Do You Put Detergent In The Soap Dispenser Or The Drum?

Washing machines have always had a soap dispenser and in times gone by it was the only place you could put the detergent. This was to ensure that your washing received the correct service at all stages of the wash cycle. But does that still apply? 

If you want to know if you need to put detergent in the soap dispenser or the drum and what the 3 compartments in the dispenser are for, keep reading.

What Are The 3 Compartments In The Soap Dispenser For?

The 3 compartments in the dispenser drawer all serve a different purpose and need to be loaded accordingly:

  • Compartment Number 1
    This is the compartment closest to the washing machine’s control panel or furthest from the edge of the machine, or the right compartment looking from the top. Compartment 1 is for detergent if you are doing a pre wash program. This will always be the smallest of the 2 open compartments.
  • Compartment Number 2
    This is the compartment furthest away from the control panel, or closest to the side of the machine, or the left compartment looking from above. This is the compartment for the detergent for the main wash. This will always be the largest of the 2 open compartments.
  • Compartment Number 3
    This is always the centre compartment in the dispenser drawer and is used for the fabric conditioner. This compartment is always partially covered and has a flower symbol on it.

The positions of these drawers can vary from machine to machine but the dimensions of each compartment stays constant. Always ensure you use the correct amount of detergent in each compartment to prevent the machine from producing too many soap suds.

Should I Use The Dispenser Drawer Or The Drum For Detergent?

If your machine doesn’t get clogged in the soap dispenser area, it is always advisable to use the drawer. As this allows all of the functions available during the wash program. These include prewash, main wash and fabric conditioner.

However, if you find the dispenser drawer gets gummed up with detergent, you might prefer to put your detergent directly into the drum.

Using The Drum For Detergents

It is not advisable to put the detergents directly into the drum and directly onto the laundry. Detergents can damage clothes unless they are diluted so a dosing ball should be used to hold the liquid detergent away from the laundry until the wash cycle begins. 

These dosing balls used to be given away by the detergent companies but now they have to be purchased. When using a dosing ball be aware, you will hear a banging or thumping noise occasionally as the ball hits the drum during the wash program.

What About Washing Powder?

It is possible to put washing powder directly into the drum on top of the washing. But it is advisable to put the powder into a mesh bag as this will allow it to dissolve quicker and ensure it reaches all of the wash load.

There is an alternative to powder if you prefer to use something solid, you could use a washing tablet. These can be placed into the same compartment as powder in the dispenser drawer but offer a regulated measure of detergent which cuts down on mess and over dosing of detergents in the washing machine.

Can I Put A Liquid Detergent Into The Soap Dispenser?

You can pour the liquid detergent directly into the compartments in the soap dispenser drawer on your washing machine. In fact in the absence of a dosing ball, this is the safest way of using a liquid detergent to prevent damage to clothes.

What About Detergent Pods/Washing Capsules?

Detergent pods or washing capsules as they’re sometimes called, should always be placed at the back of the drum before any laundry is put into the drum. This allows the capsule to dissolve fully and not get caught on any clothes and cause any damage. 

Ensure you use the correct wash program when using detergent pods, some are designed to only be used at lower temperature washes like 30 degrees for example. Always follow the instructions on the packet when using any detergent but especially when using detergent pods or washing capsules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put detergent directly in the drum?

You can put detergent directly in the drum of the washing machine but only if you are not using a pre-wash cycle. If you use a liquid detergent it should be placed in a dosing ball before putting in the drum.

How do you put liquid detergent in a washing machine?

There are several ways to put liquid detergent into a washing machine. You can either pour the liquid into the main wash compartment in the soap dispenser drawer (largest compartment), or use a dosing ball and place it directly into the drum on top of the washing.

How do you use washing capsules in a washing machine?

The best way to use washing capsules in your washing machine is to place the washing capsule at the back of the drum before you put any laundry in. Then place the laundry in the drum and run the correct wash cycle for the capsule.

Can I put washing powder directly into the drum of my washing machine?

Although you can put washing powder directly into the drum on top of your laundry, we advise you to put the powder into a mesh bag and place this on top of the laundry. This will ensure the powder dissolves correctly and reaches all of your laundry.

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