left your feet feeling.

Possibly your shoes were still wet the following day, and you had to suffer the discomfort of wearing wet, cold shoes all day at work. There is an appliance on the market nowadays that will make wet shoes a thing of the past. We’re talking about a shoe dryer.

What Is A Shoe Dryer?

A shoe dryer is an appliance designed to safely dry shoes, boots and trainers. Many can be used to dry gloves and hats as well. They usually work by blowing warm air through the shoes.

This warm air speeds up the drying process and dries the shoes much faster than any of the older, more conventional ways of drying shoes, like stuffing them with newspaper for example. 

There are a number of different designs available, some are wall mounted, others can be folded flat for better storage, while some can accommodate up to 4 shoes/boots at the same time.

If you are opposed to using an electrical appliance to dry your shoes, there are some shoe dryers which require no power at all and work using silica oxide beads to soak up the moisture.

Whichever type you choose, a shoe dryer can make life far more comfortable especially if you spend lots of your time outdoors in all weathers.

What Are The Advantages To Using A Shoe Dryer?

There are several advantages to using a shoe dryer, these include;

  • They Make Your Feet More Comfortable
    After your shoes have been completely dried using a shoe dryer, they will feel comfortable again. No cold, wet feet to start the day after using a shoe dryer.
  • Excess Moisture Removal
    The whole point of the shoe dryer is to remove moisture from the shoe. Whether it’s been waterlogged or just subjected to a sweaty foot, the shoe will become dry and fresh after using the shoe dryer.
  • Eliminates Bad Odours
    The bad odours that are emitted from shoes are usually caused by bacteria and mould. Both of which need dampness to survive. By removing the moisture from your shoes, the shoe dryer effectively removes the bacteria which in turn, prevents bad odours.
  • It Doesn’t Change The Shape Of Your Shoes
    In other forms of drying shoes too much heat is applied which can seriously alter the shape of your shoe. Which can make them uncomfortable as well as actually damaging the shoe. The integrity of the sole could be ruined, any leather could split and fabrics can shrink and tear. This doesn’t usually happen when using a shoe dryer.
  • Helps To Prevent Bacteria
    Bacteria thrive in damp places, which means once the shoes are dry, they become less appealing for bacteria to start living in.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Shoe Dryer?

The disadvantages of a shoe dryer include;

  • The Expense
    Even though shoe dryers start at around £12 per pair, some people feel they are an unnecessary expense. However, if you only have one pair of work shoes, and they become waterlogged on the way home from work, £12 is a small price to pay for going to work the following morning in dry shoes.
  • The Space It Occupies
    Some models can be folded flat for ease of storage, however, there are other freestanding and even wall mounted models which will take up extra space in your home.
  • Possible Damage To Shoes
    In some cases, the leather has been known to lose all of its natural oils which can cause the shoes to split if you don’t work some shoe polish into them. This will only happen if the shoe dryer is left running once the shoes are dry.
  • Uses Electricity (Most Models)
    There are shoe dryers which work using silica oxide beads to soak up the water and these types don’t use any power at all. However, the majority of shoe dryers on the market are powered by electricity. This will add to your household’s power consumption, carbon footprint and energy bill.

Is It Worth Buying A Shoe Dryer?

This really is a question only you can answer. If you rely on one particular pair of shoes (or boots) every day, and you live in an area which receives plenty of rainfall, then yes, it is definitely worth buying a shoe dryer. On the other hand, if you live in an area with hardly any rainfall and you have more than one pair of shoes (or boots) that you can wear every day, then maybe a shoe dryer is an expense too far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a shoe dryer?

Whether you need a shoe dryer or not depends on your circumstances. In wet areas, or areas which receive moderate rainfall, a shoe dryer could be useful to dry your shoes for the following morning. However in an area with hardly any rainfall, maybe a shoe dryer is unnecessary. However, shoe odour can be caused by bacteria that thrive in damp conditions, like sweaty shoes.

How do shoe dryers work?

Electric shoe dryers work in a similar way to a hairdryer. They force warm air through the shoe at a gentle rate which removes the moisture whilst maintaining the shoes structure and integrity.

Do shoe dryers help with smell?

Shoe dryers do help with smell because they eliminate the damp conditions which bacterias need to survive. This means there are far less bacteria in the shoe to cause smells once the shoes are dry.

How long does a shoe dryer take?

The length of time taken by a shoe dryer to dry shoes depends on the make and model. Some can dry shoes in as little as 30 minutes whilst others can take 6 hours or even all night.

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