What Is PowerWash On Miele Washing Machines?

If you’ve been looking around for washing machines lately, you might have come across the term “PowerWash” and wondered what it meant.

You’ll often see people saying it’s “innovative technology that revolutionises the way your laundry is cleaned, offering a perfect balance between efficiency and effectiveness!” – but that doesn’t really tell you anything.

So let’s take a look into what PowerWash means, in relation to Miele washing machines, and find out if it’s worth getting.

What Does PowerWash Mean?

PowerWash on Miele Washing Machines is a special technology that uses less water, detergent and energy to clean your clothes.

It does this by using an additional water pump that recirculates the water and detergent mix around the drum.

This mix is sprayed on your laundry from above, getting them thoroughly clean in less time, while using less energy, water and detergent.

How Does Miele PowerWash Work?

To understand the inner workings of PowerWash, let’s first look at how a traditional washing machine operates:

Normally, water enters through an intake hose, flows into the suds container via the detergent dispenser, and then finally makes its way to the drum. But PowerWash shakes things up a bit!

In Miele PowerWash machines – the drum speed first increases so that the laundry forms a tunnel. Once that’s done, the power wash system kicks in:

The circulation pump sprays the suds right into the centre of the load. This means the laundry gets saturated faster and more evenly. And any detergent left in the suds container gets pumped back into the drum.

This means that the detergent is used to its maximum effect, leaving no wasted detergent in the suds container.

Clever, right?

Two people putting clothes in a laundry basket from the washer

What Are The Benefits Of PowerWash?

PowerWash not only gets your clothes clean but also comes with a host of other benefits. Let’s dive into what makes this feature so special.

It Saves You Time & Energy

We all have those days when we need our laundry done ASAP, and with the PowerWash – that’s exactly what you get.

What’s more, PowerWash machines are classified as class A, which is the highest energy efficiency you can get. This is good for your pocket and the environment!

Even if you’re only washing a small load, these machines still provide very low consumption values.

It Gives Your Clothes A Thorough Clean

With PowerWash, your clothes get the attention they deserve! The water and detergent solution penetrates your clothes evenly, and can handle some really tough stains.

The end result is fresh, clean clothes with relatively less water and energy usage.

It’s Gentle On Your Garments

No one wants their favourite clothes to wear out prematurely, right? Well, PowerWash also helps prevent garment wear and tear.

As the drum function is reduced during a PowerWash, there’s less chance of your clothes being damaged during the wash!

It Helps You Save Money!

When used with Miele’s TwinDos detergent dispenser, PowerWash can help you save big on electricity, detergents and water usage.

So not only do you get super clean clothes, you also save a bit of money in the process.

You Can Use It On Many Garments

And finally, Miele PowerWash can be used on a wide variety of garments, ensuring most of your laundry can benefit from these amazing features!

A washing machine with clothes in it

What About QuickPowerWash? Is that something else?

You may have also seen the term QuickPowerWash on some Miele machines.

This special cycle allows you to wash a 5kg load in just 49 minutes – perfect for those busy days when you need clean clothes in a flash, and don’t need the maximum capacity of your washer.

The QuickPowerWash program is good for saving time and energy, but not suited for large amounts of laundry

Tips for Using QuickPowerWash

To get the most of the QuickPowerWash cycle, keep in mind the following 2 tips:

  • This cycle is mainly for lightly soiled/medium soiled laundry that can be washed at 40°C – 60°C.
  • The drum should only be half full for best washing performance.

So, Is It Worth Getting?

In our opinion, Miele PowerWash technology is a really good approach to laundry – providing outstanding cleaning performance while saving water, energy, and detergent.

That to us makes it very useful and worth getting if you’re going to be investing a decent amount of money in a washer.

What Do You Think?

Do you like the sound of PowerWash? Or are you not really bothered? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re looking for more information about Miele washers, check out our page here.

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