Miele Washing Machine Reviews 2024

If you’re looking to replace your old washing machine, and you want to know more about Miele washing machines then read on. Here you’ll find answers to most of the frequently asked questions about Miele washing machines.

Best Selling Miele Washing Machines

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances Bosch WGG04409GB Washing Machine with 9kg Capacity, SpeedPerfect, Hygiene Plus, ActiveWater Plus, EcoSilence Drive, White, Freestanding
  • SpeedPerfect: perfectly clean in up to 65% less time.
  • ActiveWater Plus: For highly efficient use of water even with smaller loads thanks to automatic load detection.
SaleBestseller No. 2
AEG 7000 Series Washing Machine LFR73944B, ProSteam Freestanding Washing Machine using 96% less water, 9kg Load, 1400rpm Spin, Energy Class A, White
  • REFRESH CLOTHES WITH STEAM - This ProSteam Washing Machine has a steam cycle program to refresh clothes in just 25 minutes. Using 96% less water than a full wash, steaming is kinder to your clothes and one of the best ways to freshen garments that do not require a full wash.
  • TAILORED MIXLOAD CYCLES - The MixLoad 69 min programme adjusts energy usage based on load weight when cleaning daily mixed loads. It washes clothes at 30°C in just 69 minutes. Achieve optimal performance and outstanding cleaning results with MixLoad 69 min.
SaleBestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Bosch Home & Kitchen Appliances Bosch Series 4 WAN28250GB Washing Machine, A Energy Rated, 8kg capacity, 1400rpm, SpeedPerfect, ActiveWater Plus, Freestanding, White
  • ActiveWater Plus. For highly efficient use of water even with smaller loads. Our ActiveWater Plus technology delivers perfect results while only using the precise amount of water needed for every wash. This ensures highly efficient use of water even when washing smaller loads. Thanks to highly efficient water management technology, the type and size of load is automatically detected and then the water consumption is precisely adjusted. Save up to 50 percent of water when washing smaller loads. ActiveWater Plus automatically adjusts water consumption to suit your load. Comparing water consumption of Eco 40-60 with quarter vs. full load per cycle
  • SpeedPerfect. Perfect results, in less than half the time. When time matters, washing machines with SpeedPerfect cut the washing time by up to 65 percent without compromising on results. SpeedPerfect can be used in combination with most programmes, and with all load sizes and fabric types. For example, select the Mix Programme along with SpeedPerfect, and you can thoroughly wash up to 4 kilograms of mixed laundry in just 46 minutes. Difference between the duration of Easy Care Programme 40 Degrees C and the duration of Easy Care Programme 40 Degrees C in combination with SpeedPerfect option

Are Miele washing machines reliable?

Yes, Miele washing machines have the reputation of being the most reliable washing machines in the business. For 120 years Miele have been producing reliable appliances, and they claim to test all their products with the equivalent of 20 years usage. Miele washing machines are guaranteed for between 2-10 years depending on the model, a 10 year guarantee and a probability of lasting 20 years, is probably the very epitome of reliability.

Are Miele washing machines the best?

Miele were awarded the Which? Large home appliance brand of the year in 2019. This prestigious award is one of many accredited to Miele. In their home market of Germany, Miele were voted “best brand ever” not a title to be taken lightly.

The average lifespan of a washing machine is 7-8 years, some machines last for 10 years. Miele washing machines, on average, last for 20 years! So yes in many ways Miele washing machines are some of the best.

Which is the best Miele washing machine to buy?

The best Miele washing machine to buy is very much dependent on your needs. Do you need a large drum capacity? Is a fast spin speed important to you? Check out the Miele washing machine range and you will definitely find the machine that suits your family and your lifestyle.

How long should a Miele washing machine last?

Miele washing machines are all built and tested to the very highest industry standards and can be relied on to last. The lowest warranty they give is 2 years with the most being 10 years, that said, Miele washing machines often last up to 20 years.

Where are Miele washing machines made?

Miele washing machines and washing machine parts are made in Germany, their home country.  In their own factories, Miele has 12 manufacturing plants in Germany.

Who makes Miele washing machines?

Miele makes Miele washing machines in one of their 12 factories, they make all their own components, and assemble them themselves.This is a more expensive way of operating but it means Miele can guarantee the quality of every part of their washing machines.

Miele also has production plants in the CZech Republic and Poland.

Where can you buy Miele washing machines?

Miele washing machines can be bought directly from Miele through their website. Where they say they provide a free and fast delivery service, they also install your new machine and remove your old one too.

Miele washing machines can also be purchased from Appliances Direct, Currys, Amazon, John Lewis, AO.com, Marks Electrical, and many other retailers.

Are Miele washing machines quiet?

Yes Miele washing machines are relatively quiet. Miele washing machines are well within industry standards when it comes to noise levels.

The average conversation is around 60db whereas a Miele washing machine has a range of 48-72db. This compares with a whisper during wash cycles and a slightly raised voice during spin cycles.

How much do Miele washing machines cost?

Miele washing machines cost between £580 to around £2500 depending on model and specifications.

Why are Miele washers so expensive?

Firstly this question is about perspective, and is a definite case of you get what you pay for. Is quality expensive? All Miele washing machines including all components are all built and manufactured by Miele themselves.

There’s no outsourcing, which means that their award winning high standard is maintained at every part of the manufacturing process. German technology, and German engineering coupled with a proud heritage of quality washing machines. That’s what you’re paying for with a Miele washing machine.

Don’t forget, on average a miele washing machine will outlive other machines by at least twice as long. So when you weigh it all up,They’re not really expensive at all.

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