Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Is Open? (here’s why)

If your refrigerator is running properly, it is normal for any noises to stop once the fridge door is opened. This is because the evaporator fan and compressor automatically stop working when the door is open.

This is to save you energy and money and is typically controlled by the thermostat which detects the door is open and stops the compressor and evaporator fan from running.

Once the door is closed again, the thermostat signals to the control board to start the compressor and evaporator fan up again in an effort to cool the fridge down to the set temperature.

If the noises continue even with the door open, there could be a problem. You will need to determine whether the sound that the fridge is creating is a normal noise or something to be concerned about.

Samsung refrigerator’s Normal Operating Noises 

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Just because your Samsung refrigerator is making a noise when it’s running, doesn’t mean it is problematic. Your Samsung refrigerator will make many operational noises that are quite normal and nothing to worry about. They include;

  • Crackling, Snapping, Popping
    This is just the sound of the plastic parts of your fridge expanding or contracting during the defrost cycle and is nothing to worry about at all.
  • Hissing, Gurgling, Bubbling
    If you hear a hissing, bubbling or gurgling sound coming from your Samsung fridge, it is usually the sound of the refrigerant flowing through the components or the sound of water dripping. This is not usually a problem, unless it’s overly loud. If you think it is too loud, contact Samsung directly.
  • Beeping, Chiming
    This is the warning sound notifying you that the door has been left open for too long and the temperature within the fridge is rising. Ensure the door is fully closed and inspect the door seal and replace if necessary.
  • Blowing, Whistling
    The fans when in operation will make a blowing or whistling sound. This is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be overly loud. If you feel it is louder than usual, try levelling the unit.
  • Grinding
    This is the sound that you will hear when the ice maker is dispensing ice.
  • Buzzing, Humming
    If you can hear a buzzing or humming sound it typically indicates that the compressor is running or the ice maker is attempting to fill with water. Check that the water supply to your fridge is uninterrupted.
  • Rattling
    A rattling sound indicates that something is touching the walls of the fridge. You can eradicate this sound by ensuring that there’s nothing touching the walls of the fridge.
  • Clicking
    This is the sound of the ice maker filling with water which will stop once the water level reaches the fill mark.
  • Fluttering
    This is the sound of the compressor stopping as the refrigerator reaches the predetermined set temperature.
  • Banging
    If you hear a fairly loud banging sound it is typically caused by ice dropping from the ice maker into the bucket.

Uncommon Or Abnormal Sounds Made By A Samsung Refrigerator When The Door Is Closed


We’ve now covered the regular noises that a Samsung refrigerator makes when it is working properly. Let’s take a look at some of the uncommon or abnormal sounds that a Samsung fridge can make when the door is closed. They include;

Loud Buzzing

If you hear an uncommonly loud buzzing sound coming from your Samsung refrigerator, it is likely to be the evaporator fan hitting a buildup of ice. This would indicate that the defrost function isn’t working correctly.

The first thing to do is to remove the ice buildup from the evaporator fan. To do this you will need to defrost the appliance. Since the defrost function could be the cause, you can’t rely on the automatic defrost to help you.

So you will need to disconnect the power supply for at least 12 to 24 hours to allow all of the ice to melt. Once all of the ice has melted, reconnect the power supply and switch the refrigerator back on.

If the problem recurs, you will need to contact Samsung directly if the appliance is still under warranty or a technician if not.

Loud Grinding

An overly loud grinding sound could indicate one of two problems which are;

  1. A Buildup Of Ice
    If the freezer compartment produces too much ice which accumulates inside the compartment, it will make a grinding noise. This indicates that there’s a problem with the defrosting system. This will need an expert to investigate and solve.
  2. A defective Water Inlet valve

The grinding sound could also be caused by the water inlet valve developing a fault. The water inlet valve supplies the dispenser with water but if it becomes defective, no water can reach the dispenser which is when the grinding sound appears. You can check the inlet valve for continuity and if it fails, it will need to be replaced.

Loud Humming

If you can hear an overly loud humming sound coming from your Samsung refrigerator when the door is closed, it could indicate one of three possible problems. Which are;

  1. Defective Evaporator Fan Motor
    The evaporator fan and motor is located inside the freezer compartment. It circulates cold air around the fridge and keeps the freezer cold. If it becomes defective, it will cause the fridge and freezer to warm up and start making a loud humming sound. This is another job best left to a technician to investigate.
  2. Defective Compressor
    If you can hear a loud humming sound and the refrigerator is not able to maintain a cool temperature, the compressor has developed a fault. Once the compressor becomes defective, it will need to be replaced which is a job best left to a technician.
  3. Failed Water Supply
    If the water supply has been interrupted or has been turned off, the ice maker will make a loud humming sound as it attempts to fill with water. You will need to check the inlet hose, inlet tap and inlet valve as well as checking that the water supply to your home hasn’t been interrupted.

What Can Cause A Samsung Refrigerator To Be Noisy When The Door Is Open?

There are a few reasons why your Samsung refrigerator might make a noise when the door is open. Which include;

Probable CauseSolution
Unlevel ApplianceEnsure your fridge is installed on a level surface or adjust the feet accordingly
Glass Items Incorrectly PlacedEnsure glass items are correctly positioned
Obstructed FanCheck the fan for obstructions and clear
Door Left Open For Too LongShut the door
Damaged Door Seal (Strap)Inspect and replace the door seal if necessary
Squeaky HingesLubricate the hinges

Let’s take a closer look at each of these issues;

Unlevel Appliance


If the fridge is still making a noise once the door is open, it could be because it is not completely level. This can cause vibrations due to imbalance which can be solved by ensuring the refrigerator is sited on a level floor.

If the floor in your kitchen is not completely level, you should adjust the level of the fridge using the adjustable feet. Once the fridge is properly level, the door should close on its own.

Glass Items Incorrectly Placed

If any glass items are incorrectly placed in the fridge, they will vibrate even after the door has been opened. 

You should check all glass items and position them in a way that prevents them from vibrating and making a noise.

Obstructed Fan

If you can hear a grinding or groaning sound, it’s most likely to be caused by a buildup of ice around the evaporator fan. You will need to inspect the evaporator fan and if it proves to be iced up, you will have to defrost the fridge.

Once all of the ice has been removed, and the fridge turned back on, the noise should have ceased.

Door Left Open For Too Long

open fridge door

If you leave the door of your Samsung refrigerator open for too long, the temperature inside the appliance will rise. This sets off an alarm which you will hear as a beeping sound.

This is not technically a problem as it is designed to prevent the items inside your fridge from spoiling. To solve this, all you need to do is close the fridge door and wait for the temperature to start cooling again.

At which point the beeping will stop which shows that the fridge is working properly. However, if the beeping continues for an extended period, you will need to inspect the door seal or strap.

Damaged Door Seal (Strap)

There is a seal or strap as it’s sometimes called, fitted around the edge of your refrigerator’s door. It creates an airtight seal to prevent cold air from seeping out of the fridge and to prevent warm air from entering.

In some cases, it can get a build up of dirt and grime which can be solved using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. But sometimes, the door seal has become damaged in some way and possibly has a fray in one area.

If the door seal is damaged, it will need to be replaced to solve the problem.

Squeaky Hinges

There are several reasons that could cause the door hinges to squeak, so you will need to inspect them to find out the cause. The most common causes of fridge door hinges squeaking is a build up of dirt or the formation of rust.

You should spray the hinges with a food grade silicone spray. There are lots of different sprays available but we recommend avoiding sprays like WD40 as they will actually create more dirt to build up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Samsung refrigerator making a noise that stops when the door is opened?

It is perfectly normal for a Samsung refrigerator to stop making a noise once the door has been opened. The noise you heard when the door was closed will have been the compressor working to cool the appliance down. Once the door is opened, the compressor shuts off to save energy. As soon as the door is closed, it will start up again until the fridge reaches the predetermined temperature.

Why does my Samsung refrigerator make a fan noise stop when I open the door?

The fan noise stops once you open the door because the fan automatically turns off once the door is opened.

Why does my Samsung fridge make a noise when I close the door?

If your Samsung fridge makes a noise once you close the door, this is perfectly normal and indicates that the fan has started working to allow cool air to get the fridge back down to its predetermined working temperature. By opening the door, you will have allowed warm air to enter the fridge, raising the internal temperature above the predetermined level.

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