Samsung Fridge Making Vibrating Noise? (here’s why & how to fix)

All refrigerators make some noise during their normal operating procedures. It’s only when those sounds become loud enough to encroach on your daily life that they become a problem.

If you own a Samsung refrigerator and it’s making a loud vibrating sound, keep reading. In this article we take a close look at all of the likely reasons that your Samsung refrigerator might make loud vibrating noises and offer solutions to these issues.

Why Does A Samsung Fridge Make Vibrating Noises?

There are several things that could cause your Samsung fridge to make vibrating noises which include;

Probable CauseSolution
Unlevel ApplianceEnsue the fridge is level by adjusting the feet on the appliance
Insufficient ClearanceMake sure there is at least 1 to 2 inches clearance around the sides, back and top of the appliance
Loose Internal PartsRemove or tighten any loose parts inside your fridge
Fridge Not Full EnoughEnsure your fridge is around ¾ full
Door Not Aligned CorrectlyRealign the doors on your fridge and freezer compartments
Condenser Fan Blade ObstructedCheck the fan blade and remove any obstructions
Condenser Coils Covered In DustClean the condenser coils
Defective CompressorInspect and replace the compressor if necessary
Faulty Ice MakerInspect and replace the ice maker if necessary
Defective Evaporator FanCheck the evaporator fan and if it proves to be defective, replace it

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

Unlevel Appliance

Samsung Refrigerator

If your Samsung fridge isn’t on a level floor it will vibrate quite loudly. The sound will be even louder if the fridge is understocked or the trays inside are loose.

To fix this issue you will need to check that the fridge is level and adjust the feet to make it level if not. You will know that the fridge is level once the door closes on its own.

Insufficient Clearance

If there is insufficient clearance all around the appliance it could vibrate as it rubs onto the walls or surrounding objects. Basically the closer the appliance is to surrounding objects, the more likely it is to vibrate loudly.

You need to ensure there is at least a 1 to 2 inch gap all around the fridge. This includes the sides, back and above the unit as well.

Loose Internal Parts

If there are loose trays or bins inside the fridge it can cause the unit to vibrate loudly. The same is true of any loose food containers which could knock together or against the interior walls of the appliance.

You will need to inspect the interior of the fridge and tighten any loose trays etc and position food containers in a way that prevents them from knocking together.

Fridge Not Full Enough


If there are not enough items stored in your fridge it can cause a couple of problems. Firstly; problems with cooling and secondly; the fridge could make loud vibrating noises.

This is because the containers in your fridge are likely to rub together or against the inner wall of the fridge creating a vibrating noise.

The solution for this is to ensure the fridge is adequately stocked at all times. There’s no need to overfill it. But it should be at least ¾ full to prevent issues with cooling and loud vibrating sounds.

Door Not Aligned Correctly

The doors to the fridge and freezer need to be correctly aligned to prevent vibrating noises. If one door is positioned higher or lower than the other, the noise can be deafening.

You will need to check the alignment of the doors and adjust them as necessary. The only tool needed is a screwdriver, but you may need to replace the base grill on the unit too as it can sometimes be problematic.

Condenser Fan Blade Obstructed

The condenser fan circulates cool air around the fridge. Over time, the condenser fan can become obstructed with dirt, dust or ice. If there is any obstruction catching the fan’s blades it will cause the vibrating noise.

You will need to inspect the condenser fan for anything that might be obstructing it and remove the obstacle. If the fan blades look damaged, they will need to be replaced.

Condenser Coils Covered In Dust

The condenser coils are located at the rear of the fridge and carry the refrigerant around the unit. After a while, the condenser coils get covered in dirt and dust which interferes with the flow of the refrigerant. Which makes the motor work harder causing that loud vibrating noise.

To remedy this you will need to inspect and clean the condenser coils to remove all of the accumulated dirt and dust. You can get a condenser brush which is specifically designed for this purpose.

Defective Compressor

A person opening a refrigerator

The compressor can be quite noisy when running but excessively loud vibrating sounds could indicate the compressor is defective. 

We recommend getting a technician to investigate and replace the compressor if it proves to be faulty.

Faulty Ice Maker

The ice maker on your Samsung fridge will make a vibrating sound while it’s filling with water. If it continues to make a loud vibrating sound even after it has filled, it has probably developed a fault.

We recommend getting a technician to investigate and repair or replace the ice maker for you.

Defective Evaporator Fan

If the evaporator fan develops a fault, the fridge will warm up and there will be a loud vibrating noise.

If you can hear a loud vibrating noise coming from your fridge, and the temperature inside the unit has warmed up, it’s most likely the evaporator fan that has become defective and will need to be replaced.

When Is A Vibrating Samsung Fridge Normal?

There are some times when a Samsung fridge making a vibrating sound is normal. We need to be able to identify when the vibrating sound is a normal operating sound or something more troublesome.

When running properly, a Samsung fridge will make a low pitched vibrating sound. This can be caused by;

  • The Compressor
    The compressor is the main component that produces cool air to produce ice in the freezer and cold air in the fridge. When running, the compressor motor vibrates which is part of its normal functionality and not an indicator of a problem (unless it is overly loud).
  • The Ice Maker
    The fridge will often produce a vibrating sound as the ice maker fills with water. However, the vibrating should stop once it has filled up. If it doesn’t, there’s a problem.
  • The Ice Dispenser
    The ice maker relies on the auger motor to dispense the ice. The auger motor twists and turns allowing the ice to be dispensed. As it twists it often makes a vibrating sound when running. This is only a problem if the noise is exceptionally loud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is my Samsung refrigerator making a vibrating noise?

It is quite normal for Samsung refrigerators to make a vibrating noise when the compressor is running or the ice maker is filling with water. However, if the vibrating noise is louder than usual or goes on for longer than normal it could indicate; an unlevel floor, the doors aren’t aligned properly, the fan blade is obstructed, there’s not enough food in the fridge or the appliance is touching its surroundings.

Does a fridge compressor vibrate?

A fridge compressor does vibrate when it is running. However, excessive vibration could indicate a problem. It could be that; the fridge isn’t level, it is touching the walls or cabinets around it, some of the trays or racks are loose inside the fridge, there’s not enough food stored in the fridge to prevent containers from vibrating, the doors aren’t aligned properly, the condenser fan blade is obstructed, the condenser coils are dirty, the compressor is defective, there’s a problem with the ice maker or the evaporator fan is faulty.

What does a broken fridge compressor sound like?

If the compressor is broken or has developed a fault it will make a loud knocking, humming or vibrating noise.

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