Best Integrated Washing Machine 2024

If you have a fully integrated kitchen, and your washing machine needs replacing, you are going to want to replace it with the best choice available. Technology moves fast nowadays, so there will probably be new innovations that you have never considered in a washing machine since your last purchase. So read on for all you need to know to buy the best integrated washing machine.

Best Selling Integrated Washing Machines UK

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hisense 3 Series WF3M741BWI Intergrated 7 KG Front Load Washing Machine - Durable Inverter | Quick Wash Baby Care | Wool - 14 Washing Programs 1400 RPM White- Energy Rating A
4 Reviews
Hisense 3 Series WF3M741BWI Intergrated 7 KG Front Load Washing Machine - Durable Inverter | Quick Wash Baby Care | Wool - 14 Washing Programs 1400 RPM White- Energy Rating A
  • 7kg drum capacity - great for medium households
  • 15 Programmes - We are focused on creating premium washingmachines, with superior cleaning and ease of useat the forefront of our minds.This product endorsessuperb functions such as baby care ,quick washand drum clean.
Bestseller No. 2
Hoover HBWS 48D1W4-80 Integrated Washing Machine, 8kg Load, 1400rpm, White - B Rated
  • KG Mode is the function that weighs the laundry within the first 4 minutes of the program, adapting the water, energy consumption and time of cycle with a scientific precision
  • The Allergy Care Cycle is designed to remove allergens and bacteria by increasing the washing temperature up to 60° C for a prolonged time and by extending the rinsing phase; it is the ideal program to sanitize baby clothes, ensuring the best hygiene for you and your family
SaleBestseller No. 3
Indesit Integrated BIWMIL71252UKN 7kg 1200RPM Washing Machine - White
27 Reviews
Indesit Integrated BIWMIL71252UKN 7kg 1200RPM Washing Machine - White
  • 7kg Drum Capacity - Great for medium sized households
  • Push&Go - One push for clean laundry in just 45 minutes
SaleBestseller No. 4
CANDY CBW 49D1W4-80 Integrated Washing Machine, 9kg Load, 1400RPM, White - B rated
  • The best combination of time and performance; candy washing machines allow you to choose between no fewer than four cycles that are less than an hour long yet 100% effective
  • With a delay start the laundry will be ready just when you want it; it allows you to program the start of the washing cycle with a maximum delay of 24 hours; no more worries of unpleasant odours created by wet laundry that has been left inside the machine; no more wasting of the energy consumption, setting the laundry when the electricity is more convenient
SaleBestseller No. 5
BIWMHG91485UK Integrated 9Kg Washing Machine
  • 9kg Drum Capacity - Great for large households
  • Anti-stain Quick - Remove everyday stains in just 45 minutes

Fully Integrated Washing Machine Explained

A fully integrated washing machine is a machine that is completely hidden from view behind a cupboard door. They’re perfect if you don’t like to look at your appliances, and are particularly good for smaller families. Integrated washing machines are narrower, thinner and have a smaller base area to continue the plinth around the kitchen units.

Due to their design, they cannot be left freestanding, they rely on the cupboard to support the machine. As a result of this, they have lower spin speeds than freestanding machines which are of a more robust design. 

What Is A Semi-Integrated Washing Machine?

A semi-integrated washing machine is similar in many ways to an integrated machine apart from the control panel is on display in a semi-integrated machine. Here are less semi-integrated machines available but they can be handy if you want to see how long the cycle has to run at a glance.

Should You Purchase An Integrated Washing Machine?

Space is the biggest factor we have found, when it comes to the top reasons for buying an integrated washing machine. Or rather the lack of space. Full size machines are deeper and wider than integrated machines, which means they take up more space. If you have a small kitchen then an integrated machine might be your only option. 

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of an integrated washing machine.

Pros For An Integrated Washing MachineCons For An Integrated Washing Machine
Maintains an equal space of kitchen floorLess choice
Fits flush to other kitchen unitsMore expensive to purchase
Built-in and hidden from viewMore expensive to install, maintain and repair

What Are The Advantages Of An Integrated Washing Machine?

The main advantage of an integrated washing machine are:

  A Washing Machine That Fits In Your Kitchen

As space is at a premium, having an integrated washing machine allows you to at least do your washing at home.

Keeps The Look Of The Kitchen Tidy

As you cannot see the washing machine at all, the kitchen has that uniform, ordered look.

Saves On Kitchen Floor Space

As the washing machine is fitted behind the standard cabinet, it keeps the floorspace clear and uniform.

Quiet Running Sounds

Because the integrated washing machine is behind a cupboard door the noise level is kept to a minimum.

What Are The Disadvantages Of An Integrated Washing Machine?

There are a few disadvantages to having an integrated washing machine they are :

Less Choice Available

Less than 20% of all washing machines manufactured are integrated, so you have far less choice  when it comes to buying a machine.

Cost More To Buy

As there is less choice, you will always have to buy an integrated washing machine with some sort of compromise. Integrated machines are at least £30 to £150 more to buy than a freestanding model.

Integrated Washing Machines Smell

As you can’t leave the washing machine door open because it’s part of an integrated kitchen design, the machine doesn’t have the ability to dry out between uses. This causes damp and moulds to form inside the machine. Which makes the machine smell.

Can’t Take It With You If You Move

With a freestanding washing machine, if you move it’s simple to disconnect the washing machine and take it with you. With an integrated machine, that’s virtually impossible. Too small a space to work in, and less access to pipes and wires.


Integrated Washing Machine Buyers Guide

Before buying an integrated washing machine consider the following:

Model size

Not all integrated machines are equally sized. It might only be a few millimetres but that can make all the difference when it comes to installation. Be sure to accurately measure the space you have to fit your machine in.

Wash Cycles

Consider what your washing usually consists of, and find a machine that has cycles suitable for your washing, cycles like sportswear, woolens, towels, duvets, sheets, school uniforms, delicates like silk etc.

Drum Size

Although integrated washing machines have a limited choice, look for the largest drum size you can find. The larger the drum size, the more capacity of washing it can wash at one time. 9 kg seems to be the largest available with integrated machines.

Special Cycles And Programs

Things like quick wash, or delay switches to take advantage of lower tariff rates (economy 7 etc).


We always say stick to a tried and tested brand. Their machines usually last longer and give the least amount of problems.


Is the machine able to wash at lower temperatures? Use less soap powder etc and what about energy ratings? Some integrated machines have A+++rated energy efficiency levels.

Less Ironing

Some models have a steam program that removes creases and lowers the need for ironing

Door Size

 Just because it’s a smaller machine doesn’t necessarily mean it has to have a smaller door. There are a few integrated models that have near enough full-size doors.

Self Cleaning Program

Some models have a self cleaning program that removes bacteria with a hot wash.

Noise Levels

Some integrated machines have a quiet spin cycle, quiet enough to not interrupt normal conversation. Perfect for open plan kitchen diners.

Digital Display

Is the display panel easy to interpret? 

How Much Does An Integrated Washing Machine Cost?

 Integrated washing machines range in price from around £270 for a 7 kg model with a 1400 spin speed, and rise to around £949 for a 8 kg with a 1400 spin speed and A+++ energy rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get an integrated washing machine?

You can get an integrated washing machine, many of the top manufacturers make integrated washing machines.

What noise level is quiet for a washing machine?

Anything 50 decibels or below is considered quiet for a washing machine.

How much space do you need behind an integrated washing machine?

You need to allow a space of 3 to 4 cm between the back of the machine and the wall to allow room for the pipework.

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