Noisy Tumble Dryer? (screeching, squeaking & grinding noises explained)

It can be both annoying and worrying if your tumble dryer starts making a new noise. Unfortunately, due to the way tumble dryers are assembled, it usually means taking the entire machine apart to get at any of the internal components which is where the majority of problems lie. For that reason this article is for information purposes only.

If you hear a new or worrying noise coming from your tumble dryer, turn it off immediately and contact the manufacturer. Dismantling your tumble dryer could invalidate any warranty.

Tumble Dryer Noises Explained

There are several different noises associated with faults in tumble dryers, below we explain the closest approximate problem to the noise described. We would advise you to call either the manufacturer if your appliance is still under warranty, or a qualified engineer to fully assess your machine and advise on whether to repair or replace the machine.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Screeching Noise?

A screeching noise is often indicative of problems with the tension pulley. If the tension pulley is defective, it can cause the drive belt to come off. This will be an easy one for a technician to detect.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Grinding Noise?

There can be a number of things which could cause the tumble dryer to make a grinding noise. The most obvious is that the bearings are worn. Especially if the machine is also shaking and/or rumbling. 

A grinding noise could also be caused by worn rollers, a damaged tensioner, gliders which are disintegrating, or metal objects hitting the side of the drum. A skilled engineer will be able to diagnose the cause and advise you on whether it’s worth repairing your machine.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Rattling Noise?

If your tumble dryer starts making a rattling noise, it’s possible that the fan has become loose or the fan housing is defective.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Droning Noise?

This could also be caused by the fan becoming dislodged or distorted. 

If the dryer is making a loud noise when the drum is spinning it could be the machine is sited on an uneven surface, the drum bearings are worn or it could even be the drum itself that’s the problem.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Scratching Noise?

Tumble Dryer

Scratching noises usually indicate the drum is scraping on something as it spins. Or it could be caused by plastic bearings which have become worn, or even the machine’s casing (panels) have become bent and are catching on the drum as it revolves.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Humming Noise?

If the machine is making a loud humming noise, it could be caused by the motor being stuck. If it is more of a metallic hum, it could be that the heat pump is operating at high pressure.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Squeaking Noise?

If your tumble dryer is making a squeaking noise, it is usually caused by a worn drum. It could be that the pulley is defective. This can be dangerous as the friction caused could cause a fire. On the other hand, it could be the drive belt that’s at fault, you’ll need an expert to diagnose this correctly.

It could also be caused by worn drum rollers. The drum rollers revolve all the time the drum is turning, over time the rollers can dry out and wear down.

If the squeaking is not constant, only every few seconds, it could be the drum pivot bearing is worn. This will need to be replaced to prevent any further damage to the machine.

Why Is My Tumble Dryer Making A Banging Noise?

If your tumble dryer is new and is making a banging noise, it could be the automatic transit bolts on the drum that make a noise the first time you use it. Also on the initial operation the dryer might make noises as the pump, felt tape and moisture sensor start to run. Another reason could be the electrical installation which will need to be investigated by a qualified engineer.

Condenser Tumble Dryer Noises

Condenser tumble dryers have more components that can cause unfamiliar noises. There is a small pump which pumps condensed water into the water reservoir. If this pump becomes extra noisy, it could need replacing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tumble dryer making so much noise?

If your tumble dryer has developed an unfamiliar noise, it could be any number of different things. From the drum bearings, tension pulley, drum rollers, loose fan or more.

Why does my tumble dryer sound like a train?

If your tumble dryer is making a deep rumbling sound reminiscent of a train, it could be the tension pulley has become worn.

Why is my dryer so loud and squeaky?

If your dryer is loud and squeaky, it could be caused by the dryer being unlevel, damaged drum bearings, defective drive belt, worn rollers, a faulty motor or more besides.

How long should a tumble dryer last?

The average lifespan of a tumble dryer is between 10 to 15 years.

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