Should You Empty Pockets Before Washing Clothes? (yes! here’s why)

If you’re like us, your pockets may have a little bit of everything.

Coins, cards, keys, and other trinkets we carry around all day can be securely jammed in pockets that they’re easy to forget, up until it’s time to wash your clothing.

While it’s much easier to just throw all your clothes in the wash without emptying your pockets, read on to learn why you should always, and we mean ALWAYS, empty your pockets during laundry day.

Why do you need to check your clothes’ pockets before washing them?

Who doesn’t like pockets? After all, they can fit lots of things we need for our daily lives. From phones to pens, most pockets can secure these items conveniently.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. We tend to forget things that we put in our pockets. Then, when it’s time to do the laundry, we hear the cling-clang of the coins we forgot to take out before putting the clothes in the washer.

This is exactly why you need to check your pockets. Emptying your clothes’ pockets before washing them allows you to prevent the following things from happening: ruining your garments and valuables, or worse, damaging your machine.

Let’s look into the main reasons why you should empty the pockets before putting clothes in the wash:

Reason #1: The items can ruin your other garments

There are lots of random things we put inside our pockets. These items can be the reason why our garments get ruined.

For example, although it is not really a big deal, tissue paper can disintegrate in the washer, but not completely. As a result, it will leave lint-like specs that will stick to your clothes and can be annoying to remove.

Pens or markers can leak or explode when put in the wash. As a result, you’ll have clothes that are randomly dyed with ink.

Sharp tools and items can get snagged on your clothing, causing holes or fraying.

Credit cards in a pocket of jeans

TIP: Did a pen leak in your washer and stain your clothes? Place a towel under the garment and pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on the stained area.

Reason #2: The items can damage your washing machine and tumble dryer

Many of the items we put inside our pockets are made of hard material. Unfortunately, if they were not removed, it is possible for them to cause damage to your appliances.

For example, keys and coins are small and easily forgotten in our pockets.

A pair of keys in a pocket of jeans

Since they are made of tough material, it can cause the inside of your washer or dryer to get scratched. If you are really having the worst luck, these coins can put a dent or break the doors of your front-load washing machine.

If you often put items made of hard material such as metal in your pockets, practice emptying them before you even put them in the laundry hamper.

Aside from tough items, even soft ones such as tissue paper can be extremely problematic. Once the lint from the tissue accumulates on your washer, it can easily clog your machine and cause draining and overheating problems.

TIP: Regularly have your washer and dryer checked by a professional technician. Doing so allows you to have these issues fixed before they’re too big or expensive to resolve.

Reason #3: Valuable items can get ruined in the wash

Didn’t check the pockets of your clothes before washing them? You may be surprised by the soaked items you’ll see once you open that washer door.

Wallets, money, and cards are items we often put in our pockets. Unfortunately, they can get ruined if they get wet, especially when placed in pressurised conditions.

Jewellery such as rings can easily be forgotten. For items as small as this, it is also possible for the ring to enter the holes in the washing machine.

Believe it or not, some people have also left their phones in their pockets and put them in the wash!

A cell phone in a pocket of jeans

Empty those pockets!

Do you want to keep your clothes and machines in great shape?

If so, emptying the pockets before washing your garments is something you should be consistent about. Make sure to remember this on your next laundry session!

Do you have other tips to share? Feel free to share them with us below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you wash with zippers open or closed?

Always keep your zippers closed when washing your clothes. This prevents any snagging that can ruin your other garments and washing machine.

What is the first thing to do in washing clothes?

Aside from checking your clothes’ pockets and emptying them, sort your laundry by colour. Ideally, this will be in three groups: whites, blacks, and coloured clothing.

Should you wash your pants inside out?

Yes, it’s best to wash pants inside out so that they’ll get cleaned more thoroughly. Also, the zipper and other embellishments will not ruin other clothing when your garments are washed when reversed.

Is it OK to wash clothes daily?

It is okay to wash clothes daily, but it can be a waste of resources. It’s best to stick to a regular laundry schedule where you’ll be able to make use of your machine’s capacity without underloading it.

What is the first thing you need to check before washing your clothes?

The first thing you need to check before doing your laundry is checking the care label of your garments. This way, you’ll know which items can be thrown in a regular cycle or may need to be separated because they’re delicate.

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