Do Bladeless Fans Cool The Air? (does it make the room colder)

Bladeless fans do not cool the air or make the room colder. You feel cooler on a hot day if you’re sitting by a fan because the breeze from the fan causes your sweat to evaporate.

It’s that evaporation of moisture on your skin that makes you feel cooler. As bladeless fans are great for creating a strong, steady stream of air, the sweat will evaporate in a larger area than using a regular fan.

So bladeless fans give the impression of cooling the room. But the reality is, if you were to leave the fan operating and left the room, when you re-entered the room, the temperature would be the same.

How Sweat Cools You Down

The average human being has a temperature of around 37 C (98 F) with a +/- of one or two degrees. If the body gets too hot and starts to overheat due to physical exercise or the temperature in the room is too hot or the person is having a fever, it can cause many serious conditions.

Thankfully, the human body has a way to cool down. Just as soon as the body heats above a certain point, a small region of the brain known as the hypothalamus, sends signals to eccrine sweat glands. These eccrine sweat glands are situated all over the body and they produce sweat to enable the body to cool down.

Heat Of Vaporisation

Most of that sweat will evaporate on the skin which cools the body down. This evaporation takes energy and that energy is heat. The excess heat is used to change the sweat into a gas or vapour and that’s what cools you down.

The scientific name for sweat cooling you down is “Heat Of Vaporisation”.

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How Do Bladeless Fans Cool You Down?

The more air that’s passed over the skin, the faster the sweat can be changed to vapour and the faster the body will cool down.

Bladeless fans or “Air Multipliers” as Dyson calls them, push far more air into the room than a regular fan. The difference could be compared to the difference between a breeze and a gale.

This means bladeless fans, or certainly air multipliers, will cool the body down faster than a regular fan. However, they will not cool the room.

To cool the room, you’ll need an air conditioning (A/C) unit.

Even Dyson “Cool Fans” have no refrigeration unit, they just rely on a steady stream of air to cool your hot, perspiring skin. It’s easy to see why there’s confusion because Dyson also produces the Dyson “Pure Hot + Cool Purifier” which can push heated air into the room.

To some the name implies that it can be used to heat or cool the room. Whereas this is only halfway correct. It does heat the room (or the area directly in front of the fan) because it produces heat.

However, it doesn’t produce cold air, just air at room temperature at a steady stream, which will cool you if you are perspiring, and make the room feel cooler due to the constant airflow they produce.

So, Do Bladeless Fans Cool The Air? 

No bladeless fans do not cool the air, but they make the room look cooler with their innovative design.

They also “cool” your energy bills too as they are far more energy efficient than regular fans.

But They Can Be Used To Cool The Room

With that being said, you can use a bladeless fan to cool a room, just like you could a regular fan. 

To do this, place your fan near an open window/doorway, as this will allow the bladeless fan to pull in cooler air from outside. This will then circulate around the room (cooling it down). 

The only downside to this is that it won’t always work. For example, if it’s hotter outside than it is inside you’ll be drawing hot air in – so it’s best to do this in the early morning or late evening when it’s cooler.

Another Way To Use Them To Cool Down The Room

Another tip some people swear by is to point the fan towards a bucket/bowl of ice – with the air coming out of the fan flowing onto the ice and then onto you. This does create a cool breeze but it can get a bit messy…

This is because as the ice melts water could spill out of the bucket/bowl onto the floor. That’s why it’s important to put a towel under the container to mop up any excess water. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

We hope that’s cleared up any queries you might have had concerning whether bladeless fans cool the air. If you do have any questions be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are bladeless fans better at cooling?

Bladeless fans are better at cooling because of the multiplied air that flows from them. More air means more of your skin can become cooled.

Do any fans actually cool the air?

Fans do not cool the air, to cool the air you’ll need an air conditioner (A/C) unit. Fans help sweat on your skin to evaporate which does cool your body down but they will not cool the actual room.

Where is the best place to put a fan to cool a room?

The best place to put a fan is facing the people in the room. Because fans don’t cool rooms, they cool the skin of the people in the room by causing the evaporation of sweat.

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