11 Reasons To Buy A Bathroom Heater

By their very nature bathrooms are cold, damp rooms. Many people are buying bathroom heaters and taking advantage of warmer, more comfortable bathrooms. But there are more reasons to buy a bathroom heater than warmth.

Bathroom heaters are not only useful in winter, in fact in the UK there are more months when a heater is needed than when it’s not. Cold damp springs often give way to wet summers, cold wet autumns and frozen winters. In all fairness it’s not always that bad, but as an old comedian once said, “You can tell when it’s summer, the rain gets warmer” 

Why Are So Many People Buying Bathroom Heaters?

Heaters for bathrooms are designed in a different way to other heaters. This is because safety has to be the first consideration and electricity and water don’t mix very well. Bathroom heaters are so popular because:

  1. Keeps Mould And Mildew Away
    The spores that develop into mould and mildew need damp conditions. Installing a heater in the bathroom will help to eliminate the damp. No damp means no damp patches or mould and mildew stains.
  2. Eliminates Damp Smells
    Dampness has a distinctive smell, if you’ve ever been anywhere that’s damp like an old church, a neglected basement etc then you’ll be familiar with the smell. Bathrooms that are damp, have that same smell. A bathroom heater will help to eliminate those damp smells.
  3. Ambient Temperatures
    There’s no fun in walking into a cold bathroom, undressing, walking on cold floor tiles and stepping into a cold shower. A bathroom heater will take all of that unpleasantness away. Giving you the best possible start to your busy day.
  4. Money Saving
    By installing a heater in the bathroom you allow just that one room to be heated. No need to turn on the central heating, warming the whole house when in reality, you’ll be in the bathroom for around 10 minutes and then out at work all day. Just heating the room you are using will reduce your utility bills greatly.
  5. Warm, Cosy Towels
    Whether you install a towel rack heater or just place the towels near to the heater (at a safe distance) you will benefit from a warm cosy towel to dry yourself on once you finish bathing.
  6. Energy-Efficient
    Most modern heaters are energy-efficient- They use less power to create more heat. If possible go for a low watt, high voltage heater. Power companies charge for their power by watts used, not voltage. 
  7. Inexpensive To Buy
    This depends on the type, size, make and model of bathroom heater you choose, but a small 400 watt ceramic heater with an integrated fan to distribute the heat starts at around £10. Even a 2000 watt free standing thermo-fan heater with dual settings will only cost around £15.
  8. Low Running Costs
    A 2000 watt fan heater will cost around 30 pence per hour to heat a bathroom assuming your electricity is charged at 15 pence per kiloWatt. And the 400 watt ceramic heater will cost only 6 pence per hour. Added to this, who spends an hour in the bathroom? So the actual cost is much less than those quoted.
  9. Safe Heating
    Many bathroom heaters can be installed as wall mounted heaters or ceiling heaters, which are less likely to cause any accidents. Even free standing floor heaters should be fitted with a residual current device ( RCD) which will cut the power to prevent electrocution or other dangers.  Plus most free standing heaters designed specifically for bathrooms should be fitted with splash guards to prevent accidents. 
  10. Portable-Can Be Moved To Different Rooms When Needed
    As we said earlier, you only need a bathroom heater for a short time every day. When it’s not needed in the bathroom, it can be moved into another room where it will be of more use.
  11. Stylish
    With so much choice when it comes to bathroom heaters, and so many manufacturers producing good quality bathroom heaters, you will find stylish model to suit your decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a bathroom heater take to be delivered?

How long it takes for a bathroom heater to be developed depends on where you buy it. Some retailers like Amazon Prime, Tool station, Currys and Appliances direct, offer next day delivery. Other retailers like Robert Dyas, and many more offer free delivery but not next day.

Are bathroom heaters worth buying?

Bathroom heaters are well worth buying to eliminate damp, and keep your bathroom warm. They are also cheap to run and safe.

What bathroom heater manufacturer should I order?

There are many decent bathroom heater manufacturers producing reliable, inexpensive and economical bathroom heaters some of the more popular include, Dimplex, MYLEK, Herschel, Warmlite and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a bathroom heater online?

As long as you opt for a well-known reputable company it is perfectly safe to shop for a bathroom heater online.

Can I buy a bathroom heater on finance?

You can buy a bathroom heater on finance, with many retailers offering their own credit terms and many offering 0% finance, it’s worth shopping around to get the best deal.

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