12 Reasons To Buy A Deep Fat Fryer

We all enjoy fried food, it’s not just the flavours, it’s also the texture, that crispy, crunchy texture that gives way to that taste explosion is almost too pleasing. Back in the deepest recesses of the mind, there will be a favourite fried food experience. But chip pans and fryers are dangerous to use.

They can cause terrible scalding, fires, injury, the list goes on and on. That’s probably why people stopped using chip pans. In recent years, however, there’s been an increase in the popularity of the deep fat fryer.

Why Are Deep Fat Fryers So Popular?

 It’s pretty obvious really, we all like fried foods and the deep fat fryer is a safe and convenient way to fry food. But there’s way more to it than that, deep fat fryers are popular because:

  1. Cooks Fried Foods Quickly
    Deep fat fryers have a large capacity, so more food can be cooked at one time. Added to that there’s no need to turn the foods halfway through to cook the other side. So the cooking  time is cut in half and for a larger quantity of food.
  2. Uses Less Oil
    Frying food in a pan often results in having to add more oil during the cooking time. Once the food is cooked that oil is discarded and becomes waste. With a deep fat fryer, an integrated oil filter cleans the oil making it reusable. This will save you oil and money.
  3. Easy To Operate
    Just fill the tank with oil. Allow it to heat ( it will sound an alarm once the desired temperature is reached), then add the food via the wire basket, close the lid and walk away. 
  4. No Need To Supervise
    Unlike frying pans, there is no need to watch over a deep fat fryer when it’s cooking. Once it’s finished an alarm will notify you that the food is cooked.
  5. Safer Cooking
    Cooking with hot oil is never 100% safe, but using a deep fat fryer is far safer than using a pan. Once it’s loaded, just close the lid and the fryer will cook the food. No fear of splashing,or hot oil boiling and spilling over the stove to cause a fire. You can also regulate the temperature so if the food is getting too hot for your liking, you can adjust it easily. Added to this, deep fat fryers come equipped with an overheating warning light to notify you of any dangerous problems.
  6. Crisper Tastier Fried Foods
    Food cooked in a deep fat fryer will cook quicker, safer and have a consistent crispiness, compared to pan fried foods. Plus the food will taste so much better because the oil it has been cooked in was at the perfect temperature. No room for error and no need for guess work, just perfectly cooked fried food time and again.
  7. Freetime Away From The Stove
    The deep fat fryer operates without any need for turning the food over, temperature changes or any other intervention. Once the food is cooked, the deep fat fryer will turn off automatically and an alarm will notify you it is finished. So, while it’s cooking you can get back to doing anything you like, reading your current novel, drinking a glass of wine, having a luxurious bubble bath, the choice is yours.
  8. No Bad Odours
    Chip pans always made the house smell like a chip shop for days after having chips. The deep fat fryer has odour filters to remove any nasty smells. Keeping your home stale fried food smell-free.
  9. Easy To Clean
    Most internal parts of the deep fat fryer are dishwasher safe, making washing up a doddle. The exterior just needs wiping with a damp cloth to keep it clean.
  10. Inexpensive To Buy
    Entry level deep fat fryers start at around £25, for around £50 you can buy a large capacity model with a few extra features. To get all of the extra features, you’re probably going to have to pay around £100.
  11. Lightweight
    When empty a deep fat fryer weighs around 2 kilograms, making it easy to store away. But don’t try to move it when it’s full of oil though, not only is that not safe, but each litre of oil adds an extra kilogram in weight.
  12. Cheap Running Costs
    The majority of deep fat fryers are around 1000-Watts, using an average electricity charge of 16 pence per unit. A 1000-Watt deep fat fryer will cost 16 pence per hour to operate. Most foods cooked in the deep fat fryer take around 15 minutes to cook, the total cost in electricity will be the princely sum of 4 pence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What deep fat fryer manufacturer should I order?

There are many reliable manufacturers producing deep fat fryers, some of the more popular are Lakeland, Russell Hobbs, Breville, Swan, Tefal, Tower, Von shef, Morphy Richards and many more.

Is it safe to shop for a deep fat fryer online?

As long as you buy from a reputable retailer it is safe to shop for a deep fat fryer online.

Can I buy a deep fat fryer on finance?

You can buy a deep fat fryer on finance. Many retailers offer their own finance deals.

How long do deep fat fryers take to be delivered?

Many retailers offer next day delivery on deep fat fryers, these include Amazon Prime, Currys, The Range, AO.com, Appliances direct and many more.

Are deep fat fryers worth buying?

Deep fat fryers are worth buying if you enjoy the taste and texture of deep fried food, but don’t like the smells or the mess of deep fat frying.

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