Best Dehumidifier For Bathrooms

Bathrooms are always damp, it’s the very nature of the room, with 3, 4, or even 5 people bathing and showering every day it’s no wonder it’s always wet. The problem is damp, moist conditions are the preferred breeding grounds for mould, mildew and other fungal and bacterial infestations. These are not only unsightly, they can be unhealthy and even cause structural damage to your home.

So this dampness problem needs addressing and fast. That’s where the dehumidifier comes in, but it’s not as simple to choose a dehumidifier for the bathroom as it is any other room. Bathrooms have a specific problem when it comes to any electrical appliance, namely water. So what do you need to consider before you buy a dehumidifier for the bathroom?

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UniBond AERO 360º Moisture Absorber, 1 Device incl. 1 Refill Tab 450g, Ultra-Absorbent Dehumidifier, Helps to Prevent Condensation, Mould & Musty Smells, Recyclable, Refillable Condensation Absorber
  • Moisture and odour control – The AERO 360° moisture absorber is a simple solution to effectively absorb excess moisture and neutralise bad smells in your home. It is ideal for rooms up to 20m².
  • Optimal performance – The aerodynamic design promotes 360° air circulation for advanced efficiency. The tabs are made of active moisture absorbing crystals and include patented anti-odour agents.
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SHINCO 10L/Day Energy Efficient Electric Compressor Dehumidifier for home,Carbon Air Purifier, Continuous Drainage,Auto Restart,Laundry Drying,24 Hour Timer,Damp Mould Control
  • 10L of Moisture Removed Per Day: This dehumidifier has a high powered compressor to efficiently and quickly remove moisture up to 10L per day. It is recommended for parts up to 15㎡.
  • Energy Savings: It has simple controls with a display showing current room relative humidity. Set a chosen humidity level and the compressor will conserve energy by stop working when the humidity target is met,only switching back on working when it detects an increase in humidity.
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ANSIO Dehumidifier 500ml Pack of 10 Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber Dehumidifiers for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen, Wardrobe, Bedroom, Caravan, Office, Garage, Bathroom, Basement
  • DAMPNESS / HUMIDITY REMOVER: Ansio Interior Dehumidifiers are designed to remove dampness & humidity from the air. For domestic purposes only.
  • EFFECTIVE IN REMOVING DAMPNESS: These disposable Dehumidifier tubs contain unique hydrophilic crystals that are specifically formulated to draw and retain moisture from the air. This helps combat condensation, damp rooms, allergens in the air, mould, mildew and neutralises odours. The dehumidifier tubs act as good condensation absorbers for windows.
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  • Ultra quiet technology and two working modes - With the ultra quiet Peltier technology,BOOHENKA electric dehumidifier work quietly with a noise level of less than 40 decibels and does not disturb you in your daily work and life.The noise is below 28dB to create a comfortable environment without disturbing you while sleeping or working. There are high power and sleep mode.Under sleep mode all light automatic off and noise is below 28dB.
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Air Pro Dehumidifier 600ml, Small and Compact Moisture Absorber - Mini Air Dehumidifier for Home, Bedroom Damp, Office, Garage & Basement - Portable Electric Mould, Damp and Condensation Remover
  • Dehumidifiers offer a range of benefits that contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. They prevent condensation and associated damage, expedite the drying of clothes, hinder mold growth, protect home furnishings, and help alleviate humidity-related respiratory problems. By maintaining balanced humidity levels, dehumidifiers play a significant role in enhancing both the physical and respiratory well-being of people in indoor spaces.
  • Experience the pinnacle of dehumidifier technology with the Air Pro Ultra-Quiet and Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier. Harnessing the power of the latest thermo-electric peltier module, this innovation ensures whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy your space without disruption. With its advanced design, it consumes minimal energy (22.5 Watts), Not only making it cost effective but promoting environmental sustainability while maintaining optimal performance.

How To Choose A Dehumidifier For The Bathroom

There are a few things to consider before selecting the correct dehumidifier for your bathroom, let’s have a look at the main points.

  • Size
    The first thing to consider is the size, many dehumidifiers are large, cumbersome beasts that would take up too much space in the average bathroom.
  • Design
    We’re not too worried about aesthetics here, it’s more about keeping safe. Electricity and water don’t do well in general, so look for a model that’s resistant to water splashes and possibly getting slightly wet.
  • Capacity
    We’ve looked at the overall size but what’s also important is the capacity or size of the water tank. You need a fairly large capacity for a busy bathroom.
  • Power
    The dehumidifier needs to be powerful enough to cope with the amount of moisture it’s going to have to deal with. Think about how steamy it gets in your bathroom and then multiply that by how many people are showering every morning.
  • Situation
    This is often overlooked until it’s too late. Is the bathroom near a bedroom, if so you need a quieter dehumidifier, or else someone will not be getting a lay-in.
  • Allergens
    Some dehumidifiers have HEPA filters to remove 99.97% of the allergens that can cause asthma and respiratory infections.
  • Room size
    The overall size of your bathroom will affect the ability of the dehumidifier to remove moisture effectively.
  • Energy consumption
    Let’s face it, power’s not cheap. Running costs need to be considered, you’re going to be using the dehumidifier every day in all probability. That’s 7 days a week, 365 days a year, that’s a lot of electricity.

What Is The Best Dehumidifier For A Bathroom?

So after taking all of the above into consideration, we are now going to throw a proverbial spanner in the works. There are 2 types of dehumidifiers available and one is definitely more suitable for bathrooms than the other. We’ll have a look at both types just to give you an informed decision.

Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

These are the most common type of dehumidifier used in homes. They work like your fridge, a cold steel coil allows moist air that’s drawn into the unit to condense and the water is dripped into a reservoir. The dry air is then recirculated around the room.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These work in a very different, yet somewhat similar way. They draw air into the machine, extract the moisture from it and recirculate it back into the room once it’s dried. The difference is how they do it. They use a desiccant rotor to extract the moisture which is then heated inside the unit allowing it to release the water to the reservoir.

The Most Suitable Dehumidifier For A Bathroom


The best type of dehumidifier for use in a bathroom is the refrigerant dehumidifier, Why? That cold coil that allows water to condense on is only able to work with warm air, bathrooms are full of hot, steamy air. The more steam produced in the room, the more efficient the coils will trap water. As an added bonus, refrigerant dehumidifiers are much more energy-efficient than desiccant models.

How To Calculate The Size Of Your Bathroom

This is easy to do, all you need is a tape measure. Just measure the length and the width of the room and then use this simple formula to work out the square meterage of your bathroom.

Length x Width = square metres

So let’s imagine your bathroom is 5 metres long and 4 metres wide, the calculation would look like this:

5 x 4 = 20

This gives us a total area of 20 square metres. Now we have the area, all we have to do is check the relevant dehumidifier to be sure it will have a sufficient capacity, and we’re ready to purchase and install our dehumidifier. On a quick search of the internet, we noticed many dehumidifiers are marketed with a value for the applicable area. But as a rough guide here’s a chart to help you get the most suitable size for your bathroom.

Area in total in square metresCapacity in litres
Up to 46 square metres4.7 litres
Up to 93 square metres6.6 litres
Up to 140 square metres8.5 litres
Up to 190 square metres10 litres
Up to 230 square metres12 litres

What Size Dehumidifier For Bathroom?

From all that we have said and done so far, it should be pretty obvious that the correct size dehumidifier for your bathroom depends on how many people are using the room, and the area of the room. It should be a refrigerant (or compressor) dehumidifier and it should be splash-proof to some degree. It should also be fairly quiet(if the bathroom is near a bedroom), and timer controlled might be advantageous too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dehumidifiers work in bathrooms?

Dehumidifiers do work in bathrooms, the best type to use are refrigerant (compressor) dehumidifiers as these work best in bathrooms.

Can I use a dehumidifier instead of a bathroom fan?

You can use a dehumidifier instead of a bathroom fan, or as well as a bathroom fan if the fan is not powerful enough to clear the moisture.

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