Can You Put Frozen Salmon In An Air Fryer? (read this first)

Salmon fillets make a wonderfully tasty meal and are so easy to cook in an air fryer. The problem is we don’t always have any fresh salmon to cook. Which is why frozen salmon fillets are such a convenient food to have in your freezer.

We’re always told that fresh fish tastes better and in some cases, that’s true. However, with salmon, the difference is so minute, we’re almost certain you won’t notice.

Using this recipe means you can cook salmon fillets any time and within around 15 minutes you’ll be serving a tasty teatime treat. That’s around 15 minutes from freezer to plate with no need to thaw the salmon first.

Why Cook Frozen Salmon In An Air Fryer?

There are several reasons why you should cook your frozen salmon in an air fryer. These include;

  • Consistent results
    Once you are aware of the timings for your particular air fryer, you’ll get perfect results every time.
  • Healthy method for cooking food
    As air frying requires little to no oil, it’s a healthy way to cook your salmon.
  • Quick & easy
    This easy to follow and easy to execute recipe takes around 15 minutes from start to finish.
  • Energy efficient
    Unlike cooking in a conventional oven, you only heat a small area when cooking in an air fryer. This uses less energy so is environmentally friendly and saves you money too.
  • Fast & easy clean up
    All you need to clean is the air fryer basket in warm soapy water. This can be made even easier if you were to use air fryer paper liners. These reinforced parchment paper liners fit into the basket of the air fryer to prevent any oil, grease, seasoning etc from spilling into the air fryer. After the food is cooked, these liners can be disposed of either in the general waste or recycling bin.

How To Cook Frozen Salmon In An Air Fryer

This is the easiest way to cook frozen salmon fillets in an air fryer.


  • 2 frozen salmon fillets
  • Lemon slices
  • Olive oil
  • Seasoning to taste


  1. Pat the frozen salmon fillets with kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture
  2. Preheat the air fryer to 200 C (400 F)
  3. Place the frozen salmon fillets in the air fryer basket and cook for 7 minutes
  4. Brush the salmon with a small amount of olive oil and season
  5. Place slices of lemon on the salmon 
  6. Air fry for a further 3 to 6 minutes
  7. Check that the salmon is cooked by pressing a fork gently on top of the fish, if the flesh falls away in flakes, the salmon is cooked. Or use a meat thermometer and probe the thickest part of the fish; the temperature needs to be 63 C (145 F).

Our Top Tips For perfect Results

You will always get perfect results if you follow these simple tips.

  • Always cook salmon fillets of roughly the same size
    To ensure the salmon fillets cook uniformly, always cook 2 fillets of roughly the same size.
  • Always preheat the air fryer
    To be certain that the salmon fillets are cooked to perfection, always preheat the air fryer before adding the salmon.
  • Use an air fryer liner to save on washing up
    Air fryer liners reduce the amount of mess left in the air fryer after cooking. The liner will also prevent the fish from sticking to the basket.
  • Always allow space between the salmon fillets
    To ensure the salmon fillets are cooked evenly, ensure there is a gap between each fillet when placed in the air fryer basket.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to cook frozen salmon without thawing?

It is OK to cook frozen salmon without thawing as long as it reaches an internal temperature of 63 C (145 F).

How do you cook frozen salmon in an air fryer without it sticking?

To prevent frozen salmon from sticking when cooking in an air fryer, you should either oil the air fryer basket or use an air fryer paper liner.

How long does it take to cook salmon from frozen in an air fryer?

The amount of time it takes to cook frozen salmon in an air fryer depends on the size and thickness of the salmon and the make and model of air fryer you own. But it averages at between 12 to 16 minutes.

What is the white stuff coming out of salmon in the air fryer?

The white stuff that oozes from salmon as it cooks in the air fryer is albumin. Which is a harmless protein that turns solid as the salmon cooks.

What temperature do you air fry frozen salmon at?

You should air fry frozen salmon at 200 C (400 F) for between 10 to 15 minutes, ensuring the internal temperature is at least 63 C before eating.

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