Is It Better To Wash Clothes Inside Out? (yes! here’s why)

Washing clothes used to be so easy. All we had to do is put all the garments from the laundry bin, put them in the washer, then the tumble dryer, and finally fold them for our daily use.

Unfortunately, the ways we were so used to doing can be very damaging not only to our appliances, but also to our clothing. This is why we’re here to share laundry tips that will help you preserve your garments in the long run.

In this article, we’ll explore about whether we should turn our clothes inside out before washing them. Read on to learn more!

Putting your clothes in the washer inside out: Is it a good idea?

Do you want to keep your clothes in good condition?

Then, making a change as simple as washing your clothes inside out can help you get value for your money.

It is so easy to damage your garments. They can get permanently stained, may smell mildewy even if they’re newly washed, or may fray or have holes even if you’ve only had them for a month.

This is where the tip comes in: Washing your clothes inside out is a good idea as it helps preserve their colours, cleans them better, and reduces the chance of pilling.

How exactly can flipping clothes inside out possibly result in these wonders? Let’s go over each of them.

It prevents the colours from fading or bleeding

Do you own clothes with colours that you definitely would not want to start fading? Or do some of your clothes bleed when you put them in the wash?

faded jeans

In situations like these, it can be very challenging to control fading and bleeding on your garments. This is where turning them inside out can help.

When you flip your garments out, the inside parts are the ones that will be in direct contact with water, detergent, and other clothes. This will do two things:

  1. The pressure and stress from the fabrics rubbing together will be on the inside of the clothes, preserving the visible side in a better way.
  2. The inside parts of the clothes are less likely to bleed due to their rougher material. In the case where the dye bleeds, the stains will often be on the inner side of the garment, which makes them less difficult to remove.

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It helps clean your garments better

Let us ask you a question: What part of your clothes touches your skin and accumulates all the dead skin cells, sweat, and oils? You’re right, the inner part.

Remember what we said earlier that when you flip clothes inside out, they’ll be in direct contact with detergent? What do you think will happen if you flip your clothes before putting them in the wash?

Ding! You’ll have cleaner clothing as the detergent will be able to scrub off all the dirt and grime that has gathered on its fabrics. As a result, your dirty clothes will be washed more thoroughly and you’ll be able to enjoy wearing disinfected garments, no matter how sweaty or grimy they were beforehand.

It makes your clothes smell fresher

What happens when your clothes are washed well? This will mean that you were able to prevent the growth of bacteria and other germs on the fabric.

If the bacterial and fungal growth is stopped, you’ll be able to wear clothes that smell great. This is because the main culprit behind foul odours in clothing actually comes from germs and fungi[1]. Hence, the cleaner the garments are, the fresher they will smell!

Who doesn’t want to smell nice while wearing their favourite shirt or dress? If you want to smell even better for a longer time, try out including smell boosters when doing your laundry.

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It protects the prints and decorative elements on your clothing

Do you have clothes that have some sort of print or decorations on them? This can be anything from beads, chains, ribbons, buttons, stones, and so much more.

denim jacket with buttons

When you are a fan of these styles, you may have already experienced these elements getting removed in the wash. This usually happens due to the pressure inside the washer. At times, these decorations can also damage your other clothes and even put scratches in your machine!

To avoid these from happening, turn your clothes inside out. Doing so will secure the prints or decorations on your garments and also reduces the risk of damaging your washer and dryer in the long run.

It prevents the visible part of your clothes from pilling

Finally, another benefit that will come out of turning your clothes inside out while washing them is that it’ll reduce pilling.

Pilling happens when the lint forms on the surface of the fabrics, usually in small, ball-like shapes.

When this occurs on the outside part of your garments, it can highly affect their appearance and make you self-conscious about looking scruffy.

Also, the fibres from lint can accumulate on your washer and tumble dryer, which could cause potential issues. Flipping your clothes out allows your garments to pill less, which will keep the visible side more appealing and presentable.

DID YOU KNOW? Aside from washing, it’s also best to dry your clothes inside out! Doing so helps protect your clothing from damage and makes them last longer!

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Start washing your clothes inside out!

There are so many benefits to putting your clothes inside out before washing them.

If you want to keep your garments in tip-top shape, why not try this simple hack and see if it’ll work for you?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I turn all clothes inside out before washing them?

Yes, it’s best to turn all clothes inside out before putting them in your laundry. This allows them to get cleaned more thoroughly which reduces bacteria growth and keeps clothing fresh for a longer time.

How should you separate laundry?

Generally, laundry should be separated into three: white garments, black garments, and coloured clothing. However, it’s also a good idea to separate them depending on their delicateness, material, and how dirty they are.

How do you wash jeans properly?

Jeans should only be washed after multiple wears to prevent fading or damaging them. Put jeans in the washing machine inside out.

How many times should I wash my clothes?

To prevent overwashing your clothes, it’s best to launder them only once. If there are stubborn stains, spot treatment is better than washing your garments multiple times.

What is the best way to dry clothes?

The best way to dry clothes is by hanging them outdoors on a clothesline or drying rack. Doing so kills bacteria and fungi that will help clean your clothing and make them smell good.

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