Samsung Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise? (how to fix it)

If you own a Samsung refrigerator and it’s making a loud humming noise, keep reading. In this article we take a look at all of the possible reasons why your Samsung refrigerator might be making a loud humming noise, explain what’s causing the noise and offer ways to fix it.

From easy to fix problems like the refrigerator isn’t level to more advanced issues including problems with the ice maker or faulty components, we cover it all.

What Noises Are Common In Samsung Refrigerators?

It is quite normal for a Samsung refrigerator to make some noise. You’re likely to hear;

  • Bubbling
    If you can hear a bubbling sound it’s most likely the sound of the refrigerant gas flowing through the pipes as the appliance cools or freezes.
  • Crackling
    A crackling sound is commonly heard when the interior components contract or expand as the refrigerator is cooling.
  • Buzzing
    If you can hear a buzzing sound, it is most likely the sound of the compressor working. This is typically at its loudest during the beginning of the cooling cycle and at the end of the cycle.
  • Beeping
    Many Samsung refrigerators are fitted with a door alarm which beeps if the door has been left open or isn’t closed properly. Beeping can also indicate the temperature inside the fridge is too high.
  • Rattling
    A rattling sound usually indicates that the appliance isn’t set on a level floor.
  • Snapping
    A snapping sound can typically be heard around 4 seconds after you remove a glass from the dispenser due to the dispenser chute snapping shut.
  • Banging
    You will often hear a banging sound when ice drops from the ice maker into the ice bucket.
  • Humming
    It is common to hear a humming sound when the ice maker fills with water.

These sounds are common and will be heard at some point during the day if your kitchen is quiet enough.

However, even though these noises are all part of the normal running of your Samsung refrigerator, if you’re more aware of the sound than normal, it’s probably because it’s got louder.

In this article we’re going to concentrate on that loud humming sound and explain the causes and remedies.

Why Is My Samsung Refrigerator Making A Loud Humming Noise?

There are several reasons why your Samsung refrigerator might make a loud humming sound which include;

Probable CauseSolution
There’s A Problem With The Water SupplyCheck the water line connected to your refrigerator
Water Pressure Is Too HighLower the water pressure
Unlevel ApplianceEnsure the appliance is level
Blocked VentsKeep the vents clear from obstructions
Defective CompressorInspect, clean or replace the compressor
Faulty Fan MotorInspect, clean or replace the fan motor
Defective Ice MakerReplace the ice maker
Door Seal FailedInspect, clean or replace the door seal
Defective Defrost TimerInspect, clean or replace the defrost timer as necessary 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

There’s A Problem With The Water Supply

tap water from kitchen sink

If the water supply to your refrigerator is interrupted, the ice maker will make a loud humming sound as it struggles to make ice with no water.

You will need to check the water supply line in your home and refrigerator. This includes;

  • Your Home’s Water Supply
    Check that the water supply to your home hasn’t been turned off for any reason. This is likely if there is work being carried out by your local water authority.
  • The Water Inlet Hose
    The inlet hose is typically connected to the home’s water supply at one end and the inlet valve at the other. If this hose is twisted or kinked, it can prevent water from reaching the ice maker.
  • The Water Inlet Tap
    Check that the inlet tap is fully opened to allow sufficient water to enter the appliance.
  • The Water Inlet Valve
    You will need to check the inlet valve using a multimeter to see that it has continuity. If not, the valve will need to be replaced.

Water Pressure Is Too High

It’s perfectly normal for the ice maker to make a low humming sound when it’s filling with water. However, if the noise is excessively loud it could be due to the water pressure being too high.

You will need to adjust the water pressure if it is too high which can be done from the main. However, take care to not reduce the pressure too much.

Unlevel Appliance

A person opening a refrigerator

If the refrigerator is installed on a floor that’s unlevel it can cause the appliance to vibrate or shake which can cause a loud humming sound. You should check to see if the refrigerator is level by gently shaking it. If it wobbles, you should level it up using the adjustable feet.

You can tell if the fridge is level because the door will close on its own if it is. If the adjustable feet don’t give you enough correction to the unlevel floor, consider moving the refrigerator to a more level spot. Or consider placing anti-vibration pads under the appliance.

Blocked Vents

If your refrigerator is overfull with too many items crammed inside, it will struggle to circulate cool air which could be the cause of the loud humming. This could also happen if the vents are blocked either by food items prohibiting them from opening. Or items pushed up against the vents which stops them from functioning properly.

To solve this issue, you will need to ensure that the vents are kept clear and free from any obstructions.

A similar situation could occur if the fridge is installed too close to the walls in your kitchen. You need to allow at least 1 inch clearance all around the refrigerator. That’s the sides, back and above the appliance.

Defective Compressor

A loud humming coming from the compressor is a sure sign that it is failing. However, it could also indicate that the compressor is covered in dirt and dust.

If the compressor is caked in dirt it will struggle to circulate the refrigerant which results in that loud humming noise. So the first thing to do is to clean the compressor to remove any build up of dirt, dust or grease.

If the loud humming is still evident even after cleaning the compressor, it might need to be replaced.This is a job best left to a technician who will advise you on whether it’s worth replacing the compressor or whether a new refrigerator might make better financial sense.

Faulty Fan Motor

The evaporator and condenser both have fans which both rely on motors to make them run. If either of these fans stops rotating the fridge will overheat.

This will be due to the compressor struggling to run, the result of which is a loud humming sound. You should inspect the evaporator and condenser fans for any ice build up as this could be the reason they are not working.

You should clear any ice or dirt and dust from the fans and see if that makes any difference. If the loud humming noise is still evident, the fan motor probably needs to be replaced.

Defective Ice Maker

If the ice maker is defective it won’t fill up with water and if it does manage to fill with water, it won’t make any ice. Either way, the ice maker will make a loud humming noise.

You should check the water line then inspect the ice maker. If the ice maker does prove to be defective, it will almost certainly need to be replaced. This is a job best left to a technician.

Door Seal Failed


All around the door of your Samsung refrigerator is a rubber door seal. Over time this seal can become clogged with a build up of dirt and grime. This prevents the door from closing fully which causes warm air to enter the unit.

The compressor then needs to work harder to try to cool the fridge which creates that loud humming noise.

You will need to check the door seal and remove any dirt or grime using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. If on inspection you notice that the rubber seal is worn or has perished at all, it will need to be replaced.

Defective Defrost Timer

If you’ve checked everything else, all that’s left is the defrost timer. If the defrost timer becomes stuck in the cooling mode, it could be responsible for that loud humming noise.

You will need to inspect the defrost timer and remove any obstructions. The most likely obstruction will be ice which will need defrosting to remove.

However, if there aren’t any obstructions, the defrost timer will need to be replaced.

What Would Cause A New Samsung Refrigerator To Make A Loud Humming Noise?

If you have just had a new Samsung refrigerator installed, you would expect it to run quietly. But if it is making a loud humming sound, there are a few things you should check. These include;

  • The Ice Maker
    The ice maker could be disconnected which means it can’t get any water or the water pressure is too high both of which can cause the ice maker to create a loud humming sound.
  • Blocked Vents
    If the vents are blocked, the cool air cannot spread all around the fridge which means the compressor has to work overtime to try to cool the unit. This means the compressor will be the cause of the loud humming sound.
  • Unlevel Appliance
    If the appliance isn’t set level, one of the fans could be touching its housing which could also be the cause of the loud humming. Simply levelling the appliance should solve this issue.

Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Stop Humming When The Door Is Open?

open fridge door

If your Samsung refrigerator hums loudly when the door is closed but stops when it’s opened, it’s probably caused by a blocked fan. The fan kicks in once the door is closed and cuts out once the door has been opened.

You will need to inspect the fan for any obstructions which could be causing the fan to hit and create a loud humming sound. The biggest culprit here would be ice which will need to be removed.

The problem could also be caused by blocked vents or the door seal is faulty which can make the compressor work too hard which results in that loud humming sound. 

Ways To Prevent The Ice Maker from Making Too Much Noise

If the root cause of the loud humming noise in your Samsung refrigerator is the ice maker, do the following to help reduce the noise level;

Regularly Maintain The Ice Maker

To help prevent loud noises emanating from your ice maker it is important to follow a regular maintenance regime. You should regularly;

  • Clean The Ice Maker
    You should regularly clean the condenser coils and fan blades on the refrigerator to allow the free flow of air through the appliance. This simple act will reduce wear and tear on the motor and reduce noise levels.
  • Replace The Water Filter
    Replacing the water filter regularly will also help to prevent noise and keep the ice maker working properly.
  • Ensure Proper Ventilation
    If the vents on your refrigerator are blocked, the compressor has to work harder to cool the unit which results in loud humming. By ensuring the vents are kept clear, you will reduce the workload on the compressor which will result in a quieter operation.

Not only will these help to reduce noise, they will also help to extend the lifespan of your ice maker. 

Ensure You Follow The Instructions In Your User Manual

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the user manual for your Samsung refrigerator to ensure you are using it correctly. For instance you should never overfill or underfill the ice tray. Doing so increases strain on the components which can lead to noise and make the unit more prone to break down.

Ensuring the appliance is sited on a level floor also helps prevent noises and ensures the smooth operation of the components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Samsung fridge humming so loud?

If your Samsung fridge is making a loud humming noise it could indicate; the compressor is defective, there’s a problem with the water supply, the water pressure is too high, the vents are blocked, the appliance isn’t level, the fan motor is defective, the ice maker is defective, the door seal has failed or the defrost timer is defective.

Why is my Samsung fridge humming louder than usual?

If your Samsung fridge is humming louder than usual, it could be because the compressor is working too hard. This can be caused by a number of things including; the temperature is set too high or too low, the vents are blocked, the door seal has failed and needs replacing or the ice maker has problems.

Should I unplug my Samsung fridge if it’s making a loud humming noise?

Unplugging your Samsung fridge for a few minutes might help to solve the problem of it humming. However, if that doesn’t work and your fridge is still making a loud humming noise or it has become completely silent, the compressor will need to be replaced.

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