Samsung Washing Machine dE Error Code? (here’s why & what to do)

If you own a Samsung washing machine and it’s displaying the dE error code the machine will not start. You might be thinking this problem is going to involve a costly repair.

But in many cases, the problem that causes the washer to display this error code can be fixed without contacting a technician.

Please Note: You should never dismantle any panels or parts of the washing machine without disconnecting the power supply first.

What Does The dE Error Code Mean On A Samsung Washing Machine? 

If your Samsung washing machine is displaying the dE error code, it indicates that the door lock isn’t activating at the correct time. What should happen when you close the door on your washer is that the latch on the door connects with the door interlock.

The interlock then slides a bar over which should latch tightly and activate various components inside the lock. Power is then passed from one side of the lock to the other and then onto the rest of the appliance.

If this isn’t happening for some reason, the door won’t close properly and the washer will not power up. You will need to check the following;

Possible CauseSolution
Door obstructedCheck the door for any obstructions and clear as necessary
Door handle damagedInspect and replace the door handle if necessary
Misaligned hingesInspect the hinges and repair/replace as necessary
Faulty door lockInspect and repair/replace the door lock as necessary
Wiring FaultContact a technician
Software glitchDisconnect the power for 10 to 15 minutes
Defective PCBContact a technician

Let’s take a look into each now in more depth:

Washing Machine Door Obstructed

Washing Machine

This could simply be due to the door being obstructed by something. Maybe a piece of laundry is protruding into the door area, or the door seal has come loose and part of it is preventing the door from closing properly.

If this is the cause of the problem, it’s fairly easy to solve. All you need to do is remove whatever is obstructing the door and close it properly. In the case of a damaged door seal, you may need to replace it before the appliance will work correctly.

Damaged Door Handle

Over time the door handle can become damaged or worn. You will need to check and see that the door handle is working properly. If not, it will need to be replaced. 

This might be a job best left to a technician as it can be tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Misaligned Hinges

If the hinges on the door of the washing machine have become bent or misaligned, it can prevent the door from closing properly.

You may be able to see the misalignment simply by looking at the hinges. However, we recommend contacting a technician to investigate and repair/replace the hinges if necessary.

Faulty Door Lock

It could be that the door lock has developed a fault and cannot shut properly. Sometimes this could just be the lock is misaligned or it could have shorted out.

Unless you know what you’re doing, this is another job best left to a technician.

Wiring Fault

There’s also the possibility of a wire becoming disconnected or burnt out. All it takes is one loose wire or one shorted out wire and the door will not close properly.

Unless you know what you’re doing, checking the wiring of the door lock mechanism can be difficult. We recommend getting a technician to sort this for you.

Software Glitch

person looking at washing machine

In some cases, the door could be closing properly but there’s a software glitch that gives the PCB (printed circuit board) an incorrect signal.

This would lead the PCB to determine that the door wasn’t closing properly. If this is the case, this can often be cleared by disconnecting the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes.

This allows any residue power to dissipate which is often enough to clear the error code.

Defective PCB

Sometimes the PCB is at fault although this is not a common fault. However, if you suspect that the PCB  is defective, we recommend contacting a technician to check and replace this part if necessary.

PCBs are expensive parts which is why we recommend getting it checked by an expert.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Samsung washing machine?

To reset a Samsung washing machine all you need to do is disconnect the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes to allow any residue power to dissipate. Once the power has been reconnected, the washing machine will be reset and any error codes should be gone.

What is the error code dE on a Samsung washing machine?

The dE error code on a Samsung washing machine indicates that the door is unable to lock. This could be caused by something obstructing the door, the door lock being faulty, the hinges being misaligned, a wiring fault, damaged door handle, software glitch or a faulty PCB.

Why is my Samsung washing machine not starting the cycle?

If your Samsung washing machine will not start a cycle, it could be because the child lock has been activated or the door isn’t closed properly.

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