17 Reasons To Buy An Energy Saving Kettle

We all like a decent cup of tea or coffee, and it’s a bad start to the day if we don’t get one. The average number of cups of tea consumed by each person in the UK is 5 per day. That’s a lot of tea, and a lot of hot water too.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, 95% of kettle owners boil water every day. But most people boil more water than they need.This is a waste of water, but more importantly it’s a waste of energy. The average electric kettle uses 3 kW of power per hour, now it doesn’t take an hour to boil a kettle but estimating 5 cups of tea per day at around 3 minutes boil time each, that’s 15 minutes per day, 1 hour 45 minutes a week, and around 92 hours per year.

92 hours per year consuming 3 kW per hour. Will cost around £45 per year just on hot water for tea. So any saving at all is going to be welcome. So let’s have a look at energy saving kettles, it seems like everyone is getting an energy saving kettle. So what’s all the fuss about?

  1. Automatic Shut Off
    If the kettle automatically shuts off once it’s boiled, it’s saving energy.
  2. Ability To Boil As Little As One Cup Of Water
    Kettles that can boil just one cup all have one thing in common, the element is not inside the kettle. It’s located in the base of the kettle. It was the element that prohibited boiling small amounts of water because the element had to be completely covered in water for safety.
  3. Insulated Lids And Bodies
    To preserve heat and to achieve a faster boil time, energy saving kettles are fully insulated.
  4. 80% Energy-Efficient
    Energy saving kettles are 80% efficient this means that 80% of the energy consumed is actually used to heat the water. That’s 10% more efficiency than stovetop kettles.
  5. Variable Temperature Control
    As any tea expert or coffee aficionado will tell you not all hot beverages brew at the same temperature. With a variable temperature control you can heat the water to the correct temperature for whatever hot drink you fancy.
  6. Low Noise Levels When Boiling
    By using insulation to save energy, energy-efficient kettles are quieter than standard kettles by design.
  7. Double Filters
    Some energy saving kettles feature double filters to ensure better tasting drinks. Why? Because the less limescale that reaches the cup the better the drink tastes.
  8. Cool To The Touch
    Another bonus of the insulation, the lid and body of the kettle remain cool to the touch even when boiling.
  9. Safety Lids
    Kettle lids that lock shut to prevent scalding.
  10. Safety Features
    Energy saving kettles have many safety features including: automatic shut off, overheat boil-dry protection, non-slip base, automatic switch off if the kettle is removed from the base unit and cordless kettle body (the cord is attached to the base plate not the kettle).
  11. Stylish Designs
    Energy saving kettles come in a range of designs and colours so you’ll definitely find one that fits in with your decor and style.
  12. Saves You Money
    By boiling less water, and shutting off as soon as the water is boiled, you can save a substantial amount of money over the course of a year. For instance, a 2- litre kettle of water uses around 164 kW/h of electricity per year. The same kettle boiling just one cup of water will use around 41 kW/h of electricity per year. That is a potential saving of around £22 per year.
  13. Faster Boil Times
    Energy saving kettles use the same amount of energy as standard kettles, but due to their energy saving features, they boil faster. 
  14. Keep Warm Function
    Some energy saving kettles have a keep warm function which allows the boiled water to stay hot for up to 30 minutes, on some models the water will stay hot for 4 hours. Very handy if you get distracted.
  15. Water Purifiers
    There are some energy saving kettles that have a water purification feature.
  16. Relatively Inexpensive
    With some models starting at just £24 energy saving kettles are not beyond the means of anyone. Plus think of the money you’ll be  saving every time you boil water.
  17. A Choice Of Kettle Sizes
    From compact to large, there is an energy saving kettle to suit all needs and styles.The small design of the compact kettles are misleading as they still hold 1.7 litres of water.
Electric Kettle

Energy Consumption For A 3kW Energy Saving Kettle

3kW Kettle CapacityEstimated Energy Consumption Per Annum
2-litre (Full)164 kW/h
1-litre (½ Full)82 kW/h
330 ml (1 Mug)54.66 kW/h
250 ml (1 cup)41 kW/h

As you can see by just boiling 1 cup of water you can save ¾ (75%) of the energy used when boiling a kettle. Which equates to nearly £23 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are energy saving kettles worth buying?

Energy saving kettles are worth buying because they save you money, water, time and are fairly cheap to buy too.

What energy saving kettle manufacturer should I order?

You should buy an energy saving kettle from a well known manufacturer, some of the more popular manufacturers include, Breville, Bosch, Russell hobbs, Salter and many more. 

Can I buy an energy saving kettle on finance?

You can buy an energy saving kettle on finance, many retailers have their own finance deals. Or for as little as £24 you can buy an energy saving kettle outright.

How long does it take to get an energy saving kettle delivered?

How long it takes to get an energy saving kettle delivered is very much dependent on where you buy it. Amazon Prime offers next day delivery, Currys offer free next day delivery, Robert Dyas offer next day delivery, as do many other retailers.

Is it safe to shop for energy saving kettles online?

It is safe to shop for energy saving kettles online, as long as you buy from a reliable retailer.

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