Tumble Dryer Not Collecting Water? (here’s why & how to fix)

Condenser tumble dryers collect water in a large container which is located at the bottom of the machine. If you find that the water tank is not collecting water in that large container or tank, there is often a simple explanation.

These issues can often be sorted out very quickly without resorting to calling in any tumble dryer repairs experts

In this article, we look at the probable causes and solutions for why your condenser tumble dryer isn’t collecting water.

What Causes A Condenser Tumble Dryer To Stop Collecting Water?

There are several reasons that could prevent a condenser tumble dryer from collecting water. These are very often easy to fix without the need for any specialist help.

Blocked Filter

This is the most common cause of all condenser dryer malfunctions and is usually caused by human error.

The filter should be cleaned after every use, but as we all lead such busy lives, it often gets overlooked.

The filter symbol usually flashes on the display screen at the end of every cycle.

This is because a dirty or blocked filter prevents adequate airflow which leads to poor drying.

You should open the filter and remove as much fluff as possible after every use. You can even clear the lint from the filter housing as well using a vacuum cleaner.

Condenser Tray Misplaced

If the condenser tray is not fitted into its tray correctly (even if it is slightly misaligned) it won’t collect any water. It should slot into place snuggly so you might have to push it home quite firmly.

If you have slotted it into place as far as usual and it still doesn’t fit correctly, You might need to replace the condenser tray.

Blocked Pipe

The pipe that feeds the condenser water tank can become clogged with dust, dirt and debris. This will prevent the water from entering the water tank.

To remove this blockage you will first need to remove the water tank from the appliance. First, you should unplug the dryer from the power supply.

Then remove as much debris as you can from the slot that the tray goes into. Then, using a clean and dry lint-free cloth, clean as much of the inside of the dryer as possible.

Blocked Condenser

Clean the condenser too, you will find a small metal box that resembles an accordion. This is the condenser and should be removed and given a good rinse to remove any debris. 

This might be easier using a shower or even a hose. But you should exercise caution as the metal surface could cause injury. We recommend wearing gloves to protect your hands.

Using your tumble dryer while the condenser is blocked could cause serious damage to the tumble dryer as well as increasing energy usage.

You should then remove any build up of dirt, lint, etc from the slot that the condenser fits into.

Dirty Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor comprises two parallel metal strips usually located just inside the tumble dryer around the door area.

If these metal strips become coated in a waxy film, they cannot work as they should. 

Regular use of anti-static dryer sheets can cause a waxy film to build up on the moisture sensor.

To remove this unwanted layer, wipe the moisture sensor with white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

Laundry Too Dry

If the laundry that has been placed in the tumble dryer isn’t wet enough, the water tank cannot fill up. 

The likely result would be the machine would stop prematurely because the moisture sensor senses that there are no wet clothes that need to be dried.

Wrong Program Selected

If you select the wrong program, it could lead to poor drying results. Tumble dryer programs have two different types of programs which are;

  1. Time Controlled
    This is where you set the timer for a limited time and is often used to finish drying clothes that are almost dry.
  2. Humidity Controlled
    This is the usual option used when drying clothes that have been removed directly from the washing machine and runs automatically by sensing the humidity level and drying until completely dry.

The automatic drying cycles should not be selected for clothing that is almost dry.

Tumble Dryer Not Heating Up

If the heater has stopped working on your tumble dryer, it cannot extract moisture from your laundry. Which in turn would prevent the water tank from collecting any water.

You will need to contact an appliance engineer to identify and resolve this kind of issue.

The Best Way To Keep Your Condenser Tumble Dryer Operating Correctly Is Regular Maintenance

It is important that you perform regular maintenance on your condenser tumble dryer to keep it running at its best. This is because;

  • A Blocked Filter Or Condenser Leads To Longer Drying Times
  • A Blocked Filter/Condenser Leads To Increased Drying Times And Increased Energy Consumption
  • Regular Maintenance Leads To An Increased Lifespan Of Your Appliance
  • Regular Maintenance Avoids Unnecessary Breakdowns
  • A Lack Of Regular Maintenance Could Void The Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my tumble dryer not collecting water?

If your tumble dryer is not collecting water it could be that; the condenser tray is not in place correctly, the filter is clogged, the moisture sensor is dirty, the feeder pipe is blocked or the laundry is already too dry.

Why is there water in my condenser dryer?

If you have selected a steam cycle on your condenser tumble dryer, there will always be a certain amount of moisture inside the drum after the cycle has finished due to condensation. This is perfectly normal and absolutely nothing to worry about.

Why doesn’t my tumble dryer fully dry my clothes?

Your dryer might not fully dry your clothes if; the filter is clogged, the water tank is full, the moisture sensor is dirty or the heater doesn’t heat up.

Do tumble dryers collect water?

Whether the tumble dryer collects water depends on the type of tumble dryer. Vented tumble dryers release moisture as vapour which is released to the outside via the vent hose. Whereas condenser tumble dryers collect water into a water tank that will need to be emptied after every use.

How do I stop my condenser dryer from leaking?

To prevent your condenser tumble dryer from leaking you should; ensure it is sited on level ground, clean the lint filter regularly, clean the condenser regularly, ensure the drain hose is free from any debris and empty the water tank after every use.

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