20 Reasons To Buy A Multi Cooker

Households all over the UK are realising the many benefits of using a multi-cooker. One user described the multi-cooker as the go to appliance for all your cooking needs. Someone else said she’s made much more space in the kitchen since buying a multi-cooker as it makes so many other appliances obsolete.

Multi-cookers certainly are versatile, with their multi-functions. And considering all the tasks they’re capable of, they are a nice compact size. Unlike other “must have” gadgets that usually end up stuck in the back of a cupboard collecting dust, you’ll soon find the multi-cooker being used on a daily basis.

Why Has The Multi-Cooker Become So Popular?

The multi-cooker is the handyman of the kitchen appliance world. We all know that one guy who can turn his hand to anything, and it always turns out right the first time. Well that’s the multi-cooker. So what makes the multi-cooker a firm favourite in almost every kitchen appliance review?

  1. Won’t Cost You An Arm And A Leg
    From around £35 you can buy a multi-functional, multi-cooker.
  2. Healthier Food Production
    Because you use hardly any oil in a multi-cooker, you and your family will benefit from healthier meals.
  3. Costs Less To Run
    Multi-cookers are designed to trap the heat inside, making food cook faster without blasting out extra power. Cutting down on fuel bills.
  4. The Ultimate In Healthy Fast-Food
    We all live busy lives, and we all want to eat quickly – no time to waste. A multi-cooker cooks food quickly, but that doesn’t mean you lose nutrients.
  5. Cook Vitamin And Mineral Rich Food
    Due to the way the multi-cooker works, there is hardly any loss of nutrients.
  6. Never Eat Burnt, Dried Out Food Again
    Multi-cookers have preset timers, making it almost impossible to burn your meals. 
  7. Safe To Leave On Its Own
    Once you set the controls, the multi-cooker does it all. Plus once the food is fully cooked, the multi-cooker switches to keep warm mode automatically
  8. Keeps The Kitchen Clear
    Due to its many functions, the multi-cooker eliminates the need for a pressure cooker, steamer, crockpot, yoghurt maker, bread maker, slow cooker, rice cooker and air fryer. And in many cases the oven and stove top too.
  9. Hardly Any Washing Up To worry About
    A multi-cooker is a “one pot does all” appliance. That means, once the meal is over you only have one pot to clean.
  10. Keeps The Kitchen Tidy
    No, it doesn’t go round with a duster. But once the lid is on the multi-cooker, there’s no need to worry about spillages or drops of food on the hob getting burnt on. The lid is sealed to prevent any spills.
  11. Frees Up Your Time
    Once the food is in the multi-cooker and the settings have been selected, you are free to do anything you want. With no need to keep watching the pot, or stirring to prevent burning. Go and put your feet up or have a relaxing bath, cut the grass, whatever you want to do – It’s your free-time.
  12. Easy To Clean
    Multi-cookers have non-stick and ceramic coatings, making them a doddle to wash up.
  13. The Take Anywhere Cooker
    Due to their compact size, multi-cookers can be used anywhere there’s an electric socket. Caravans, campervans, student accommodation, bedsits, boats, cruisers and anywhere else you like to spend your time.
  14. Safe And Simple To Use
    Once you get the hang of it, the multi-cooker is simple to operate. Plus it’s loaded with safety features like thermostatically controlled heating, safety cut outs, cooked sensor that allows the keep warm function to kick in. There’s no need to be watching over the multi-cooker just select the heat and timer, press start and forget about it.
  15. You Are In Full Control
    Multi-cookers have preset functions for cooking times and temperature settings. But you can override these settings and set the functions to suit you and the way you prefer your food cooked.
  16. Great For Feeding The 5000
    Well, not quite the 5000 but with a 5 litre capacity plus reheat and keep warm functions, the multi-cooker takes all the stress, work and worry out of cooking for a crowd.
  17. Easy To Use Controls
    The ultimate in one button controlled cooking. Literally just one button and you’re on your way to a healthy, fulfilling meal.
  18. Able To Cook Single Portions
    Even the largest multi-cooker has the ability to cook just one small portion. Many other all-in-one machines can’t function with small amounts. To be honest that’s the main reason crock pots don’t get used. With a crock pot you have to cook large quantities – Not so with a multi-cooker. You are in complete control, just cook as much as you need.
  19. Drastically Reduce Cooking Times
    If you were to cook corned beef in a conventional oven, it would take 5 hours, in a slow cooker it would take 8 hours. But in a multi-cooker that same corned beef will take just one hour.
  20. Easy To See Control Panel
    With LED display and simply worded control buttons, the multi-cooker is easy to use. No need to squint or reach for your reading glasses, it’s worth it’s purchase price just for that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are multi-cookers worth buying?

Multi-cookers are worth buying, they are inexpensive, versatile, save time, money and power. Plus cook the most amazing meals all in one easy to clean pot.

How long does it take to get a multi-cooker delivered?

How long it takes to get a multi-cooker delivered depends on where you purchase it. Amazon Prime offer next day delivery, Currys offer next day delivery, Robert Dyas offer a free 5-day delivery service, check online for offers and delivery deals to suit you.

Can I buy a multi-cooker on finance?

Many retailers offer finance on many of their products, check before you buy.

What multi-cooker manufacturer should I order?

There are many reliable multi-cooker manufacturers, some of the more popular ones are Ninja, Tefal, Lakeland, Russell Hobbs, Clever Chef, and many more.

Is it safe to shop for multi-cookers online?

It is extremely safe to shop for a multi-cooker online as long as you shop through a reputable company. Like Currys, Amazon, Argos, AO.com and many more.

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