Can You Tumble Dry Rayon? (what you need to know)

Rayon is a delicate fabric and should never be tumble dried and shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine either.

Rayon is made from wood and other plant pulp known as cellulose. It can be formed to imitate  silk, wool, cotton, and linen.

There are many garments made from rayon or its most common form, viscose.

Rayon becomes very weak when it is wet which is why it should never be subjected to any rough treatment at all during washing or drying.

The fibres soak up lots of water and become weakened when wet. This makes it easy to become damaged especially during any rough handling (like tumble drying or wringing).

What The Tumble Dryer Symbols Mean On Rayon

Tumble Dryer Symbols On Clothes

The only symbol you’re likely to find on any rayon garment is the do not tumble symbol. 

But we have included all of the symbols relating to tumble dryers for your reference.

  • Square With White Circle And A Black X On Top > Do not tumble dry. This is the most likely symbol to be found on rayon garments.
  • Square With White Circle > This symbol indicates that the item can be tumble dried. Some rayon blended items carry this symbol.
  • Square With Black Circle > This symbol indicates that the item can be tumble dried on the no heat setting. This could be found on some rayon blended items.
  • Square With White Circle, One Black Dot In Circle > This indicates you can dry on the low heat setting on your tumble dryer. You are unlikely to find this symbol on rayon.
  • Square With White Circle, Two Black Dots In Circle > This indicates you can dry on a medium heat setting and is unlikely to be found on any rayon garments.
  • Square With White Circle, Three Black Dots In Circle > This symbol is used to indicate that the item can be tumble dried using the high heat setting. 

How To Dry Rayon Without A Tumble Dryer

It is recommended that rayon garments are not tumble dried. The best way to dry rayon items is to air dry them. You can;

Decrease Indoor Drying Times Using A Dehumidifier

As rayon shouldn’t be exposed to any heat for drying, a dehumidifier can be a great help. 

The dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air allowing the rayon garments to dry faster.

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Rayon Can Be Dried Using A Clothes Horse

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The great thing about an airer is that you can choose whether to lay your rayon garment flat on one of the racks or hang the rayon on a hanger and suspend the hanger from one of the bars on the airer.

Airers can be used outdoors on warm, dry days or indoors when the weather is too bad for outdoor drying.

Get Rayon Dry Faster Indoors Using An Electric Fan

If you’re drying your rayon garments indoors and you want to dry them faster, aim an electric fan at them.

This works best if you have a window open in the same room to allow a steady air flow.

Air Dry Rayon Garments On A Washing Line

If you are worried that your favourite rayon dress will shrink, it should be hung on a padded hanger and suspended from a washing line, retractable clothesline or rotary line. 

Always hang rayon in the shade as too much sunlight can also damage rayon.

What Happens If You Tumble Dry Rayon?

Always check the wash care labels

Rayon or viscose as it is sometimes known should never be tumble dried. 

If you were to ignore the care instructions on your rayon garments you can expect the following;

Rayon Garments Can Fray

Rayon is a delicate fabric and should never be treated roughly. The rough and tumble action of the dryer is likely to weaken the already delicate fibres.

This will cause the material to tear or rip or fray at the weakest points.

The Rayon Will Wrinkle

The rayon fibres will wrinkle as the item dries out under the intense heat of a tumble dryer.

Remember the action of tumbling generates heat even on the no heat setting.

Rayon Clothes Will Shrink

Rayon is manufactured using cellulose which is made from wood pulp and other plant fibres. These fibres will absorb water.

As these fibres dry out, they will shorten causing the clothes made from this material to shrink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put rayon in a tumble dryer?

It is not safe to put rayon in the tumble dryer. It is likely to become damaged either by shrinking, wrinkling or tearing.

Does 100% rayon shrink in the dryer?

100% rayon will definitely shrink in a tumble dryer. You should never tumble dry rayon garments.

How can I dry rayon without a tumble dryer?

Without using a tumble dryer, you can dry rayon on a washing line or airer.

Can 100% rayon be ironed?

100% rayon should not be ironed as any heat can damage rayon. To prevent wrinkles, the rayon garment should be hung on a padded clothes hanger when drying.

Is rayon the same as viscose?

Viscose is the most common form of rayon.

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