Can You Buy A Right Hinged Washing Machine In The UK?

The majority of washing machines on sale in the UK are hinged on the left with the door catch situated on the right. This is OK for most people but if you have a small kitchen or are left-handed this can be a bit of a problem.

Ideally you could do with a washing machine with the hinge on the right and the door catch on the left. To find out more about right-hinged washing machine availability in the UK, keep reading.

Can You Buy Right Hinged Washing Machines In The UK?

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After extensive research, I have found only one brand of washing machines that makes washing machines with the hinge on the right and the catch on the left. That brand is Miele and it is a deliberate design feature so that people that own both a Miele washing machine and Miele tumble dryer can place the appliances side by side.

By placing the washing machine on the right, when opening the dryer door which opens to the right (hinged on the left) the washer door opens to the left (hinged on the right)  you can transfer the contents of the washer directly into the dryer with both doors open.

The only downside here is the price of Miele washing machines. Miele washing machines are designed to last far longer than other comparable brands. However, the initial purchase cost can be prohibitive for some people.

Most Popular Miele Washing Machines (with right side hinges)

Let’s take a brief look at a couple of the most popular Miele washing machines.

Miele W1 WSA023 Washing Machine

Capacity: 7 kg
Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: B

This model from Miele benefits from top rankings in many consumer reports and is one of the company’s lower priced models. It has a 7kg capacity which should be ample for the average household.

The Miele W1 WSA023 has 12 wash programmes to choose from including the Express 20 programme which runs for just 20 minutes. This programme is ideal to freshen clothes in a hurry.

Other functions include the AddLoad function which allows you to pause the cycle and add extra clothes once the wash cycle has already started.

Plus it also features the delay feature which allows you to set the machine up to start any time up to 24 hours into the future. And with the easy to check display screen, you can check on the duration of the cycle at any time.

Don’t be put off by the price either, when you consider that Miele washing machines are going to last far longer than other brands. So even though this model is more costly than some of the budget models available it will work out as a better investment overall.

Check out reviews and prices at

Miele W1 WSG363 Washing Machine

Capacity: 9 kg
Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A

The Miele W1 WSG363 washing machine is one of their most energy and water efficient models. It can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet via the Miele@home app. This allows you to check on the progress of your laundry wherever you are in the home.

This model has 10 wash programmes including cycles for woollens, silks and delicates. It also features the Quick PowerWash cycle which can run through a full wash in only 49 minutes.

Another great feature is the honeycomb-style drum which protects clothes from damage during the rough and tumble of the wash cycle.

It is also a quiet machine boasting just 48 decibels when washing and 72 dB during the spin cycle.

As with all Miele washing machines, this isn’t a cheap model. But it will last far longer than other comparable appliances so well worth the extra purchase price overall.

Check out reviews and prices at
Check out reviews and prices at Appliance City

Miele WSD663 W1 TwinDos Washing Machine

Capacity: 8 kg
Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
Energy Rating: A

The Miele WSD663 W1 TwinDos washing machine has built in TwinDos technology that automatically releases the correct amount of detergent into the drum for every wash load.

You can also control this model via your smartphone or tablet using Miele@home app. The app allows you to control the appliance via your smart device as well as checking on the progress of your laundry and offers extra programmes available to download.

Plus the Quick Wash feature that gets your clothes clean in just 15 minutes. Not forgetting the Easy Iron Function which is designed to care for your clothes and ensure they leave the machine with less creases reducing your ironing time.

Another cool feature on this offering from Miele is the sensor control which weighs the load at the start and adjusts the cycle time, water and electricity usage to suit the size of the wash load.

Checkout reviews and prices at
Checkout reviews and prices at Appliance City

Is It Possible To Reverse The Door Hinge On A Washing Machine?

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I often get asked this question and it’s understandable because some refrigerators offer reversible doors. However that’s because refrigerators use a magnetic seal to close the door and not a door catch.

It would not be practical to fit two door catches. Two door latches and two sets of hinges on a washing machine to allow you the option of reversing the door. 

This all means that if you want a washing machine that has a right hinged door, you’ll need to choose one from the Miele range. This leads onto the issue of the price. As we all know Miele offers reliable appliances, but that reliability comes at a price.

If you really need a right hinged washing machine, Miele is your only choice, but if you’re on a budget, you may need to compromise and buy a lower priced left hinged washer from a rival brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all washing machines hinge on the left?

All front loader washing machines in the UK hinge on the left with the exception of Miele washing machines. Miele is the only washing machine manufacturer that produces right hinged washing machines. In fact, you cannot buy a Miele washing machine that hinges on the left.

Can you change a washing machine door from left to right?

No, you cannot change a washing machine door from left to right. This is because of the way washing machine doors lock and seal. If you want a right hinged washing machine, you will need to buy a Miele washing machine.

Do all washing machines open from the right?

Almost all washing machine doors open from the right with the exception of Miele washing machines which open from the left.

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