15 Reasons To Buy An Extractor Fan

Bathrooms are wet, damp rooms, and without an extractor fan they’d be far worse. Damp leads to mould and mildew growth and left unchecked, can cause structural damage too. Mould and mildew spores aggravate asthma symptoms and increase dust allergies too.

Yet we take the extractor fan for granted, most of the time we don’t even notice it. In fact, the only time we do notice it is when it ceases to work. An extractor fan is an important piece of bathroom equipment. Did you know without an extractor fan any new-build will not be passed as fit to inhabit?

Why Buy An Extractor Fan?

Here are the main reasons to get an extractor fan for your bathroom.

  1. Remove Moisture
    By their very nature bathrooms are damp. Hot moist air from the sink, bath or shower makes a bathroom damp. That moisture has to be removed and an extractor fan is the most convenient way to make it happen.
  2. Helps To Prevent Mould And Mildew
    The spores from mould and mildew are ever present in the air. Often they’re lying dormant on walls and other surfaces just waiting for the right conditions to grow. Those right conditions are moisture, warmth, and damp. That sounds just like a bathroom. By installing an extractor fan you will remove the conditions needed for moulds and mildew to grow.
  3. Prevent Structural Damage
    Dampness, mildew and mould will eventually lead to structural degradation of the building. That’s a long winded way of saying damp damages your house. An extractor fan removes the moisture – end of problem.
  4. Keeps The Mirror Clear
    We all have a mirror in the bathroom, but it’s no use if it’s constantly steamed up. An extractor fan helps to keep the mirror free from condensation.
  5. Prevents Condensation Damage To Window Frames
    Dampness, mould and mildew can all  rot wood. Window frames are traditionally constructed from wood. A bathroom extractor fan will remove that damp and help to keep the wood from rotting.
  6. Removes Nasty Odours
    Let’s face it, bathrooms can become smelly at times. To help prevent that smell from lingering, fit an extractor fan.
  7. Removes Smoke And Steam From Kitchens
    Either a cooker hood or a wall extractor fan is a handy thing to have in the kitchen. They remove steam from cooking pots, smoke from burnt food, lingering cooking smells and prevent dampness from setting in.
  8. Protects Us From Harmful Poisonous Gases
    Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer because you can’t see it, you can’t smell it and you can’t feel it. A faulty flue on a gas boiler or gas fire can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. An extractor fan will remove this and any other harmful gas – saving lives.
  9. Easy To Install
    Extractor fans are relatively easy to install, and anyone with a rudimentary level of DIY skills shouldn’t find it too challenging. If you decide to employ a tradesman, it’s not a difficult task and they should have it completed in a day even if there has never been a fan fitted before. To replace an existing fan should be less than an hours work.
  10. Improves The Air Quality
    The way an extractor fan works is by removing the old air from the room and physics ensures that the space previously occupied by the old air is filled with fresh air. So the quality of the air will be improved.
  11. Saves You Money
    If the effects of damp are not dealt with they will soon become major problems that will cost a great deal of money to put right. For the sake of a couple of hundred quid (including installation costs and supply of the fan) you could potentially be saving thousands.
  12. Cools Hot Rooms Down
    In the summertime when the temperature shoots up, the extractor fan will remove hot air, leaving the room feeling fresher and more relaxing.
  13. Low Noise Levels
    Way back in the old days, extractor fans sounded like jet planes during take off. But nowadays extractor fans are almost whisper quiet (60 decibels).
  14. Stylish Appearance
    Many kitchen cooker hoods or extractor fans have a really stylish, contemporary design. They will compliment your kitchen decor as well as removing the bad air and steam.
  15. A Legal Requirement
    In many cases now, the installation of a bathroom extractor fan is a legal requirement. Certainly with new builds. The building will not pass it’s buildings inspection without an adequate extractor fan installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do extractor fans take to be delivered?

You can get next day delivery on extractor fans from Amazon Prime, extractorfanworld.co.uk also offers next day delivery, Appliances Direct delivers the next day too. Many other companies offer next day or within 2 days delivery, check online and get the best deal for your situation.

Are extractor fans worth buying?

Extractor fans are definitely worth buying, due to the damage dampness can cause, an extractor fan could potentially save you thousands.

What extractor fans manufacturer should I order?

There are many good extractor fan manufacturers including Vent Axia, Xpelair, electriQ and many more.

Is it safe to shop for an extractor fan online?

It is safe to shop for an extractor fan online, there are many reputable online retailers offering great prices on extractor fans, it pays to shop around online.

Can I buy an extractor fan on finance?

You can buy an extractor fan on finance. Many of the best retailers have their own finance deals, shop around to find the deal that suits you.

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