Don’t Have Space For A Washing Machine? (here’s what you can do)

Are you living in a tight space and longing for the convenience of a washing machine? We get you. 

When you need to do your laundry without a washer, you’ll have the option to handwash, use the launderette, or ask to use a friend or family member’s appliance. If you want a more permanent fix, then it is necessary to make space by sacrificing a cupboard or counter, or just renovating.  

Living in a small space can present challenges, and fitting a washing machine into a cramped home might seem like an impossible task. After all, the need for ventilation, water pipes, and electrical cords can make it tricky.

Together, let’s look into each of the practical alternatives and solutions you can choose from to help make your laundry days stress-free. 

What You Can Do If You Don’t Have Space For A Washing Machine

When you are living in a home that has a constrained space, you’ll have to look for creative solutions to solve your laundry problems. 

Here are the things you can do, from the easiest fixes to those requiring more effort and budget: 

Handwash Your Fabrics

Handwashing clothes might seem too manual and a waste of time, but it’s a practical solution if space and budget constraints limit your options. 

person wringing clothes by hand

All you need is a bucket or even your bathtub for soaking, and you can start cleaning your garments! 

While it may demand some effort, the positive side is that handwashing is gentle on your garments and can extend their lifespan. So, embrace the scrubbing—it’s a small price to pay for clean clothes!

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Use A Laundry Service

If handwashing isn’t your cup of tea, heading to a launderette could be your next move. 

There’s no shame in outsourcing your laundry needs, especially when convenient options are scattered across the UK. 

Just keep in mind that fees can vary, so do your homework! Check for reviews, machine quality, and service before a visit. For a hassle-free experience, some laundries offer pick-up, cleaning, and delivery services—saving you both time and effort.

TIP: Never used a commercial laundry machine? Most have coin slots, so ask for assistance to avoid any mishaps.

Call A Friend (Or Family!)

Is handwashing too much work, and are launderettes in your area too expensive for regular use?

person checking clothes in laundry basket

Consider reaching out to friends or family! Those with washing machines at home might be willing to let you use theirs. Just be sure to bring your own laundry products such as detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and perhaps a token of appreciation—pizza always works wonders!

TIP: Show gratitude by taking care of their machine and using it responsibly. A little courtesy can go a long way, turning your laundry sessions into a win-win situation for everyone!

Get A Portable Washing Machine

When standard-sized washing machines are out of the question, consider the versatility of portable washing machines. These compact devices are designed for those with limited space or frequent travellers. Just plug them in, wash your clothes, and store them away until the next laundry day.

VALINK Mini Folding Washing Machine, Small Portable Ultrasonic Mini Washing Machine,deep Clean Mini Washing Maching Multifunctional Handle Design For Home Dormitory Use
  • Ultrasonic Mini Washing Machin Foldable Design: The foldable laundry tub washing machine adopts a foldable portable tub type design, which is easy to store when not in use. Easily fits under a stool or bed without taking up too much space in your home
  • Ultrasonic Mini Washing Machin Energy saving: The foldable washing machine mini foldable washing machine uses high frequency vibration to effectively remove dirt without residue and irritants. Energy saving and environmental protection, water saving and electricity saving

While they come in various sizes, portable washing machines are generally smaller than standard ones. If you have the extra budget, getting a portable washer is an excellent investment for apartment dwellers, small house occupants, or anyone in temporary living situations.

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Convert An Existing Space

Examine your home for underutilised spots that could be transformed into a laundry space!

Wardrobes, cupboards, unused corners, or even kitchen cabinets might be repurposed to fit a washing machine. It may require some rearranging, but if a washing machine is a must, getting creative with your space is key.

washing machine and dryer in bathroom

Even garages or basements can serve as laundry space, provided you have access to water and electricity and a way to vent the machine. 

TIP: Think outside the traditional laundry room and reimagine your living space to accommodate this essential appliance!

Renovate Your Home

For those with no available space, a more drastic option is to consider renovating your home.

A renovation might involve tearing down walls or repurposing a part of your home, like your bathroom. However, this is the most expensive and challenging choice.

Always consult with professionals before starting a renovation journey, especially if you live in an apartment. Get approval from your landlord to avoid complications, ensuring a seamless integration of a washing machine into your home.

Struggling To Clean Clothes In A Limited Space?

Yes, having a limited space can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to compromise on the convenience of having clean clothes. 

You can wash clothes by hand, go to a launderette, ask to use a friend’s machine, or even get a small, portable washer! Think about using unused spaces in your home or, if needed, make some changes. 

Pick what works best for you, so you’ll be able to wear fresh clothes and enjoy the comfort of using clean bedding. 

Do you have laundry tips to share? Leave a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my washing machine in a small space?

To fit a washing machine in a small space, consider portable washing machines or explore underutilised areas like wardrobes, cupboards, or unused corners. Get creative with your living space and think beyond traditional laundry room setups.

What should I do if I don’t have a washing machine?

If you don’t have a washing machine, options include handwashing your clothes, using a laundrette, asking friends or family, or investing in a portable washing machine. Evaluate which solution fits your space, budget, and convenience needs.

Do you need space around a washing machine?

Yes, a washing machine requires space for ventilation, water pipes, and electrical cords. Consider the layout of the area to ensure proper functionality and safety.

How much does it cost to use a launderette or laundry service?

The cost of using a launderette varies. Do your research, check reviews, and inquire about fees, machine quality, and additional services. On average, using a washing machine typically ranges from £2 to £6 per load.

Does hand washing clothes clean them better?

Handwashing is a practical solution for limited space. While it demands effort, it’s gentle on garments, cleans them thoroughly, and can extend their lifespan.

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