Ring Doorbell Flashing White? (here’s why & what to do)

Smart technology is taking the home by storm and one of the latest smart devices is the Ring Doorbell. It allows for you to see that your home is safe even when you are far from home. However, setting up these smart devices can be more tricky than you might think.

Which is why we felt the need to share this article with you. If you have a Ring Doorbell and it is flashing white, keep reading. In this article we’ll explain why it’s flashing white and what you need to do to remedy this problem.

If your Ring Doorbell is flashing white you have either lost internet connection or your Doorbell has insufficient power.

Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing White?

If you are just installing your Ring Doorbell and it has a white light flashing it could be as simple as the Doorbell is charging. Once it has fully charged, the white light will turn off and you can then finish setting up the device. You will not be able to complete setting it up until it is fully charged.

If the white light continues to flash, it could mean you have lost internet connection or you have insufficient power. To check this you can;

  • Check your internet connection in the Ring app
    If your device is offline, it means the problem is with your internet connection.
  • Reset your router and Ring device
    Turn the router and Ring device off. Wait for a few minutes, then try turning them both back on and attempt to reconnect.

There are several reasons why you could lose internet connection, these include 

  • A power cut
  • A loose router cable
  • Change in the WiFi password
  • Low voltage
  • High voltage

Which Part Of The Ring Doorbell Is Flashing White?

If you are experiencing difficulties setting up your Ring Doorbell, the Ring will flash white in different ways to indicate where the problem lies.

Flashing White At The Top Of The Ring

If the top of the Ring is flashing white it indicates that the WiFi password was entered incorrectly. Go to settings on your phone, select your WiFi network, disconnect and try to reconnect and confirm you are using the correct login details during setup.

Flashing White On The Right Side Of The Ring

If the right side of the Ring is flashing white it indicates that the Ring isn’t getting a strong enough signal from the router. If this is the case you will probably need a special tool to boost the signal to your Doorbell. The Ring Chime Pro is an excellent WiFi signal booster and it’s definitely compatible with the Ring Doorbell.

Flashing White On The Left Side Of The Ring

If the left side of the Ring is flashing it indicates the problem lies with your internet connection. You should reset your router by unplugging it and then replug it in after a few minutes.

White Light Flashing On And Off On Ring Doorbell

If the white light is flashing on and off it indicates that the software in your device is being updated.

Ring Spinning White

If the Ring is spinning white, it indicates the Doorbell is in setup mode. You’ll need to access the Ring app and follow the instructions. Which will include connecting to the WiFi network broadcasting from your Doorbell.

Ring Flashing Spinning White Circle And Bursts Of Blue Light

If your Ring starts spinning white with a sudden burst of blue light, it indicates a factory reset is under way. Once the factory reset is completed, your device will return to its normal display automatically.

Ring Glowing Solid White

If the Ring is glowing solid white, it indicates that the Doorbell is set up correctly and no further action is required.

How Do I Reset My Ring Doorbell?

If you need to reset your Ring device for any reason, there are certain steps required which alter for different versions. 

  1. If your device has an orange button, press and hold for 20 seconds, once the light on the front starts flashing, your device is resetting.
  2. On the Ring Doorbell Pro, just press the setup button and hold for 15 seconds then release and wait for around 30 seconds and the setup will restart.

If neither of these techniques work, try turning the device off and unplugging it from the mains supply. Then replug it and turn it on after 30 minutes.

If you still don’t have any success, contact Ring directly they can be reached on 01727 263045.


The Bell Doesn’t Work On My Ring Doorbell, What Should I Do?

If the bell doesn’t work it’s caused by one of two things, either the device has faulty speakers or the microphone hasn’t been enabled. If the microphone isn’t enabled you won’t hear anything through the Doorbell. 

Go into the app and try turning the microphone on and off a few times. If this doesn’t work, you probably need a new microphone. But remember if you’re an iPhone user, you have to allow the device access to your microphone.

If it turns out to be the speakers, you’ll need to take a look at the Ring website for more detailed information on the actual device you own.

Ring Customer Service

Ring has a really extensive customer service system set up to help you with almost every problem you’re likely to encounter. They have plenty of FAQs, a Twitter account, group chat and online tutorials. Plus if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can contact Ring on 01727 263045.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing white?

If your Ring Doorbell is flashing white you have either lost internet connection or your Doorbell has insufficient power.

Does Ring Have a customer support telephone number here in the UK?

Ring does have a customer support telephone number in the UK. You can contact Ring on 01727 263045.

Why does my Ring Doorbell microphone not work on my iPhone?

If the Ring Doorbell microphone doesn’t work on your iPhone you will need to allow the device access to your microphone.

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