Is It Better To Dry Clothes Inside Out? (yes! here’s why)

To keep our clothes fresh and clean, getting them completely dry is a must. But here’s a question: Are you even drying your garments correctly?

If you’re still not doing it now, we recommend that when you dry your clothes, turn them inside out first.

Why? Let’s have a look into the reasons why such a small change can positively impact your garments.

Why it’s best to dry your garments inside out

Once your clothes have been washed in your washing machine, the next step is to put them in the dryer or hang them outdoors.

For many people, it is common for the garments to be dried in the state they wear them (with the outer side facing outward). This is because they don’t want to trouble themselves with turning the clothes back to the normal side when it’s time to fold or wear them.

Clothes on a clothesline

However, drying your clothes inside out is so much more advantageous in the long run. Just taking a few minutes to turn each garment in reverse is great because:

It prevents discolouration and bleaching

Have you ever noticed that your clothes are getting lighter in colour over time when you dry them outdoors?

No, it is not just your imagination. It is a fact that the sun has natural bleaching properties that’s also known as photodegradation[1]. Although this is wonderful for white clothing as it makes them appear more crisp, the sun’s UV rays can bring bad news to your coloured garments.

Turning your garments inside out can prevent their colours from fading. This is because the inner side of the clothing will be the one that’s directly exposed to the UV rays, which helps the outer side of the garment maintain its colour.

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It keeps your “outside clothes” presentable

Do you have embellishments on your clothes? Whether these are rhinestones, gems, or embroidery, they can easily be damaged if you dry them the normal way.

When you turn your embellished clothes inside out, the decorative design will be more secure and will not rub off on other fabrics.

Also, if you hang your clothes outdoors, there’s always the chance of exposing them to dust and dirt. This can easily be prevented if you reverse your clothing before you hang them.

If there is indeed dust that can cling to your clothes, it won’t matter as it will not be noticeable when it’s time to wear your garments.

It makes clothes smell fresher

The inside of your clothes is the part that comes in direct contact with your skin.

Because of this, the inner side can easily accumulate a mix of sweat, oils, dead skin cells, and other organic matter in its fabric.

When you reverse your clothing and hang it outdoors, the sun’s rays disinfect them and will kill the bacteria and fungi that can cause bad odour. As a result, your clothes are much cleaner and will smell even better too.

person smelling shirt

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It reduces the risk of damaging other clothes

When you dry your garments in the tumble dryer, there’s always the chance of buttons and strings getting entangled. You may notice that when the spinning is done, the embellishments are loose and may have also caused a tear or hole in another piece of clothing

If this frequently happens to you, try turning your clothes inside out before putting them in the dryer. Doing so will lessen the chances of damaging your clothes and will increase their lifespan for a longer time.

Tumble Dryer

It keeps your dryer in tip-top shape

Have you ever heard banging sounds when spinning your garments?

In situations like this, it’s possible that buttons, gems, and other designs are hitting your dryer’s drum.

Although this is not a big deal if it just happened one time, these designs and embellishments can easily damage the material of your dryer in the long run. This happens when the material scrapes the coating of your machine.

To prevent this from happening, turn your clothes inside out! For added protection, you can also put clothes with wires and embellishments inside a mesh bag to keep them in great condition.

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DID YOU KNOW? Aside from drying, it’s also better to wash your clothes inside out! Doing so will prevent colour fading, keeps your garments in shape, and reduces pilling which could also ruin your washer in the long run.

Take good care of your clothes and dryer

There you have it – the reasons why you should turn your clothes inside out when drying is already in your capable hands.

Have you ever tried doing this method before? Will you ever go back to drying your clothes the “regular” way?

Let us know what you think!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to air-dry clothes inside?

If you do not have access to sunlight in your area, it is okay to air dry your clothes inside. Just keep in mind that it can cause humidity issues so it’s best to get a dehumidifier to prevent mould problems.

What is the most efficient way to dry your clothes?

The best way to dry your clothes is to hang them outdoors. Doing so makes them smell better and will dry them at a much quicker rate.

Where is the best place to dry clothes indoors?

The best place to dry your clothes indoors is in a spot where there’s sufficient ventilation.

Do clothes need sunlight to dry?

No, your clothes do not need sunlight exposure to dry. All that’s necessary is enough airflow and they’ll dry eventually.

What are the disadvantages of sun drying?

Sun drying your clothes tends to fade their colours out. However, this can be easily prevented by hanging your garments inside out.

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