How To Use Soda Crystals In A Washing Machine (for better results)

We often get asked if you can use soda crystals in the washing machine, and so to answer this question, we decided to write this article. As you know, soda crystals have many uses around the home and have had for many years. In fact soda crystals have been used by housewives for getting on for 200 years.

What Are Soda Crystals?

Soda crystals are natural cleaning agents that were traditionally removed from plants growing in areas of soil rich in sodium. They have been used both commercially and domestically for around two centuries. The chemical name for soda crystals is hydrated sodium carbonate and when added to water the soda crystals dissolve completely and form an alkaline solution.

Nowadays they are manufactured chemically from limestone and sodium chloride. They contain no bleaches, phosphates or oil based products and are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Can You Use Soda Crystals In A Washing Machine?

The short answer is yes, you can use soda crystals in a washing machine. In fact, by doing so, you can save on detergents as soda crystals will soften the water used in the washing machine. Not only that, soda crystals are also effective as a stain remover, killing bacteria and removing smells.

How To Use Soda Crystals In A Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Soda crystals are a cheap and eco-friendly way to clean your washing machine. They can be used to remove limescale, remove mould growth and bacteria and eradicate bad smells.

To clean your washing machine using soda crystals just;

  1. Add soda crystals to the machine’s drum
    Place 500 g of soda crystals directly into the drum of the washing machine.
  2. Select a hot wash program
    Run the hottest wash cycle available on your machine.
  3. Run the machine empty
    Treat this as your monthly cleaning cycle wash. 
  4. Repeat every month
    Run a hot wash once a month replacing any washing with 500g of soda crystals. All washing machine manufacturers recommend a hot service wash once a month to keep the machine bacteria free, adding soda crystals will ensure that it’s not just bacteria free, but limescale and odour free as well.

Can Soda Crystals Be Used With Clothes When Washing?

When washing clothes in the washing machine, add soda crystals to every wash to help to remove stains, bacteria, germs and also use less detergent too.

Around 60% of households in the UK live in hard water areas, in the US that number rises to around 85%. 

In hard water areas, more detergent is needed to clean clothes effectively at lower washing temperatures. A good way of saving on detergents is to add soda crystals to the washing machine. The amount of soda crystals you need to add to your machine depends on just how hard the water in your area is. In areas with;

  • Medium hard water – Add 25g of soda crystals in each cycle
  • Hard water – Add 50g of soda crystals to each cycle
  • Very hard water – Add 75g of soda crystals to each cycle

Soda crystals are safe for all types of clothes including delicate clothes. To remove any stubborn stains, soak the clothes in a soda crystal/water solution. Just dissolve 200g of soda crystals to every 500ml of warm water and soak the clothes for an hour. Then wash the clothes in the washing machine in the usual way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mix soda crystals with washing powder?

You can mix soda crystals with washing powder, in fact, you will find you will need less detergent as soda crystals soften hard water.

Can you put soda crystals in the washing machine with clothes?

You can use soda crystals in the washing machine with clothes. Just add the soda crystals to the machine along with the detergent and wash as normal. Soda crystals soften the water so you will need less detergent if you add soda crystals.

Can soda crystals damage your washing machine?

Soda crystals will not damage your washing machine, if anything, using soda crystals will help to remove bacteria, germs and limescale from your machine.

Can you use soda crystals instead of Calgon?

You can use soda crystals instead of Calgon to help remove limescale from the washing machine.

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