Are Reconditioned Washing Machines Any Good? (the truth)

For many years the reconditioned washing machine market was thriving. That was back in the days when washing machines were expensive and took up far more of the average monthly income. Nowadays it’s possible to buy a brand new washing machine for as little as £200. So are reconditioned washing machines any good?

What Is A Reconditioned Washing Machine? 

This is the problem with buying anything that’s not new, just how reconditioned is it? Of course, there’s no way of telling, we’re buying it blind, and in all probability there will be little or no warranty on it after purchase (depending on where you buy it).

Reconditioning when it comes to washing machines can mean a dented side panel or a scratched top panel that has been buffed slightly so the scratch is less noticeable. Or a machine that’s had any number of replacement parts fitted to get it running again. The customer has no real way of telling whether the reconditioning was purely cosmetic or mechanical.

It could have developed a leak that turned out to be a loose hose connector, or it could have been a full motor replacement. In any event, to compete with some of the budget new machines, it will need to be cheaply priced.

What reconditioning should mean of course, is the machine has not only been repaired and any damaged parts replaced, but also that the machine has had a full diagnostic check up and service. We have no idea if this has been done, now we’re not saying that all reconditioned washing machines are no good. Just that we have no way of telling a good one from a poor quality one.

Who Reconditioned The Machine?

This can be the deciding factor when buying a reconditioned washing machine, because if the machine was reconditioned by the manufacturer, using original parts it will come with a warranty that means something. However, not all refurbishers use original parts, many use generic parts which are not always up to the same standard as original parts.

Manufacturers often have highly qualified technicians on site to ensure that any reconditioned machine that leaves the factory works as well as a brand new machine. That’s not to say independent refurbishers don’t do a similar job, but you just can’t tell.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Reconditioned Washing Machine?

As with anything we do in life there are advantages and disadvantages, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of buying a reconditioned washing machine.

The Pros Of Reconditioned Washing Machines 

The biggest advantage has to be the price, or more accurately the saving it is possible to make. When top of the range or mid range models are reconditioned they are often sold at massive discounts compared to their original price. This means consumers could make savings of up to 50-60% on the retail price. 

The Cons Of Reconditioned Washing Machines

As we said earlier, it depends who does the reconditioning and the type of parts they use as replacements. Which of course we will never know (before purchasing). Also the way the market is now, lower end models could never be reconditioned and sold at an affordable price. This means you will still have to spend as much as the price of a new machine even if you do buy a reconditioned machine, it will just be a mid range model. 

Often washing machines that have not been reconditioned by the manufacturer will have a far shorter warranty. Which is not a very comforting thought after having spent your hard earned money on a machine that you will be relying on.

Alternatives To Buying Reconditioned Washing Machines

If you don’t feel comfortable taking a chance on a reconditioned washing machine, and you are not in a financial position to buy a new model, there is an alternative. There are a number of companies that rent new washing machines on a weekly basis. With many top of the range models by top companies on offer, you might find this to be a worry free alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many years should a washing machine last?

The average lifespan of a washing machine is between 6 to 13 years. Although many of the top brands will last longer than this depending on how you treat them.

What does a reconditioned washing machine mean?

A reconditioned washing machine is a machine that has been returned to the manufacturer due to a fault and has been repaired, tested and offered for sale at a lower price.

Are reconditioned washing machines any good?

Whether a reconditioned washing machine is any good or not depends on who reconditioned it and whether they used original or generic parts.

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