Best Electric Knifes 2024

In much the same way as electric drills have revolutionised the way DIYers work by replacing manual tools to save on labour and time, so have kitchen utensils been upgraded. Why struggle with a carving knife when you could be using an electric knife to cut twice as much in half the time? Electric knives are making mealtimes easier for people from all walks of life all over the nation.

Before electric knives came along everything had to be carved using a carving knife, that needed to be kept sharp to slice consistently regular-sized slices. Be it roast beef, chicken, ham, or bread, the only way to slice them was with a carving knife. Using a carving knife takes concentration, time and energy to cut the perfect slice.

They can be dangerous too if a carving knife is blunt more pressure has to be applied to cut. Once sharpened the blade will cut easier and the user will have to adjust the amount of pressure applied. And that is exactly when most accidents can occur.

Consider also people with mobility issues, like arthritics or rheumatics or maybe just an injured hand or wrist. Every slice with a knife is not only hard work to those people, it can also be extremely painful too. Due to the way electric knives work, these problems can be eased a great deal by replacing the carving knife with an electric knife.

Best Selling Electric Knifes UK

Bestseller No. 1
Tower T19028 Electric Knife with One Touch Operation, Ergonomic Design and Storage Case, 120W, Black, 1 Pack
  • ELECTRIC POWERED: With 120W of power, this knife removes the strain of manually slicing tough meats and other ingredients
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: Cuts effortlessly through vegetables, bread, cooked meat, sausages and salami
Bestseller No. 2
Daewoo Electric Carving Knife, Cuts Effortlessly Through Meats And Frozen Foods With Durable Twin Blades, Black
  • IDEAL FOR – Our electric carving knife cuts effortlessly through tough meats, freshly made bread rolls, it slices large fruits and vegetables perfectly as well as cutting through frozen foods and filleting a fish
  • SAFETY RELEASE BLADES – in the event the blades hit an obstruction or jam they are designed to release from the handle safely to reduce the risk of injury and prevent damage to the knife, preserving the longevity of the knife and ensuring safe operation
Bestseller No. 3
VonShef Electric Carving Knife With Two Serrated Blades For Multi-Purpose Use, Ergonomic Handle Plus Low Vibration & Noise For Your Comfort, Meat, Vegetable or Bread Knife
  • EASY CARVING: With a powerful 150w motor, your precision VonShef electric kitchen knife makes light work of the toughest jobs including meats, vegetables, bread and many more food products.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: With a super comfortable ergonomic handle, powerful motor delivering low noise and low vibration, and precise cutting, your VonShef electric knife is a joy to use again and again.
Bestseller No. 4
Quest Electric Stainless-Steel Knife Plus Extra Coarse Blade/Serrated Carving Knife/Cuts Meats, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits & More / 120W / 2 Colours (Black)
  • ELECTRIC CARVING KNIFE – This electric carving knife is the perfect kitchen accessory to assist you at mealtimes, and allows you to effortlessly carve meats, breads and fruits and veg for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – This carving knife features a detachable stainless-steel blade which is best suited for roasts, poultry and general cutting and carving. It is also ideal for slicing uncut bread and meats.
SaleBestseller No. 5
QUEST 36059 Electric Serrated Carving Knife/Cuts Meat, Bread, Vegetables, Fruits & More/Stainless Steel Material / 120W / Black Colour
  • ELECTRIC CARVING KNIFE – This electric carving knife is the perfect kitchen accessory to assist you at mealtimes, and allows you to effortlessly carve meats, breads and fruits & veg for Sunday roasts and Christmas dinners.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – This carving knife features one detachable stainless-steel blade and features a blade release button to allow you to remove it quickly and easily, ready to be cleaned either by hand, or in the dishwasher.

How Does An Electric Knife Work?

The standard electric knife consists of a handle, usually with 2 buttons, one is the power button and the other controls the blade locking mechanism. Most have twin blades that detach from the handle for storage and cleaning. Press the front button, push the blade assembly in and release the button, the blades are now locked into the handle.

To remove the blades just reverse this process. The blades themselves connect to each other via a clip system much like a sliding rivet which allows both blades to move independently of each other. At the opposite end of the handle to the blades is the electric cable that plugs into the socket and provides the power.

The user controls the power via the second button which has to be pressed constantly or the power will cut out. This is a useful safety feature to prevent accidents whilst using the electric knife.

What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Knife?


The benefits of an electric knife are:

  • Speed – Electric knives have twin blades which cut through meat, bread, cheese, etc twice as fast as a manual knife.
  • Convenience – Much less pressure needs to be exerted on an electric knife than on a manual knife. This is much more convenient if you are suffering from issues of mobility or have an injured hand.
  • Delicacy – As the electric knife has an easy to hold handle and sharp blades even thin, delicate cuts are easy to achieve.
  • Cordless – Some electric knives are cordless, allowing for a greater range of movement. This means getting every last slice of meat off the bone.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Electric Knife?

The disadvantages of an electric knife are few but worth pointing out. Many electric knives can be quite noisy when in use. Also as they have twin blades there is the possibility of odd scrappy pieces of meat or skin flying off the blades. Plus the obvious downfall in most is the cord attached to the wall.

Electric Knife Buyers Guide

Before purchasing an electric knife there are some things to consider. Below are the main considerations in no particular order.

Length Of Cord

As the electric knife is plugged into a socket, you will need to check on the cord length to be certain it will reach your work surface from your plug socket.

Power Options

Some electric knives have the option of battery power and electric power. This will give you the choice between being attached to a plug socket or free to move where you like. The downside to battery power is, it’s limited, batteries lose power (Some faster than others).

Whereas corded electrical power is constant. So you have to decide what is more important to you, continuous power or more flexibility.

Choice Of Blades

Top-end models tend to supply their electric knives with extra blades for different food types. Do you need extra blades? Will you use them? Or are they an unnecessary expense?

What Are The Blades Made From

The cheaper models often have blades made from inferior, composite metals. These will look and work great straight out of the box, but over time they can dull and in some cases even rust. Better models have stainless steel blades, which remain as shiny as the day they were made, and keep their edge as well.

Are The Blades Dishwasher Friendly

Most electric knives have blades that can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but not all. Also, some models are able to put the handle in the dishwasher too.

Electric Knife Price

Electric knives are a relatively inexpensive item to purchase but there can be a £30 – £40 difference between makes and models. The choice is yours.


We always recommend buying an established brand from a reputable retailer. This is because they are usually more reliable and have been tested for all the relevant safety issues connected to electrical appliances. Plus if you do get any problems they are more likely to have a helpful customer service department.


We always recommend using a reputable retailer and a well-known brand because not only will their products be more reliable and safer than overseas, unbranded products, but any guarantee will be honoured. It’s pretty unlikely that your electric knife will develop a fault but if it does, and you purchased it from a reputable brand, they will be able to assist you with it.

Buying unbranded, cheaper foreign imports might save you a couple of quid but is it reliable? Does it meet British safety standard? Will the warranty be supported?

Will the company even exist in a few months? With no point of reference, you have no idea on any of these questions. Buying from a UK based company of national renown in the electrical appliance industry will give you safety, reliability, confidence in the guarantee, and most important of all, peace of mind.

How Much Is An Electric Knife?

The cost of an electric knife is relatively inexpensive when compared with other electrical appliances and knives in general. 

The starting price is around £13 which includes the following: stainless steel blades, fingertip trigger, finger protection, safe blade removal, and 12 months guarantee.

At the other end of the scale is a much safer designed model, with a pistol grip handle, storage station, finger protection, left and right-hand suitability, and a choice of stainless steel blades for around £50.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric knives any good?

Electric knives are the best, safest way to carve meat, bread, cheese and many other foods. They are also very reliable and offer great value for money.

Will an electric knife cut through bone?

Providing the correct blade is used, an electric carving knife will cut through frozen meat and bones.

Is an electric knife good for slicing bread?

Electric knives slice soft bread and crusty bread with ease.

Can electric knives cut raw meat?

In many ways an electric knife is the perfect choice for cutting raw meat, it can also cut tendons, gristle and bones easily.

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