How To Store Cut Onions In The Refrigerator Without Smell

We use onions in many dishes, whether for sautéing, toppings, soups – name it, most cuisines like using these bulbs to add flavour to their meals.

Unfortunately, onions are not exactly the best-smelling vegetable out there.

When we chop onions and put them in the fridge to use for our next recipe, chances are we’ll be hit by an annoying odour the next time we open that refrigerator door.

Don’t let the funky smell deter you – as we will talk about the ways you can store cut onions without making your fridge smell like wet socks in this article.

How to make chopped onions not smell when storing them in your fridge

When onions are cut, they release a combination of alliinase enzymes and acids that are responsible for the pungent smell[1].

Although it is just a natural byproduct of the cutting process, it’s not surprising that many people would be annoyed by the onions’ odour, especially when storing them in a fridge that’s also full of other food items.

A person holding a onion

Have you ever eaten cereal and noticed that the milk has a weird taste? Sadly, if you’re just popping cut onions inside your fridge, there’s a huge chance that your food will smell and even taste like onions, too.

Frustrated with how storing cut onions in your fridge makes it smell horrible? Here are some tips to avoid this situation:

Use a very sharp knife to cut your onions

When you’re planning to cut onions and store them in the fridge, hoping to not make the latter smell foul, did you know that the knife you’re using is an important factor you should consider?

Once you’re chopping up your onions, make sure to use the sharpest knife in your kitchen.

A knife and sliced onion

Why? Because dull knives makes it difficult to slice through the bulbs, which releases more juice, which results in a stronger onion smell.

Separate the bruised or damaged parts of the onions

Do you notice bruising or rotting parts in your onions?

In this situation, it’s better to remove these parts or separate them if the whole bulb is too soft to reduce the bad smell.

As we all know, once organic food is rotting, there’s little we can do to salvage them. If you’re planning to store your onions in the fridge, making sure to only keep the good parts allows you to extend their lifespan.

Soak your onions in water

Done chopping your onions? Once they are ready for storage, soak them first in cold water for at least 15 minutes. Doing so lessens bacterial growth, which makes them last longer in your fridge.

Also, as a result of soaking, the smell will also be significantly reduced. Not only will you be able to store your onions for a much longer time, but you’ll also have a fridge minus the funky smell.

Put cut onions in an airtight container

When the goal is to not make onions smell inside your fridge, the most important thing you have to consider is where you’ll be storing them.

If you’re thinking about the usual Ziploc or Tupperware, believe us when we say that neither of the two should contain your chopped onions.

For the Ziploc, you can store your cut onions in them as long as you’ll use them within a few days. Leaving the onions for a week inside plastic will just allow them to break down their natural oils, which will seep through the material quickly. Hence, the pungent smell.

On the other hand, Tupperware may be more secure, however, they have a reputation for absorbing the smell of food that is stored in it. This means that over time, your Tupperware may even smell like onions.

This brings us to the best storage for chopped onions, which are airtight glass containers. It can be glass jars, Pyrex, or canning jars. As long as it has a tight lid, putting onions in them will allow you to preserve the vegetable without the smell seeping through your refrigerator.

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Place a cup of baking soda in your fridge

Ah, baking soda.

We use it for baking, cleaning, and who knew it’s great for removing bad smells in the fridge, too?

If there’s still a funky smell in your fridge after not storing onions in them properly, go to the shops and get a trusted baking soda brand.

Baking Soda

All you have to do to remove the pesky odour is put baking soda in an open container, then place it inside your fridge. After a few days, you’ll notice that the bad smell is gone, and it’s like your fridge wasn’t even funky before!

Put cut onions in your freezer

Do you want to stop onions from making your fridge smell while also preserving them for months?

What if we tell you that instead of just putting them inside your fridge, put your chopped onions in the freezer instead?

At room temperature, whole onions can last for weeks. Chopped onions can last in the fridge for around the same time. However, when cut onions are frozen, you can expect them to stay in great shape for months!

TIP: Especially with the right container, it’s absolutely possible for you to stock up on pre-chopped onions for 6 months and more. This is because the cold temperature in the freezer helps slow bacteria growth, which preserves the onions and extends their lifespan significantly.

Make your fridge smell nice – even with onions inside!

There you go! After following the tips above, we’re sure that you can maintain the neutral smell of your fridge without it having to smell like onions.

Do you have more tips for storing cut onions inside a fridge? Feel free to share them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store onions in the freezer without it smelling?

Make sure to use a glass container to store your chopped onions to avoid a foul smell.

Why does cutting an onion make it smell more?

Cutting onions makes them smell more as doing so releases an enzyme which has a particular odour.

Does a cut onion absorb smells?

Yes, an onion can absorb smell and act as a deodorizer.

What is the best way to store fresh onions?

The best way to store fresh onions is placing them in a cool, dark, spot in your kitchen.

What type of container is best for storing onions?

Glass containers such as mason or canning jars are best for storing onions.

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