Air Fryer Conversion Chart (printable pdf download)

Looking for a printable air fryer conversion chart that shows you how to convert the time and heat from an oven’s settings to an air fryers setting’s? You’ve found it!

Click on the Download PDF button below, grab the conversion chart and never worry about wrong cooking times when air frying again!

Air Fryer Conversion Chart (printable pdf download)
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Why Do I Need To Convert Cooking Temperature & Times When Air Frying?

Air fryers are compact kitchen appliances that use dry heat and forced air circulation to cook food. Due to their smaller size and innovative technology, they offer a faster cooking time compared to traditional ovens or convection ovens.

The hot air quickly reaches the desired temperature, resulting in a shorter cooking duration. Which means if you don’t convert the temperature and times – your food could burn or be overcooked.

Simplifying The Conversion With Our Chart

Our printable air fryer conversion chart takes the guesswork out of adjusting your cooking time and temperature.

It provides clear instructions on how to convert the settings for your foods, making your air frying process even more effortless.

How To Convert The Time & Temperature Settings For Air Frying

As a general rule, here’s what you need to do:

  • Temperature Conversion
    Reduce the oven temperature by approximately 20°C. This adjustment compensates for the air fryer’s efficient heat circulation and ensures your food cooks perfectly.
  • Time Conversion
    Reduce the cooking time by around 20%. The shorter cooking time accounts for the air fryer’s smaller size and faster cooking capabilities.

By following these simple conversions, you can achieve delicious and evenly cooked results every time you use your air fryer.

Please note: we always recommend you check any meat with a meat thermometer to ensure it is thoroughly cooked before consuming.

Download Your Printable PDF Now

Simply click on the “Download PDF” button below, and you’ll have a handy reference to keep in your kitchen.

With our air fryer conversion chart at your fingertips, you can confidently prepare your favourite dishes, knowing that you have the correct time and temp settings for your air fryer. Say goodbye to overcooked or undercooked food and say hello to delicious and perfectly air-fried meals!

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