7 Reasons To Buy A HiFi System

People often ask why buy a Hifi system and not a wireless speaker? Well here’s our answer to that question. It all depends on your outlook, and what you expect music to sound like. Hifi systems were designed to create the best quality sound possible. They can often cost considerably more than wireless speakers, but that cost is reflected in the quality of the sound reproduction.

Why Buy A HiFi System?

There are many reasons a decent hifi system is worth investing in. Here are our 7 reasons for buying a hifi system.

  1. Superior Sound Quality
  2. Always Available
  3. Convenience
  4. Ability To Improve Individual Parts 
  5. Adds Character ToThe Room
  6. Supporting Musicians
  7. Hand Chosen By You

Superior Sound Quality

Wireless speakers are good if all you want to do is have some sort of background noise going on throughout your day. If, however, you want to truly appreciate a particular piece of music, you will need a far superior sound producer than a wireless speaker. With a hifi system, you can enhance the bass, mix the treble, accentuate the vocal quality or whatever else you’d like to change, none of which is possible with a wireless speaker.

To be fair, wireless speakers can be used to adjust bass and treble levels to a point. But it’s after that point that makes the difference. We have not yet found a wireless speaker that can produce a quality of sound anywhere comparable to a hifi system.

Always Available

Relying on online providers can cause problems, there was that fiasco when itunes merged with apple music. And often spotify breaks down for no apparent reason. Then there are unfortunate incidents like your internet provider having a meltdown with the whole of the country affected.

Not so with a hifi system, yes you can use bluetooth and online streaming through hifi systems but you also have vinyl, CD etc…So you will never be without decent music unless there’s a power outage and you lose all electricity.


Due to its wireless compatibility, a hifi system gives you the best of both worlds, brilliant sound quality and access to all the online music channels like spotify etc.

Ability To Improve Individual Parts

With a hifi system, you have the ability to upgrade one part at a time. For instance, you want to upgrade your speakers just unplug the old set and plug in the new. You want to add a turntable, just plug it in and away you go. None of which is possible with a wireless speaker.

Adds Character To The Room

A hifi system looks great as a stand alone piece of kit, unlike a wireless speaker which is just that, a speaker, often positioned in the corner of the room in some unobtrusive spot. A hifi system is like a piece of furniture.

Supporting Musicians

When you Buy CDs or vinyl albums, you are actually supporting the artist that made that album. Who are you supporting when you use spotify or youtube?

Hand Chosen By You

When you create your hifi system, it’s something that’s been put together by you, for you. Every functioning element is working the way you want it too. There hasn’t been any compromise, the sound you are listening to is the sound you created. None of which is possible on a wireless speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Hi-Fi speakers last?

You can expect the speakers to last between 10 to 20-years. In fact most components of a hifi system should last a satisfyingly long time, apart from the CD player which will probably last around 5 to 10-years.

How many watts is a good speaker?

For use at home anywhere between 50 to 200-Watts will be more than adequate.

What hifi manufacturer should I order?

There are many well-known reputable manufacturers making hifi systems some of the more popular are DENON, Naim Uniti Atom, Pioneer, Panasonic and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a hifi system online?

It is safe to shop for a hifi system online as long as you buy from a reputable retailer.

Can I buy a hifi system on finance?

You can buy a hifi system on finance with many retailers offering their own finance deals.

How long do hifi systems take to be delivered?

Many companies offer next day delivery on hifi systems, companies like, Amazon Prime, Currys, Appliances direct, and many more.

Are hifi systems worth buying?

Hifi systems are worth buying if you appreciate clear sounding music and like to support performing artists.

Can a speaker work without an amplifier?

Speakers cannot work without an amplifier. There are 2 types of speakers, active and passive. Active speakers have amplifiers integrated within the speaker case, to boost the signal. Passive speakers need external amplification.

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