35 Reasons To Buy A Food Vacuum Sealer

Food vacuum sealers are another one of those items you don’t think about, until you own one for a few months. Then you wonder how you ever got by without one. With prices starting at just £8 it’s not hard to get started on this amazing money saving adventure.

There are plenty of reasons for buying a food vacuum sealer. But when you boil it all down, the majority of them lead to saving you money. We first became aware of food vacuum sealers back in the late 90s. They seem to have burst onto the scene as the “must have” gadget and then faded into obscurity.

Until recently, as food vacuum sealers are definitely having a revival right now, and rightly so.

Why Has The Food Vacuum Sealer Seen Such A Rise In Popularity?

Food vacuum sealers are so easy to use and convenient. Let’s look at why food vacuum sealers are having a well earned comeback.

  1. Easy To Use
    Once you get the hang of it, vacuum sealing is simple. Just place the food in the bag, the vacuum sealer will remove all of the oxygen and seal the food in a vacuum. 
  2. Saves Time
    Seal your meat or other food items in portion size bags, then freeze and when required defrost just enough for your needs.
  3. Preserves Food
    For bacteria and mould to grow, it needs oxygen. By vacuum sealing food you remove the oxygen which inhibits bacteria and mould growth – Keeping food free from decay for a long time.
  4. Saves Money
    Whenever there’s a glut of anything, the price falls. You can buy food in bulk, vacuum seal it and store it for much longer than ordinarily possible. So Buy food when it’s plentiful and cheap and store it to be used when it’s in short supply and more expensive.
  5. Keep Food Fresh
    By removing the oxygen from the bag, you prevent bacteria from breeding which will stop fats going rancid, and prevents meats from changing colour, developing an “off” smell and also prevents any slimy film coating the meat.
  6. Reseal Freezer Bags
    Frozen peas, sweet corn etc once opened always seem to spill some of their contents into the freezer. Use the vacuum sealer to prevent them spilling out.
  7. Reseal Crisps
    If you don’t want to eat a whole bag of crisps, just eat as many as you want and vacuum seal the rest. This will keep them fresh and crunchy until you’re ready to eat them.
  8. Prevents Dehydration
    Once vacuum sealed, moisture cannot evaporate, this keeps your food moist and hydrated, essentially in the same condition it was when sealed.
  9. Extended Shelf Life
    Vacuum sealed foods can last up to 5 times as long as food stored in plastic containers.
  10. Saves Cupboard Space
    By removing all of the air from packaging, you not only preserve the contents, but you shrink the volume, allowing you to store more into the same space.
  11. Increases Food Flavours
    Vacuum sealing keeps all of the juices and moisture in with the meat this will be noticeable when you do eat it. The food will be more flavoursome.
  12. Leftovers Last Longer
    If you vacuum seal leftovers immediately, they will remain fresh for longer. This will prevent you from having to eat the same meal day after day.
  13. Prevents Mould
    Mould growing on food is the outward sign of bacteria growth. Bacteria and mould cannot grow in a vacuum. They need oxygen to survive, remove the oxygen to prevent mould and bacteria growth.
  14. Saves On Food Waste
    Once you get into the habit of vacuum sealing your food. You will virtually eliminate waste. Food can be stored in single sized portions, leftovers can be stored for longer, and foods will last 3 to 5 times longer vacuum sealed compared with foods left in the air.
  15. Controls Portion Sizes
    You can cook the exact amount of food you require and vacuum store the rest.
  16. Protects Precious Papers
    House deeds, wills, rare comic books etc, can all be vacuum sealed to prevent dampness ruining them.
  17. Keeps Packed Lunches Together
    If you make your own trail mix or fruit and nuts, they will remain intact until you are ready to use them once they are vacuum sealed.
  18. Prevents Freezer Burns
    If moisture comes into contact with frozen food, it can cause freezer burns. As you remove the air from food when vacuum sealing, there can be no moisture and no room for evaporation. Keeping your food free from freezer burn.
  19. Keep Rice Fresh For Years
    If you vacuum seal rice, it can be stored for at least 8 years without decay.
  20. Save Money On Spices
    Bulk packs of spices are always so much cheaper than small packs. The problem is they lose their efficacy before we get around to using them. Not if they are vacuum sealed, they will remain viable for much longer.
  21. Preserve Coffee Beans
    It’s often possible to get a great deal buying coffee beans that are near their sell by date. If you vacuum seal them straight away, they will not deteriorate for way longer than their use by date.
  22.  Save Time By Making Large Batches Of Baby Food
    Vacuum seal them in one portion sizes, then freeze them. They will keep for months, then just defrost for a quick meal whenever the baby is hungry.
  23. Make bread Last Longer
    If bread is getting close to its sell by date, just vacuum seal and its period of freshness will be extended.
  24. Keep Silverware Untarnished
    When silver reacts with oxygen it tarnishes (turns black). By vacuum sealing that silverware, you can prevent tarnishing, just use the silverware on special occasions and vacuum seal when you’re finished with it to keep it looking bright and shiny without having to polish it.
  25. Preserve Seeds
    Garden flower and vegetable seeds are all sold with a use before date. To prevent them from becoming unproductive, vacuum seal and they will last for years.
  26. Create Extra Storage Space In Wardrobes
    Once you finish with the winter jumpers vacuum seal them to save space in the wardrobe and prevent moth damage too.
  27. Extra Tasty Marinades
    The process of vacuuming meat opens pores in the meat allowing more marinade to soak into the flesh. You will notice the extra tasty meat once you remove it from the vacuum bag and eat it.
  28. Prevent Flour From Degrading
    By vacuum sealing flour, you remove any oxygen thus removing any chance of bacteria breeding within the flour. Plus the flour will now take up less space in the cupboard.
  29. Store More Pasta
    Vacuum seal pasta to remove air, and the small spaces between the pasta. This will allow more pasta to be stored in the same space.
  30. Store More Cereal
    By vacuum sealing cereals, you will create more storage space in the cupboard. Just like pasta and flour, they will take up less space because of the air removal.
  31. Prolong The Shelf Life Of Cooked Meats
    By vacuum sealing cooked meats and then refrigerating, you can  increase storage time from 3 days to 12 days.
  32. Double The Storage Time Of Refrigerated Vegetables
    Vacuum sealing vegetables before refrigerating extends their storage time from 7 to 14 days.
  33. Vacuum Sealed Beef Lasts Longer
    Raw beef and steaks will last up to 10 times as long in the refrigerator if vacuum sealed.
  34. Frozen Meat Lasts Up To 3 Years
    Vacuum sealed meats will last between 2 to 3 years in a freezer, compared to 6 months if unsealed by a vacuum sealer.
  35. Extend The Life Of Minced Meat By 4 Times
    Vacuum sealed minced meat will last up to 12 months in the freezer opposed to the 3 months if unsealed.

With all of the above benefits it’s no wonder so many people are buying a vacuum food sealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a food vacuum sealer delivered?

How long it takes to get a food vacuum sealer delivered depends where you buy it. Amazon Prime, and sousvidestools.com offer next day delivery, JML offers 5 day delivery,  and so on.

Are food vacuum sealers worth buying?

Food vacuum sealers are worth buying, they save money, food, time and are great value for money.

What food vacuum sealer manufacturer should I order?

There are many reputable companies manufacturing food vacuum sealers, some of the popular ones include, JML, Sous vides tools, and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a food vacuum sealer online?

It is safe to buy a food vacuum sealer online as long as you buy from a reputable company.

Can I buy a food vacuum sealer on finance?

You can buy a food vacuum sealer on finance. Many companies offer their own finance deals. Do some research and find a deal that suits you.

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