Will A Pressure Washer Remove Weeds?

If you have a house with “curb appeal”, a new car on the driveway, and the perfect magazine style image it can feel like you’ve got it made. But if you look closely, all is not what it seems, why? Weeds! Let’s face it weeding is a thankless task, as soon as you remove them, they’re growing back again, it can be quite demoralising.

On your hands and knees pulling weeds, from the cracks in the driveway, where the brick walls start and the drive ends. It’s even worse if you have block paving, weeds love those sanded gaps between stones. It seems like one lot is already starting to sprout as you remove the lot before.

Not any more, we have the perfect solution – pressure washing. By pressure washing the driveway, you will remove those unwelcome plants and give you your spotlessly clean driveway back. Plus if you take the time to seal the driveway after pressure washing, you can prevent new weed growth from appearing at all.

How To Remove Weeds With A Pressure Washer

Using a pressure washer to remove weeds is an effective way to get rid of the weeds. The surface they are growing through will; determine how much pressure you can use. Let’s take a look at recommended levels of pressure and equipment before we go any further.

Surface materialRecommended max pressure (PSi)
Asphalt 1000-1200 PSi
Wood (decking)1200 PSi
Block Paving1000-1500 PSi
House exterior1500 PSi
Concrete3000 PSi
Surface materialRecommended nozzle colour
Wood (decking)White
House exteriorGreen
Block pavingGreen

Using A Pressure Washer To Remove Weeds From The Driveway

pressure washing block paving

Follow our easy, step by step guide for removing weeds on your driveway using a pressure washer. The first step will obviously be to get yourself a pressure washer (if you haven’t got one yet, be sure to read this). After you have your pressure washer, do the following:

  1. Hand pull large weeds
    Remove all the larger weeds by hand and place in compost or rubbish bins.
  2. Use a pressure washer to remove weeds
    Using the correct pressure setting, and the correct nozzle for the particular surface you are weeding, blast the weeds away with the pressurised water.
  3. Clean the whole driveway
    Carry on over the whole driveway cleaning all of the surface as well as removing all of the weeds. Work from the area closest to the house and out towards the street.
  4. Repair any damage
    If your driveway is made from block paving, repair and replace any sand or mortar that has been removed by the water pressure.
  5. Apply sealant
    After allowing the driveway to completely dry, apply a sealant to protect the drive and prevent weeds from reappearing.

Why Remove Weeds From Driveways?

There are other benefits to using a pressure washer to remove weeds from the driveway. It’s not just about “kerb appeal”, other benefits include:


 Weeds, algae and moss make your drive a much more slippery surface. This can be dangerous for driving and walking. Plus weeds act as a trap for litter. Paper and plastic bags blow in the wind and can get trapped in the weeds on your driveway.


This is not only an eyesore, but it is also a harbourer of germs and bacteria and unwanted litter can attract all kinds of rodent life to the property too. Rats, mice, and many other creatures can take up residence if you allow litter and waste to build up on your drive. 

Cleaner Drive

If weeds and moss are allowed to grow, dust blown in by the wind will build-up making the driveway dirtier quicker.

Energy Efficient

A half-hour session removing weeds and pressure washing your driveway will keep weeds, dirt and debris away for months. On average it takes a quarter of the time to clear a driveway using a pressure washer compared to using a hose and brush. It also saves up to 80% of the water you would use by washing the drive with a hose.

Save Time And Money On Maintenance

Allowing weeds to grow unchallenged can lead to cracks and splits forming in your drive that will need time and money to repair. 

Enhanced Property Value

By keeping your drive weed and moss free, you add that all-important “kerb appeal”, that adds value to your property price. It is estimated that clean and tidy driveways and entrances can add between £5,000 to £10,000 to the resell value of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you power wash weeds?

Power washing your driveway is the most effective and efficient way of cleaning dirt, moss, algae and weeds away.

What is the best pressure washer to remove weeds?

Most good pressure washers will be capable of removing weeds. To see our top rated pressure washers click here.

Is it OK to pressure wash pavers?

As long as you are careful, pressure washing pavers helps to remove weeds, moss and stains.

How much PSi do I need to clean a concrete driveway?

To clean a concrete driveway with a pressure washer you need 3,000 PSI.

Should you seal your driveway after pressure washing?

After pressure washing your driveway, you should seal the driveway to protect the surface and prevent weed growth.

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