Can You Get Low Height Washing Machines (under 85cm high) In The UK?

If you have limited space and are looking to fit a washing machine into a space which isn’t high enough for a standard appliance it’s frustrating. The area might have all of the correct fittings and connections-electricity, plumbing and water pipes, but just not enough height for a standard washing machine.

If this is the problem you’re facing, keep reading. In this article I look at the sizes of washing machines and find out if there are any that are shorter than the 85 cm standard height.

What Is The Standard Size For Washing Machines?

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Although there are some other sizes available, the standard size of a freestanding washing machine is 85 cm high, 60 cm wide and 50 to 60 cm deep. Generally this is great because it allows designers to allow adequate space for the washing machine in the utility room, kitchen or bathroom.

However, if you have a space earmarked for a washing machine that doesn’t conform to these measurements it can be a problem. The width and depth might be OK, and you might have all of the relevant pipes etc in place, but the space just doesn’t have the required height.

There are a few options available to you but only if you are prepared to compromise in some way. Let’s start by looking at freestanding washers before moving onto other options.

Freestanding Washing Machines Lower Than 85 cms

After extensive research, I could only find 3 freestanding washing machines currently on sale in the UK that were shorter than the standard 85 cms. They are;

Beko WTL104121W 10kg Washing Machine

I feel like this one is splitting hairs really because it is only 1 cm shorter than a standard washer. However that 1 cm might be all that you need. This offering from Beko has a 10 kg drum capacity and can wash a full load in 28 minutes using the Daily Quick programme.

The full dimensions are 84 cm high, 60 cm wide and 64 cm deep. It also boasts a recycled tub, the tub is made from recycled plastic bottles helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Zanussi ZWC1301 3kg Washing Machine

This compact washing machine from Zanussi has the following dimensions; 67cm high, 49.5 cm wide and 51.5 cm deep. It only has a 3 kg capacity which is the compromise however, it features a 1300 rpm spin speed.

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Candy AQUA1042D1 Aquamatic Washing Machine

This compact washer from Candy is 69 cm high, 51 cm wide and 44 cm deep. It has a 4 kg capacity and a 1000 rpm spin speed. It also boasts 15 programmes to choose from and has a noise rating of 56 decibels.

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That seems to be the extent of freestanding washing machines available currently in the UK which are shorter than the standard 85 cm. However, it is possible to have the top removed from a standard washer in some cases using a special kit.

Reducing The Height Of A Standard Size Washer

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Many of the top washing machine brands have a specially designed low lid which is available as an accessory. This low lid consists of a flat metal plate with a seal and is a safe way of lowering the height of your machine.

These kits vary in the amount of height they can reduce a washer by. For instance, the kit offered by Miele can reduce the height of their machines by around 2.5 cm. However there are some Hotpoint washers that can have their height reduced by around 3 cm.

Removing The Lid

Some people might consider simply removing the lid from a standard sized washer. This will reduce the height but it will also increase the level of noise produced by the appliance.

It could also void any warranty that you have on the washer as well.

Removing The Feet

Other options include removing the feet from the washer (although this can cause other problems). Or removing the locking nut from the feet and screwing the feet fully up into the appliance.

However, the most you’re going to gain in this way is around 4 or 5 mm.

Integrated Washing Machines Lower Than 85 cms

Integrated Washing Machine

Integrated washing machines all seem to have a lower height than a standard freestanding washer. In fact, the standard height for an integrated washing machine is 82 cm.

However, integrated washing machines are designed to be fitted inside a cupboard which means they’re not designed to be freestanding. This is because they typically lack the stability of a freestanding appliance.

Let’s take a look at a few integrated washing machines as examples;

Haier Series 4 HWQ90B416FWB-UK Integrated 9kg Washing Machine

The dimensions of this haier integrated washing machine are; 82 cm high, 60 cm wide and 53 cm deep. It has a 9 kg capacity drum and features a steam cycle to reduce creases and remove stains. As well as an easy iron option to reduce wrinkles and creases.

With a 1600 rpm spin speed and the unique I-Time function which allows you to adjust the length of the cycle.

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Bosch Series 8 WIW28502GB Integrated 8kg Washing Machine

This integrated washer from Bosch has the following dimensions; 81.8 cm high, 59.6 cm wide and 54.4 cm deep. With an 8 kg drum capacity and plenty of cycles to choose from including the SuperQuick 15 which can wash small loads in just 15 minutes.

It is energy efficient and uses sensors to weigh the wash load, check the fabric type and work out exactly how much water will be needed to wash the load.

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So, Is It Possible To Get Shorter Than Standard Washing Machines?

Washing Machine

As you can see, it is possible to get washing machines that are lower than the standard 85 cm height. Some are barely 1 cm shorter while others can be quite a lot shorter but that means compromising on drum capacity.

Unless you go for an integrated appliance which are all designed to fit into a standard cupboard space and are therefore not as high as freestanding models.

However, you can’t always go by the stated measurements in the advertising literature for any particular appliance. The only way to be sure of the actual dimensions of any appliance is to actually go to a showroom armed with a measuring tape.

This is particularly true if you are really tight for space and each millimetre counts. However, with patience and a little research it is still possible to find an appliance that will fit the space you have allocated for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lowest height for a washing machine?

The standard height for a freestanding washing machine is 85 cm, you may find the odd one or two that are 84 cm but 85 cm is the standard height. However, integrated washing machines tend to have a standard height of 82 cm.

Can you reduce the height of a washing machine?

You can often reduce the height of a washing machine by replacing the top with a height reducing kit. These consist of a flat metal lid and a seal. You can also adjust the feet to the lowest level but this can cause issues with the balance of the appliance.

What is the height of a washing machine in the UK?

The standard height of a freestanding washing machine in the UK is 85 cm. There are some that are slightly shorter at around 84 cm. The standard height for an integrated washing machine is 82 cm.

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