Can You Put Tennis Balls In The Washing Machine?

Many of us use tennis balls for sports. Some also use them as toys for their pets, and even as pool cleaners!

When it’s time to remove the dirt and dust that may have accumulated on it, you may be wondering if you can put them in the wash.

In this article, we’ll learn whether you can put tennis balls in the washer, and also another way to use them during your next laundry session!

Is it okay to put Tennis Balls in the washer?

Do you need to clean your tennis balls?

A group of tennis balls on a clay court

In this case: Yes, it is perfectly okay to put tennis balls inside your washing machine to clean them.

Tennis balls are durable things that can survive a spin in your washer. After all, they are meant to be hit around and are made of rubber which is a pretty resilient material.

Tips for washing tennis balls

When washing tennis balls, just remember the following:

It’s best to wash the tennis balls using the normal or cooler cycle. Ideally, you should not go over 30°C in temperature to keep the balls in tip-top shape.

Also, including a towel when washing the balls reduces the bouncing in the drum and keeps the noise and pressure in the washer to a minimum.

When drying the tennis balls, it’s best to just allow them to bask under the heat of the sun. If this is not possible, you can wipe them with a dry cloth and air dry.

NOTE: Washing your pet’s tennis ball toys? Make sure to use pet-safe detergents to keep your little ones healthy and prevent irritations.

A dog with a tennis ball in its mouth

Using Tennis Balls for Laundry

Did you know that tennis balls can also be used in your laundry sessions?

That’s right: the key to fluffier clothing may just be those yellow-green playing balls.

When put inside a washer full of dirty clothing, tennis balls prevent your garments from sticking together or getting lumpy. Also, they’re best put in dryers with damp clothing as it allows for better airflow inside the drum, resulting in quicker drying!

Of course, there are products that are made to do just that without being as rough as tennis balls. As an example, wool dryer balls work better as they are gentler on clothing and can also reduce static on your garments.

NOTE: There’s also the possibility of the tennis balls staining your clothing. If you don’t want to invest in wool dryer balls just yet, avoid putting tennis balls with white or light-coloured garments until you’re sure that they are colourfast.

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Yes, Tennis Balls are safe in your Washer

Whether you want to clean your tennis balls or use them as aids in your laundry session, rest assured that they will not ruin or get ruined by your washer. After all, most good quality tennis balls are made in a way that they won’t easily get damaged by pressure and moisture.

However, if you have the extra cash to spend, we will still recommend getting wool dryer balls instead if you want your clothes to dry quickly.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave them below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tennis balls help with laundry?

When put inside washing machines, tennis balls can help reduce wrinkling on your garments. Putting tennis balls in the dryer results in a load that dries quicker, and you’ll have fluffier clothes once the cycle is complete.

Can I use tennis balls as dryer balls?

Yes, tennis balls can be used as dryer balls. Just make sure to check if they’re colourfast or you may end up with greenish/yellowish clothing.

Can you wash a tennis ball with water?

Yes, you can wash or soak tennis balls with water and mild soap to clean them,

Do washing balls really work?

Washing balls are alternatives for detergents that clean clothing without needing to use harsh chemicals. They work by getting rid of bacteria in your garments but may not be as effective in removing tough stains or grime.

Can you dry wet tennis balls?

Yes, you can dry wet tennis balls by putting them in a dryer or rubbing them with a dry cloth. You can also allow them to soak under the sun until they dry completely.

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