Best Window Vacs Reviewed 2024

As our homes become more insulated, centrally heated and more comfortable for us to live in, we discover new problems to deal with. When it’s cold outside and warmer indoors condensation can be a problem, of course there are many ways to combat condensation, but one of the most convenient is a window vacuum.

And it’s not just condensation, cleaning windows indoors has always been such a chore. But not with a window vac, no messy drips or puddles just clean windows fast. Window vacs are also handy for cleaning car windows, caravan windows, shower screens etc.

Best Selling Window Vacs UK

Bestseller No. 1
Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus N, Battery Running Time: 35 min, LED Display for Battery Status, 2 Suction Nozzles, Spray Bottle with Microfibre Cloth, 20 ml Window Cleaner Concentrate
  • Free from drips and streaks: The Kärcher WV 2 Plus N window vacuum cleaner ensures windows and other smooth surfaces are thoroughly cleaned without leaving any drops and streaks behind
  • Easy to use: The handy window vacuum cleaner is particularly light and very quiet. It is easy to use and makes window cleaning an effortless task
SaleBestseller No. 2
Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac, Battery Running Time: 20 min, LED Display for Battery Status, Dirty Water Tank: 100 ml, Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Streak-free clean: The Kärcher WV 1 window vacuum cleaner absorbs moisture from smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors and tiles and doesn't leave any streaks behind
  • Cordless use: The window vacuum has an integrated rechargeable battery, which lasts for up to 20 minutes. The LED display shows how much battery charge is left during use
SaleBestseller No. 3
Kärcher Window Vac WV 2 Plus, Battery Running Time: 35 min, LED Display for Battery Status, Suction Nozzle: 280 mm, Spray Bottle with Microfibre Cloth, 20 ml Window Cleaner Concentrate
  • Free from drips and streaks: The Kärcher WV 2 Plus window vacuum cleaner ensures windows and other smooth surfaces are thoroughly cleaned without leaving any drops and streaks behind
  • Easy to use: The handy window vacuum cleaner is particularly light and very quiet. It is easy to use and makes window cleaning an effortless task
Bestseller No. 4
Beldray BEL0749 Cordless Window Vac – Condensation Vacuum For Windows, Mirrors, Showers, Rechargeable, Squeegee Head, Streak-Free Cleaning, 60ml Water Tank, Lightweight, 30 Minutes Use On One Charge
  • Lightweight and simple to use, the Beldray window vacuum offers fantastic cleaning for windows and mirrors with a streak free finish.
  • Featuring an easy to empty water tank with a generous 60 ml capacity, you can cover every window in your home without refilling.
Bestseller No. 5
Kärcher WV 2 Plus Window Vac
  • Streak-Free Cleaning - The quick and easy way to clean flat surfaces, such as windows, tiles, worktops, condensation and mirrors leaving a sparkling, streak-free finish.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The rechargeable lithium-ion battery cleans up to 105 m² on a single charge - that's up to 75 windows.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Window Vacuum?

There are many benefits to owning a window vac, here are the main benefits in no particular order.

  • So Easy To Use
    Cleaning windows used to be such a chore, especially indoors. With a window vac there’s no need for buckets and sponges, plus you can get right into those hard to reach corners with the window vac. Plus due to its small, compact size it’s so easy to use.
  • Easy To Store
    When you’ve finished using the window vac, because of its convenient size it can be packed away in a cupboard out of sight.
  • Streak-Free Windows Every Time
    Because of the amazing suction, water is removed leaving a clean, streak-free surface.
  • Versatile
    Although they are called window vacs, they can be used on many surfaces, like mirrors, glass topped tables, plus car windows, caravan windows, boat windows,shower screens and many more.
  • Keeps Mould Under Control
    Wherever there’s condensation, there’s usually mould, or mildew. Once the windows have been washed, use the window vac to remove excess water. Then if condensation forms, remove it with the window vac. No condensation=no mould growth.
  • Reduces Allergies And Breathing Difficulties
    The biggest cause of allergy, asthma etc is dust. Using a window vac removes dust completely, not like a cloth that agitates dust and spreads it around the room.
  • Longer lasting windows
    Condensation build-up on windows leads to wooden window frames rotting. Remove the  condensation and the windows will not be wet, eliminating the cause of wood rot.
  • Increases Curb Appeal
    If the windows are clean, the whole house looks better, whether you are selling up or just want to take pride in your home.
  • Cordless     
    No cables tying you down, nothing to prevent you from getting right into the corner, plus with no cable to worry about, vacuuming water just got a whole lot safer.        

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Window Vacuum?

Window vacs take an average of 2 hours to fully charge and that will give you a run time of around 30minutes. That doesn’t give you long enough to do the whole house unless you do it in stages. Be sure to empty the water tank regularly,( the water tank holds on average around 100ml) as once it’s full it will leak water from the vents. The same is true if it’s not used perfectly vertically as well. Works best using specific detergent, which can be pricey.

Window Vac Buyers Guide

Before you rush out to buy a window vac, there are a few points to consider. They are:

Run Time

With run times varying between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the different makes and models, you will need to give the length of time it will run considerable thought.

Charging time

The average charging time seems to be around 2 hours. That’s not too bad unless you were half way through the window cleaning when it runs out.

Replacement Rechargeable Batteries

On some models, once the rechargeable batteries have stopped recharging they can be replaced. Others are integrated and once the batteries will no longer hold a charge, you have to buy a completely new window vac.

The Head Shape

Has the head been designed to fit into awkward to reach places? Is there a head attachment designed for hard to get at spots? Some models supply these as standard.


Some models have 2 heads, a small and a large, some have a spray bottle with its own head that you attach a microfibre cloth to, will you use these attachments enough to justify the extra cost?

USB Charging Capability

This feature allows you to charge the window vac whilst doing something else on your PC.

Extension Kit For High Windows

Some models have this attachment available. It allows you safe access to windows you would otherwise not be able to get near. If this is something you will find useful, check it’s compatible with the model you buy.

Battery Charge LED Time Remaining Light

Some models incorporate this feature. It’s so handy, you’ll be able to see how much  battery time you have left before needing to recharge,

2 Power Levels

Models with this function have a standard power setting and a max-mode which allows you up to 50% more power. There is a trade off between extra power and run time though, so consider that before buying.

Water Tank Capacity

The most common complaint with window vacs is how small the water tanks are. The average seems to be 100 mls. That probably means you’ll have to empty the tank at least 2 or 3 times per use.

Dishwasher Safe Water Tank

The water tank is going to get exposed to lots of dirty, possibly germ laden water. On some models the water tank is dishwasher safe. This ensures a proper clean every now and then.

Flexible Neck

This can be very useful for reaching hard to get at places.  If it’s a feature you think you would benefit from, check that the model you like offers it.

Edge Guidance

On some models, the main blade has a distance roller that can be adjusted. This gives you the benefit of much closer to the edge cleaning than other models allow.


Most window vacs are relatively lightweight, weighing between ½ to 1 kilogram, but remember as the water tank fills up it increases the weight of the unit.

Inexpensive Electricity Costs To Recharge

With most models ranging between 8 to 12 Watts, the average cost to recharge the battery will be somewhere between 2 ½ and 3 ½ pence.

Noise Levels

None of the window vacs we’ve seen are very noisy. But if you are particularly sensitive to noise, there are models that generate around 52 Decibels which is around the same level as a refrigerators compressor.


The average warranty for a window vac seems to be 2-years. Any guarantee or warranty is only as good as the company that provides it, always buy from a reputable retailer and go for a well-known brand too.

Window Vacuum Cost

Prices range from around £25 for an entry level model, and rise to around £100 for a top of the range model with attachments including small and large head, and spray bottle with microfibre cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Window vacs any good?

Window vacs are good, they are lightweight, great for cleaning and reaching hard to get at places.

Is a Window Vac good for condensation?

A window vac is good for clearing condensation, from windows, tiles, shower screens, and many other surfaces.

Can you use A Window Vac upside down?

It is not advisable to use a window vac upside down. Water will leak from the water tank, and could possibly damage the internal electrical components.

How do I know when my Window vac is charged?

The machine is fully charged when the light stops flashing.

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