36 Reasons To Buy A Soup Maker Today

We all lead such busy lives nowadays, rushing from one appointment to another. Juggling getting the kids to school, walking the dog, doing the washing, buying shopping, all while holding down a full time job. What if I told you there’s one appliance that fits easily onto the kitchen work top, that can save you time, money and energy.

To be honest, soup makers are not that new an innovation. They’ve been around for a few years now, but as they’ve grown in popularity, more people are finding more ways to make delicious food with hardly any effort. Keep on reading to see just what you’re missing out on and we’re sure you’ll recognise the benefits a soup maker can bring to your life.

Here’s Why Soup Makers Are So Popular

Let’s have a look at the reasons why buying a soup maker will benefit your busy lifestyle.

  1. Incredibly Easy To Use
    You literally place all of the ingredients into the soup maker, select chunky or smooth, and press start. No stirring, watching, worrying about the pot boiling over.
  2. Make A Meal For 4 In 20 Minutes
    From the minute the ingredients go into the soup maker until the smooth soup is cooked is 20 minutes.
  3. Gives You Time For A Quick Pamper
    Whilst the soup is cooking, you can go and have a nice relaxing bath, read your latest novel, catch up on a soap or whatever you prefer.
  4. Less Washing Up To Do
    It’s a classic one pot meal maker. So there’s only one pot to wash up, and that’s not even washing up, just squirt some washing up liquid in the empty soup maker, add water and select the self-clean function.. No stirring spoons, saucepans or saucepan lids to wash and no stove tops the wipe over either.
  5. Cuts Down On Your Salt Intake
    Too much salt is bad for your health. Store bought soups are loaded with salt. They add salt to make their soups tastier, but it’s not flavour, it’s salt. With a soup maker, you add as much or as little salt as you prefer.
  6. Healthier Ingredients
    Again, store bought soups contain too much salt, fats, carbs, preservatives and other additives. When you make your own in a soup maker, it’s all healthy ingredients with no additives.
  7. Retains The Nutritional Content Of The Food
    Soup makers stop once the food is cooked. Unless you’re watching a saucepan, it can boil for too long leaching all or most of the nutrients from your food.
  8. Increases Your Water Intake
    Most adults in the UK are dehydrated, home-made soup increases your fluid intake, without adding any unnecessary additives. Extra fluid helps you to feel fuller for longer.
  9. Helps You To Lose Weight
    If you are trying to lose weight, soup is a highly nutritious low-calorie food. Plus as there is extra liquid in soups, this makes you feel fuller for longer.
  10. Saves You Money On Food Bills
    Compared to shop bought soups, making soup in a soup maker will save you money. The average can of soup costs around £1, making soup for 4 in a soup maker costs 25% of that.
  11. Save On Waste By Using Leftovers
    We all know you can make soup from leftovers to save wasting them, but how many of us actually get round to it? Using a soup maker will encourage you to use those leftovers, saving you money, food waste, time and don’t  forget about the washing up function.
  12. Makes Sure Kids Eat Their Vegetables
    You can add as many healthy vegetables as you like, once they’ve been blended into a smooth soup, even the fussiest kids won’t be able to recognise what they are.
  13. Increases your Vegetable Intake
    Healthy, nutritious vegetables are the mainstay of a healthy diet, but many of us don’t eat enough vegetables. Using a soup maker will encourage you to eat more vegetables.
  14. Creates A Taste Sensation
    Shop bought soups taste mainly of sugar or salt. Homemade soups taste of fresh ingredients and are so much tastier than tinned soups.
  15. You Are In Complete Control Of What You (And Your Family) Are Eating
    No extra salt, sugar, fat, preservatives, flavour enhancers, just fresh, wholesome food.
  16. Get All Of Your Five A Day And More
    Health providers now say you should eat a minimum of 5 fresh fruits and/or vegetables daily to maintain a healthy body. You will find that using a soup maker will encourage you to experiment with more and more vegetables.
  17. Saves Time And Energy
    You can make enough soup at one time for 4 people in a soup maker, it’s worth making a batch and freezing the extra amount for use at a later date.
  18. Saves You Money On Your Energy Bills
    Soup makers tend to range between 600 to 1000 Watts. As it is only cooking for 20 to 30 minutes, a soup maker doesn’t use much electricity. A 1000 watt soup maker will use around 18 pence of electricity per hour. Which means enough soup for 4 people will cost around 9 pence to make.
  19. Saves Space In The Kitchen
    A soup maker is roughly the same size as a blender, or an electric kettle, so using a soup maker eliminates the need for a saucepan and a blender. Giving you more space to work in the kitchen and saving on the washing up too.
  20. Make Easy Baby foods
    Soup makers are not just for soups, they can be used to make a batch of baby food, that can be stored in the freezer in ice cube trays and defrosted when needed.
  21. Make Healthy Smoothies
    Soup makers can also be used as smoothie makers. The average smoothie is around £2.50 and you have no control of what goes into it. You can make your own at home for a fraction of the price, and know that it is packed full of nutritious ingredients.
  22. Blend Your Own Healthy Milkshakes
    A decent milkshake is like a liquid meal in a glass. You can add whatever fruit, flavourings etc you like. Giving a healthy nutritious and delicious treat to all the family.
  23. Make Healthy Fruit Juices
    If you happen to like fresh fruit juice, you can easily turn your own fruit into fresh juice in no time in a soup maker.
  24. Makes Jam Making Easier
    A little known fact about soup makers, is they can make excellent jam.
  25. Perfectly Blended Pancake And Waffle Batter
    Using the soup makers blend function your batter will be smooth and ready to use in no time. Plus the soup maker does it’s own washing up.
  26. All Year Round Usage
    Winter soups are warming, hearty meals packed full of nutritious vegetables to fill and nourish you. When summer comes, the soup maker can still be used to make light, hydrating soup for those hot summer evenings.
  27. Use Up Old Or Misshapen Vegetables
    Many times we see a carrot going a bit wrinkly or a potato which is beginning to sprout, and we throw them away. They are still perfectly edible, just peel and chop and use as a soup ingredient. Saving money, and cutting down on your food waste.
  28. Make As Many Different Soups As Your Imagination Allows
    If you’re one for experimenting with different ingredients, what better way to do it than with a self-cleaning soup maker? Adapt family favourites, chop and change ingredients, and have the soup maker cook it, and wash it up for you as well.
  29. Use As A Blender
    No need to purchase a blender once you have a soup maker, it can be used as a blender, with the added advantage of being able to heat the food and wash up afterwards too.
  30. A Wide Range Of Designs
    With so many companies making soup makers, there are many different shapes and designs. There will definitely be at least one that fits in with the style and decor of your kitchen.
  31. The Consistency You Like
    Whether you prefer thick soups, thin soups, chunky soups, or smooth soups, the soup maker can handle them all. You will get the soup you like, the way you like it.
  32. Great Value For Money
    With prices starting from just £40 pounds, soup makers are a great value for money product. Even low priced models will cook 1.6 litres of soup in 20 minutes.
  33. Easy To Add Herbs Whilst Cooking
    With early soup makers, the argument for not buying them was always once it’s cooking you can’t interrupt it. Most modern soup makers have a pause button allowing you to add herbs and other last minute ingredients.
  34. Make The Most Of Bulk Buying
    There are certain times of the year when many products like fresh vegetables are really low-priced. This is because in full season they are in plentiful supply. To move them quickly the growers and shops sell them cheap. That’s the time to make large batches of soup to freeze for later in the year.
  35. Make Perfect Sauces
    We all know kids like to smother their food in sauce. We used to say we could have fed our kids dry toast, they wouldn’t have noticed because it was all completely covered in sauce. Using the soup maker to make your own sauces and ketchups puts you in complete control. Salts, sugars, even vinegar you can be sure your family are not having too much of these health threatening ingredients. With the bonus of no added preservatives or other chemicals.
  36. Easy To Use For Less Able Individuals
    If you have arthritis ,rheumatism or any other dexterity problem, using a soup maker will be easier and safer than using a blender and a saucepan. Plus there’s no washing up to worry about as well.
Best Soup Makers Reviewed

Great Soup Maker Deals

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker, 10 Auto-iQ Programs, 1.7L Glass Jug, Hot & Cold Blender, Built-In Heating Element, Tamper, Cleaning Program & Brush, 1000W, Black HB150UK
  • COOK SOUP IN 20 MINUTES: From fresh ingredients to the table in minutes. Blending and cooking at the same time, you can create chunky or smooth soup, exactly as you like it.
  • CHOP, SAUTÉ, BLEND & COOK: Blend hot and cold creations. The built-in heating element quickly cooks ingredients directly in the jug, while blending to your desired texture.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Morphy Richards 1.6L Sauté & Soup Maker, 4 Settings, Pause Function, LED Control Panel, Non-Stick Coated Jug, Detachable Power Cord, Stainless Steel, 501014
  • Multifunctional: Whether you fancy a hearty stew, creamy soup, milkshake or refreshing juice, with four different settings, simply pick from the chunky, smooth, blend or juice options, and let the Sauté & Soup maker do the rest
  • 1.6L Capacity: Whether you are batch cooking, or feeding the family, have homemade soup ready in as little as 21 minutes
SaleBestseller No. 3
Morphy Richards 1.6L Total Control Soup Maker, Smart Response Technology, Portion Control, 9 Settings, Keep Warm Function, Cool Touch, Touchscreen Display, Stainless Steel Pan, White, 501020
  • Home Cooking Made Easy: Designed for all abilities and for those living a busy lifestyle, the automatic keep warm, pre-heat options and pre-clean mode, brings added control and simplifies soup making
  • Smart Response Technology: The pre-programmed settings ensure consistent delivery and is perfect for the less confident cook Simply selected the desired programme and add your ingredients
Bestseller No. 4
Drew & Cole Soup Maker 1.6L Capacity - 900W - 220-240V - Blend & Cook Delicious Soup - Easy to Use - Reduce Waste - Chop, Set & Enjoy Chunky or Smooth - Great for Batch Cooking
308 Reviews
Drew & Cole Soup Maker 1.6L Capacity - 900W - 220-240V - Blend & Cook Delicious Soup - Easy to Use - Reduce Waste - Chop, Set & Enjoy Chunky or Smooth - Great for Batch Cooking
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: If you want to season, taste, or even add more ingredients during a cooking cycle you can! The Drew & Cole soup maker remembers where you’ve left off and continues cooking, so you can add in ingredients as you go! Other soup makers reset if you lift the lid!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The featured Auto Clean Function means the Drew & Cole soup maker does all the hard work - All you need to do is add a drop of detergent. Cleaning has never been easier!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker, Blend & Cook Smooth & Chunky Soup, Smoothies, Black & Stainless Steel, 1 Litre, 900 W, 501021
7,293 Reviews
Morphy Richards Compact Soup Maker, Blend & Cook Smooth & Chunky Soup, Smoothies, Black & Stainless Steel, 1 Litre, 900 W, 501021
  • LED Display: Offers an intuitive touch screen LED countdown display that ensures you're informed every second of the way. Watch as it counts down to the moment you can enjoy your freshly made, piping hot soup
  • Quick & Easy: Just chop your ingredients, select your preferred programme, and the soup maker does the rest. Make smooth soups in under 19 mins or chunky in under 31 mins!

Why Buy A Soup Maker Today?

We’ve just given you 36 good reasons to buy a soup maker, but why today? Well, once you do bite the bullet and buy one, you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner. There are so many advantages to having a soup maker. Why wait? Just think of all the opportunities you’re missing out on right now. Are tomatoes on offer? Are carrots cheap? We could go on, but you get the point.

If you are now convinced how much easier your life could be with a soup maker, head over to our best soup maker’s buyers guide to find out what to look for to get the best from your soup maker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a soup maker?

You should buy a soup maker because it will save you money, time, space, energy and you will have healthy, nutrient rich food in 20 minutes.

What does a soup maker actually do?

Soup makers make soup, smoothies, stews,milkshakes, jams, sauces and much more. Plus many models have a self clean function so they wash up as well.

Do you put raw vegetables in a soup maker?

You do put raw vegetables in a soup maker, and you will have fresh, hot soup in around 20 minutes.

What is the difference between a blender and a soup maker?

The difference between a blender and a soup maker is a blender just blends. A soup maker blends, cooks, makes soups, jams, sauces, stews, milkshakes, smoothies, and a soup maker can wash itself up (if you get one with a self-clean function).

Can you use a soup maker to make baby food?

You can use a soup maker to make baby food as long as you check it is completely smooth before feeding it to the baby.

What Exactly Is A Soup Maker?

The best description we’ve heard when asked this question was, imagine if an electric kettle and a blender had a baby, their offspring would be a soup maker. Soup makers can be used as blenders, yogurt makers and much more besides.

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