22 Reasons To Buy A Window Vac

Window vacs have been around for a while now, and what started out as the latest “must have” gimmick is fast becoming a very handy piece of kit. The popularity of the window vac is apparent when you look at just how many makes and models are now available. This is great news for us, because more competition means better offers and features for us, as the manufacturers compete for our custom.

Why Buy A Window Vacuum?

Let’s have a look at the reasons to buy a window vac in no particular order:

  1. Low Purchase Price
    With so many manufacturers making window vacs, and with the constantly improving technology, window vacs are extremely reasonable to purchase. With many models  starting at around £25 and carrying a 2-year guarantee, and many offering 0% finance, there’s never  been a better time to invest in a window vac.                                             
  2. Cordless
    You can still buy corded models, but the freedom and extra maneuverability gained with a cordless window vac is such a bonus, it’s almost worth the loss of power time.
  3. Longer Battery Time
    The first rechargeable, cordless window vacs had atrocious records when it came to charge time and battery life expectancy. Modern models, however, can last to up to an hour between charges, which is more than enough to properly clean the windows in most houses.
  4. Large Water Tanks
    This was another problem in the earlier models, the dirty water storage tank was too small to be practicable. Although modern models don’t have enormous water tanks, they have been greatly improved. 
  5. Easy To Maneuver
    Window vacs are compact, lightweight, supplied with varying head sizes for greater accessibility and as a result easy to maneuver. This makes window cleaning so much simpler. Plus it allows you to reach some otherwise awkward spots.
  6. Reliable Manufacturer
    Pretty much every window vac manufacturer is a household name. Most have been in the appliance industry for many years. This allows you to buy one of their models with confidence that it will last. Plus in the unlikely event of something going wrong, a well-known company is more likely to back any guarantee they have issued.
  7. Long Guarantee
    Most window vacs come with a 2-year manufacturers guarantee, many with 3 years. As the company issuing the guarantee is a reputable, responsible well-known company,you can rest assured that for at least the first 2 (or3) years you will have a trouble-free experience.
  8. Lightweight
    Most cordless window vacuums weigh less than ½ a kilogram, making them incredibly easy to use even on high windows where you have to hold the machine above shoulder height.
  9. Fast Cleaning
    Compared to washing and drying windows by hand, you can save up to 75% of time. This means if it took on average an hour to clean your windows and dry them by hand. Using a window vac will get the same job done in 15 minutes. That gives you ¾ of an hour freetime.  Assuming you wash your windows once a month, that’s an annual saving of 9 hours…What will you do with your freetime?
  10. Flexible Neck
    Having a flexible neck on the window vac gives you even greater maneuverability, and easier access to those awkward, hard to reach places.
  11. Compact 
    Window vacs are compact, small and neat. This makes them easier to use, and easier to store when not in use.  
  12. Adaptable
    Not just for windows, window vacs can be used on tiles, worktops, shower screens and anywhere else you need to clear condensation or water spillage.
  13. A Range Of Accessories 
    Most models come with a choice of heads for different sizes, suitable for different size windows, angles etc. Plus various heads for the spray bottle too.
  14. Streak-Free Windows
    Due to their incredible suction power, window vacs produce streak-free windows time after time.
  15. Prevents Mould
    Mould and mildew thrive in damp conditions. Condensation pools at the base of wooden windows. If not dealt with and removed, mould and mildew spores will colonise the damp area and take hold in no time.

    The spores that blossom into mould and mildew are ever present in the air and just need the correct conditions to grow. Using the window vac to remove condensation regularly will remove the growing conditions keeping the spores at bay.                                                                                                         
  16. Prolongs The Life Of Windows
    Wooden window frames, if left damp, are prone to wood rot. This will seriously damage the wood and eventually the windows will need to be replaced. Not if you regularly remove the moisture with a window vac.
  17. Helps To Relieve Allergy Sufferers
    Mould and mildew spores, dust mites and other allergen inducing bugs, all thrive in damp, moist conditions. These spores and dust mites are known to aggravate allergies like eczema, asthma and many other respiratory illnesses.By regularly using the window vac to remove moisture, you will prevent the build-up of these allergens.
  18. Brightens Your Home
    It’s often not that easy to notice just how dull and dark your house has become. Until you wash the windows with the window vac that is. Light levels can increase by up to 50%. That’s 50% more light in the room than before.
  19. Increases Curb Appeal
    Ask any estate agent and they’ll tell you, houses with clean windows sell faster than houses with dirty, neglected windows,
  20. Easy Rechargeable Cable
    Many rechargeable window vacs use a USB cable to recharge. This can make charging a simple process as you don’t need to find an empty plug socket and can charge the window vac whilst using the PC.
  21. Dishwasher Safe Water Tank 
    The water tank is removable for easy emptying. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria. As the water tank is dishwasher safe, it can be washed thoroughly with no extra hassle on most models.
  22. Incredibly Cheap Running Costs
    WIndow vacs usually pull around  10 to 30-Watts giving a maximum cost to recharge at between  3 pence to 9 pence to fully recharge the lithium batteries.       

Frequently Asked Questions

What manufacturer window vac should I order?

There are many manufacturers making window vacs, some of the more popular are, Karcher, Leifheit, Minky,VonHaus, Bosch, Beldray, Kleeneze, vileda and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a window vac online?

It is safe to shop for a window vac online as long as you buy from a reputable retailer.

Can I buy a window vac on finance?

You can buy a window vac on finance, with many retailers offering their own finance deals.

How long do window vacs take to be delivered?

Many companies offer next day delivery these include, Amazon Prime, Halfords, sonicdirect, toolstation, Wilkinsons, and many more.

Are  window vacs worth buying?

Window vacs are worth buying, they are fairly inexpensive to buy, make difficult to clean places easy, prevent mould, and easy to use.

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