Can A Tumble Dryer Iron Clothes? (get wrinkle free clothes out the dryer!)

Are you wondering if your trusty tumble dryer can do more than just dry your clothes? Can it actually iron them and help you achieve wrinkle-free garments straight out of the machine? 

Well, we’ve got some good news: yes, tumble dryers can indeed work their magic to smoothen out those wrinkles, but don’t expect them to replace your good old iron entirely.

In this article, we’ll have a look into how a tumble dryer can help you get wrinkle-free clothes right after a cycle, plus give you some tips on how to reduce the creases in your wardrobe. 

Can A Tumble Dryer Work As An Iron?

Your clothes come out of the tumble dryer sporting those pesky wrinkles mainly because of all the agitation and spinning inside the drum. However, there is a way to use your dryer to minimise or even eliminate those creases – if you do it right. 

One Thing In A Tumble Dryer

But remember, the results won’t be as good as when you give your clothes a good old ironing session.

NOTE: Always check the care label on your clothing before attempting this. Some items may shrink, and you don’t want that!

How To Use Your Tumble Dryer To Remove Creases In Clothing

Here are some practical methods to reduce wrinkles and creases in your clothing using your tumble dryer.

Use A Damp Cloth

To reduce wrinkles and creases, throw 3-4 wrinkled garments into the dryer along with a small damp cloth or towel. 

Then, run the hottest cycle that your clothes can handle, as indicated on their care labels, for about 10 minutes. The moisture from the cloth will turn into steam, loosening the wrinkles on your fabrics.

Use Ice Cubes

For this method, place 3-4 wrinkled garments in the dryer, adding an equal number of ice cubes. The more clothes you add, the more ice cubes you’ll need for the technique to work. 

ice cubes inside tumble dryer

Set your dryer to the highest heat level that your garments can handle and run it for 10 minutes. As the ice cubes melt, the steam will penetrate your clothes, relaxing the fibres and eventually removing those creases.

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Spray A Bit Of Water On Your Clothes

If you’re in a hurry, a simple water spritz can work wonders. 

Spray a bit of water on the creases of your clothes and then toss them in the dryer. Again, use the hottest setting your fabrics allow and let it spin for about 10 minutes. The moisture will turn into steam, smoothing out those annoying wrinkles.

Ways To Reduce Wrinkles In Clothes When Doing Laundry

We all know that a few wrinkles are typical after washing and drying your clothes. 

They’ve been all around in that drum, after all. But there are several ways to minimise wrinkles and keep your attire looking presentable.

Sort Your Laundry

Sorting your laundry isn’t just about keeping colours separate; it’s also about fabric type and care labels. When you group similar fabrics together, you prevent them from getting tangled up, which is a major wrinkle culprit. 

person checking clothes in laundry basket

So, before you even start the washing machine, take a moment to sort your laundry. This way, your garments won’t get tangled up, leading to fewer wrinkles.

Give Your Clothes A Little Shake

Before you load up your washing machine and dryer, give your clothes a good shake. This simple step can help prevent them from twisting and tangling during the wash and dry cycles, which is a key factor in creating wrinkles.

Avoid Overloading Your Machine

Overloading your washer and dryer is a recipe for disaster. Keep the loads within the recommended capacity to prevent tangling and creasing. Give your garments some space to breathe for wrinkle-free results.

NOTE: Did you know? Most manufacturers would recommend filling up your washer and dryer to around  ½ to ¾ of its capacity for a more efficient and productive laundry session. 

Use Fabric Softener Or Vinegar

Adding a bit of fabric softener or white vinegar to your wash can make a big difference. 

distilled white vinegar washing machine

These agents help relax the fibres in your clothes and reduce the chances of creasing. Plus, your clothes will come out smelling fresh!

Use Dryer Balls

Tossing in some dryer balls or even a clean tennis ball can work wonders. They help prevent clothes from clumping together and, in turn, reduce wrinkles. 

Dryer balls, especially those made of wool, act as agitators, preventing clothes from clumping and creasing. 

Choose The Correct Washer And Dryer Setting

Selecting the right settings on your washer and dryer is crucial. If possible, go for gentle or delicate cycles, lower heat, and shorter drying times to minimise wrinkles.

Delicate Wash Cycle

Remove Your Laundry From The Dryer ASAP

The longer your clothes sit in the dryer, the more likely they are to wrinkle. To avoid this, get them out as soon as the cycle is complete so they don’t have a chance to form wrinkles while cooling down.

Use A Wrinkle-Release Spray

For those stubborn wrinkles that refuse to budge, consider using a wrinkle-release spray. A quick spritz and a gentle pull can work wonders, leaving your clothes looking fresh and smooth.

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Hang Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

Finally, consider hanging your clothes instead of folding them. This method minimises creases and keeps your garments looking neat and presentable. 

Plus, it’s much easier to grab a hanger than to reach for the iron and having to spend extra time removing the wrinkles on your garments.

So Can A Tumble Dryer Smoothen Out Wrinkles In Your Clothes?

Yes, a tumble dryer can assist in reducing wrinkles and creases on your clothes. However, if you’re after that crisp, perfectly ironed look, the iron is still your best friend. 

But for those who despise ironing (let’s be honest, most of us), steaming is a great alternative. It’s easier, quicker, and gives you excellent results without breaking a sweat. So, with these insights and tricks, you can say goodbye to those stubborn wrinkles and hello to effortless, wrinkle-free garments!

Do you have laundry tips to share? Feel free to leave them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a dryer as an iron?

To use a dryer to reduce wrinkles in clothes, you can add a damp cloth, ice cubes, or use a quick water spritz method while running the dryer on a heat setting your fabrics can handle for about 10 minutes.

What is the best setting to dry clothes without shrinking?

The best setting to dry clothes without shrinking is to use a low heat or delicate cycle on your dryer, along with following the care labels on your garments. Using lower heat and gentler settings can help prevent excessive heat exposure that might cause shrinking.

Will clothes be wrinkled if left in the dryer?

Yes, clothes can become wrinkled if left in the dryer after the cycle is complete. To avoid this, it’s best to remove them promptly.

What is the best drying mode?

The best drying mode depends on your fabric type and care labels. It’s recommended to use gentle or delicate cycles, lower heat, and shorter drying times to minimise wrinkles.

What does “wrinkle release” on the dryer do?

Wrinkle release is a feature on some dryers that uses steam or a gentle cycle to help reduce wrinkles in clothes during the drying process. It’s designed to make your clothes look less wrinkled when they come out of the dryer.

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