Can A Ring Doorbell Use My Existing Chime? (answered)

A Ring Doorbell is a great smart device which does so much more than a standard doorbell. It incorporates a security camera and a doorbell which will let you know whenever somebody goes anywhere near your door. It comes with a built-in two-way speaker so you can not only see, but also talk to the person outside your door.

As this works via WiFi, you get all of this live, directly to your phone. This makes the Ring Doorbell a great security device for your home. Plus as long as your existing doorbell is connected to your home’s electrical supply, and meets certain voltage requirements, the wired Ring Doorbell will work with what you already have in place.

Will All Ring Doorbells Work With Existing Door Chimes?

If you have a first generation Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Doorbell 2 which have both been discontinued, these will not work with your existing door chime. 

If you have Ring Video Doorbell Pro or Pro 2, the procedure for configuring an in-home chime is extremely complicated and we would recommend you call an electrician or you could buy a Ring Chime or Chime Pro (see below). 

Ring Chime Or Chime Pro

These plug directly into your mains electrical supply and allow you the choice of up to 16 door chimes. They are also best if your doorbell is powered by a plug in adapter, solar charger or rechargeable battery.

For those of you with Ring Video Doorbell 3, Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus or Ring Video Doorbell 4, keep reading.

Requirements For Ring Doorbells Compatible With Existing Door Chimes

All Ring Doorbell devices need to run from the mains electrical system (AC) and they need to operate between 8 to 24 volts to be compatible with the Ring Doorbell. 

The Ring Doorbell won’t work with any chime or intercom which operates using a battery, rechargeable battery, DC transformer, solar charger or any wireless door chimes.

There are some mechanical and some electrical chimes which are also not compatible with the Ring Doorbell system. To find out more follow this link to the Ring support website. Once you’ve worked out if your existing chime is compatible with the Ring Doorbell system you’ll need to install it.

Disclaimer: Working with anything electrical can endanger your life. If you are not confident or competent in your abilities we recommend contacting an electrician to install your Ring Doorbell.

How To Install A Ring Doorbell

This is a relatively simple task and the only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver.

  1. Charge the Ring Doorbell
    Using the micro USB cable which is supplied along with the Ring Doorbell kit, charge the Doorbell. Once the ring around the bell is completely lit, the Ring Doorbell is fully charged.
  2. Turn off the power supply to the existing doorbell.
    Flick the circuit breaker or turn off the power at the mains to ensure there is no power connected to the doorbell.
  3. Remove your existing doorbell
    Unscrew your existing doorbell and disconnect the 2 wires connecting to the power supply.
  4. Connect the existing wires to the Ring Doorbell
    You will first need to thread the 2 wires through the new Ring Doorbell base plate. Then secure the base plate to the wall/door frame making sure the plate is level and wrap the wires around the raised terminal screws, then tighten the screws to keep the wires in place.
  5. Download the Ring app
    You now need to set up your account with Ring by downloading the app. Then follow their instructions for set up which will include the location of your home and where the doorbell is positioned.
  6. Check video quality
    Once you’ve completed the Ring Doorbell setup instructions from the app, press the button on the front of the doorbell to check the video quality. This will give you the chance to alter a few things like your WiFi settings or move the router or even use a Ring Chime Pro as a WiFi extender.
  7. Slot the Ring Doorbell onto the base plate
    Once you’re happy with the video quality etc, simply slot the Ring Doorbell over the baseplate by loosening the 2 screws at the bottom of the Doorbell and slotting it over the base plate and then tightening the screws using the screwdriver that came with the Doorbell.

Using The Ring App

The Ring app can then be used for all other setting requirements including volume, doorbell type, tone etc all by simply selecting and tapping on your smartphone.

Ring Chime

If you don’t want to use your existing chime or your existing chime isn’t compatible with a Ring Doorbell, there is an alternative. It’s the Ring Chime which is a wireless notification device. All you do is plug it into any socket and you can then connect to it via the Ring app. 

As soon as your Ring Doorbell is pressed, the Ring Chime lets you know by making a sound. They also make the Ring Chime Pro which also acts as a WiFi booster for all of the Ring devices in your home.

The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro use a preset tone when anyone presses the button on your Ring Doorbell. However, it’s just a speaker and doesn’t allow you to talk through it. 

You’ll need to use your Smartphone or similar to talk through your Ring Doorbell. Chime is a handy device to have because even if you don’t have your phone close by, the Chime will notify you that there’s someone at the door.

 Ring Chime Is Easy To Operate

Simply by using the Ring app you can adjust the volume and change the doorbell tone on the Ring Chime. Select “Chime Tones” to pick which tone you prefer. 

Ring Chime Pro

The Ring Chime Pro is just like an extension to your Ring Doorbell it allows you to;

  • Select many different tones
  • Extend your WiFi signal by 2,000 square feet
  • Get instant “real time” notification when anyone presses your Ring Doorbell
  • Adjust the volume via the app
  • Can be shared across multiple devices
  • Has a nightlight

If your old bell chime or wiring doesn’t work with the Ring Doorbell, the Ring Chime Pro will. The Ring Range will work in every home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ring Doorbell ring inside the home?

The Ring Doorbell will only ring inside your home if it is connected to your existing wiring and chime. If not it will only ring on your Smartphone or Ring Chime device.

Can you connect a Ring Doorbell to multiple devices? 

You can connect a Ring Doorbell to multiple devices via the Ring app. There is an option to share. Plus there is an option for multiple devices to be connected to be logged into one Ring account so that more than one person can access all of the features.

Will I need tools to install a Ring Doorbell?

If you are replacing an existing doorbell with a Ring Doorbell, the only tool you will need is a screwdriver.

Do I need a Ring Chime?

You do need a Ring Chime if your existing chime isn’t compatible with a Ring Doorbell. Or if you would like a traditional doorbell chime without relying on your Smartphone. Without a Ring Chime or an existing compatible chime, the only sound you will hear when the doorbell is pressed will be a Smartphone alert.

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