18 Reasons To Buy A Mini Oven

You might not have heard of a mini oven before, but if you’re a fan of American TV you’ll probably know what a toaster oven is. Well, a toaster oven is what the Americans call mini ovens. That’s a bit harsh really, because mini ovens can do much more than toast.

In fact, mini oven is the perfect name for them, because they are just that – A mini oven. Anything you can cook in a conventional oven, you can cook in a mini oven. Plus, you can make toast too. The difference is, you can bake the loaf first in a mini oven.

  1. Much More Economical Than A Conventional Oven
    Mini ovens are much cheaper to run than a standard oven. This is because they have a smaller volume, which allows them to heat up faster, (preheat to 200 C in just 5 minutes). Also the smaller space concentrates the heat onto the food and doesn’t waste heat getting a large oven hot when only one part is being used like in a conventional oven
  2. Easy To Clean
    Mini ovens are also known as countertop ovens.As they sit on the countertop, they are easier to clean, because there’s no bending down involved, and as many  mini ovens have a crumb or drip tray, that is easy to remove, cleaning is simple.
  3. Can Be Sited Anywhere
    Unlike a conventional oven that’s either integrated into the kitchen cupboard space or a large stand alone oven and hob too big to move. A mini oven can be placed anywhere there is a power socket and a clearance of around 10 to 20 centimetres (4 to 8 inches).
  4. Inexpensive To Buy
    The starting price for a mini oven is around £60 which is way cheaper than a conventional oven.
  5. No Installation Costs
    As they just sit on the countertop, mini ovens don’t have to be professionally installed.
  6. Versatile
    Some mini ovens come with 2 hobs on the top. This gives them an extra cooking dimension.
  7. Cook Food Way Better Than A Microwave
    Microwave ovens and mini ovens are similar in size, and appearance. But mini ovens, cook food properly, no limp, soggy chips in a mini oven.
  8. Keeps The Heat Contained
    Mini ovens only heat the food, not the room. With many conventional ovens, when on, the whole kitchen gets hot. With a mini oven only the oven gets hot.
  9. The Greener Option
    As a mini oven uses its power more efficiently, it burns less electricity, doesn’t waste heat and is better for the environment.
  10. Keeps Little Hands Safe From Burning
    Mini ovens sit on the countertop, out of reach of any toddlers you may have wandering around. Conventional ovens are usually at ground level making them easily accessible to kids, and much more likely to cause injuries to small inquisitive hands.
  11. Convenient To Use
    No stooping or bending when using a mini oven as they are situated at waist height. Particularly useful if you have muscular-skeletal complaints like a bad back, slipped disc, frozen shoulder etc.
  12.  Portability
    As mini ovens are relatively compact, they can be used anywhere there is a power socket. Places like, campervans, boats, holiday lets, student accommodation, bedsits etc.
  13. Multi-Functioned
    Unlike it’s look alike the microwave, a mini oven has many functions including: toasting, baking, roasting, grilling, cooks pizza perfectly, able to make biscuits, reheat function, keep warm feature, and slow cook function.
  14. Evenly Distributed Heat
    Mini ovens are economic and cook food faster thanks to their even heat distribution. Depending on which program you set, the heat will be spread among the heating elements at the exact spot needed.
  15. Easy To Use
    As it’s situated on the countertop, there’s no bending with hot trays of meat etc, but mini ovens are also easy to set and control. Many come with a temperature range from 90 to 230 degrees C which allows you to cook almost anything you want to.
  16. Great Design
    Mini ovens come in a range of designs and colours so it will be easy to find one that’s pleasing on the eye and fits in with your kitchen style and decor.
  17.  Compact Design, Large Oven Space
    Considering how compact a mini oven is, they have an incredibly large oven capacity. Large enough in fact, to cook a whole roast dinner in.
  18. Relatively Cheap To Run
    With power values ranging from 650 to 2400 Watts, there is a mini oven to suit all pockets. When it comes to cooking a roast dinner that takes around an hour and a half, you’re looking at the cost of electricity to be between just under 16 pence to just under 58 pence depending on the wattage, to cook the entire meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do mini ovens take to be delivered?

How long your mini oven will take to be delivered depends on where you buy it, Amazon Prime offer next day delivery, Robert Dyas offer next day delivery, Argos offer same day delivery, and so on. Check with your supplier for delivery terms and conditions.

Are mini ovens worth buying?

Mini ovens are worth buying, they save space, use less energy, are versatile and easy to clean.

What mini oven manufacturer should I order?

There are many well-known manufacturers that make mini ovens, you should do your homework and see which functions and features will be of most use to you, some of the more popular manufacturers include Tefal, Russell Hobbs, Tower and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a mini oven online?

It is safe to shop for a mini oven online as long as you buy from a well-known, trusted company.

Can I buy a mini oven on finance?

You can buy a mini oven on finance check with the retailer of your choice to see what deals are available.

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