11 Reasons To Buy An Electric Knife

Although not a new innovation, the electric knife has remained a firm favourite kitchen utensil for many years. As younger generations are realising how convenient an electric knife can be, we thought we’d look into why electric knives have remained so popular for so long.

Electric knives have come a long way since they first appeared on the market. Those early models were heavy, difficult to control and noisy. They were also limited by the length of the power cord.

Why You Should Purchase An Electric Knife


If you have ever had the misfortune to try and slice bread with a blunt knife or carve a sunday roast then you know how difficult it can be. Let’s look at why so many people are using electric knives:

  1. Make Fast Work Of Carving A Roast
    It can take 10 minutes or longer to carve a roast chicken by hand (knife) But that same chicken can be carved in less than 1 minute with a decent electric knife.
  2. Can Slice Thinly
    The blade on an electric knife can easily and precisely cut wafer thin pieces of meat, bread, tomatoes etc.
  3. Easy To Clean
    The detachable blades on the electric knife are dishwasher friendly in many cases. Making them simple to keep clean.
  4. Easy To Hold And Operate
    Particularly useful for the less dextrous among us. Arthritis sufferers and rheumatics, people with RSI, even people with inhibited gripping capabilities will all be able to hold the electric knife and reach the on button simultaneously.
  5. No Need For Force
    There’s no need for physical force whilst using an electric knife. Just gently guide the blade and allow it to glide swiftly through the object being cut.
  6. Ergonomic, Easy Grip Handle
    The design of the handle on an electric knife allows for an easy grip, even for the dexterously challenged.
  7. Versatile – Not Just For Meat
    In the old days, electric knives were marketed for carving roast meats and the occasional loaf of bread. The modern models slice hot meats, cold meats, crusty bread, soft rolls, tomatoes, onions, squash, and anything else that requires carving, cutting or chopping.
  8. Precise Even Slices
    Due to the easy to control design and sharp blade, the electric knife can make thin, precise and even slices of meat, bread and vegetables. 
  9. Lightweight
    With many electric knives weighing in at less than 0.4 of a kilogram they are lightweight and easy for everyone to use. Regardless of strength, experience, or energy level.
  10. Low Running Cost
    The low-power requirement of an electric knife (usually between 100 to 160 Watts), makes them incredibly inexpensive to run. A 100 Watt electric knife would cost around 1 ½  pence per hour to run and a 160 Watt model would cost around 2 ½ pence per hour to run. And it doesn’t take anywhere near an hour to carve a roast joint of meat.
  11. Cordless For Freedom Of Movement
    One of the most frequent complaints about electric knives in the past was the cord. The user had to be close to a plug socket, the cord dragged and restricted the user’s movement, causing messy cuts etc. Modern electric knives have longer cords, and some are even cordless. These cordless, rechargeable models give the user complete freedom and flexibility. The cordless electric knife can be taken on a picnic for example.

Where Did The Electric Knife Come From?

The electric knife was the product of changes in domestic life after the second world war. Before the advent of WW2, many affluent households had cooks and kitchen maids. After the war, many wealthy people lost a considerable amount of their wealth and had to start performing household duties themselves.

The story goes that Jerome L. Murray, an inventor from New York, became aware that many housewives were struggling with domestic chores. He combined an internal motor with dual blades – The electric knife was born. The electric knife was patented in 1964 and manufactured by many companies including Black and Decker.

By the mid 70s many of the earlier faults had been wrinkled out of the design. One such fault was if the blades were not fitted in correctly they would snap and cause the user injury. By 1975 almost every home had an electric knife. That popularity is having a revival nowadays due to their convenience and time saving abilities.

A smaller electric knife is used in operating theatres and coroners offices to this day. Using the same basic design, but adapted for medical and forensic use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do electric knives take to be delivered?

Many companies offer next day delivery for electric knives, these include Amazon Prime, Argos, Currys, and many more.

Are electric knives worth buying?

Electric knives are worth buying as they save time, energy, cut precise, thin slices of meat, bread, vegetables and much more.

What electric knife manufacturer should I order?

There are many different companies manufacturing electric knives, some of the more popular are: Kenwood, Russell Hobbs, Daewoo, Tower, VonShef, and many more.

Is it safe to shop for an electric knife online?

As long as you buy from a well-known trusted company, it is safe to buy an electric knife online.

Can I buy an electric knife on finance?

Many companies offer finance deals on electric knives, many on 0% finance. Check your preferred retailer and see what offers they have. Or for around £13 you can buy an electric knife outright.

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