Can You Put Burgers In An Air Fryer? (read this first)

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly barbecued beef burger. The problem is, living in the UK, hot sunny days are few and far between. Which means we need to find alternative ways to cook our burgers.

And the best way we’ve found to cook burgers is using an air fryer. Read on to learn the best method…

Why Should You Cook Burgers In An Air Fryer?

The main issue we have with cooking burgers indoors is the way the grease and cooking smells seem to permeate the whole kitchen, and beyond.

Thankfully you can cook burgers in the air fryer which virtually eliminates all of the mess and unwanted smells from your home.

But that’s not all…

Because the air fryer is so much smaller than the oven, it means we only have to heat a small area to cook our burgers and as the air fryer relies on a frequent flow of hot air passing all around the food, the burgers are cooked in a really short time.

This saves on energy costs as well as time, and as we said before, most of the cooking smells are contained within the air fryer.

How To Cook Burgers In An Air Fryer

Cooking burgers in an air fryer is so easy to do and they cook really quickly too. Which means you can feed your family in a matter of minutes without firing up the barbecue or stinking the kitchen out.

All you need to do is arrange the burgers in the air fryer basket. Ensuring that they do not overlap and are in a single layer.

Then set the temperature and timer and apart from having to flip them around the halfway point, that’s it.

What Temperature Do You Cook Burgers At In An Air Fryer?

The perfect temperature for cooking burgers in an air fryer is 180 C (350 F). Don’t be tempted to cook your burgers at a higher temperature in the misguided belief that they’ll cook faster because they won’t. 

All that will happen is the outside will get burnt to a crisp whilst the inside is likely to be underdone.

Burgers are cooked correctly when the internal temperature reaches between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F). You should check the temperature using a meat thermometer to ensure they are cooked and safe to eat.

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How Long Should Burgers Be Cooked For In An Air Fryer?

The amount of time needed to cook your burgers in your air fryer depends on how big and thick your burgers are. 

All air fryers are different and if you make your own burgers there is no regulated size either. 

This means any timings are approximate which is why we recommend using a meat thermometer.

The average time that burgers take to cook in an air fryer is 10 minutes.

After 5 minutes you should flip the burger using some air fryer safe tongs.

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Can You Cook Frozen Burgers In An Air Fryer?

You can cook burgers from frozen in an air fryer, you will just need to adjust the cooking times slightly.

We would suggest you add 2 minutes to the total cooking time and flip the burgers after 6 minutes.

So in total that’s around 12 minutes at 180 C when cooking from frozen.

You’ll know if they’re cooked thoroughly if the meat thermometer temperature reaches between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F).

Can You Cook Quarter Pounders In An Air Fryer?

You can cook quarter pounder burgers in an air fryer. Just be aware that they will need longer to reach the safe internal temperature of between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F).

The quarter pounders should be arranged in the basket in a single layer. Try to arrange them so that they are not touching.

Cook on 180 C (350 F) for 15 minutes (flipping them at around the 7 ½ minute point).

How To Save On Cleaning Up After Cooking Burgers In An Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to cook your burgers means that most of the smells and mess are contained within the air fryer.

Which is a great improvement on using a grill, frying pan or conventional oven to cook your burgers.

However, there are a few different items that can be used for even less clearing up. These include;

Disposable Air Fryer Liners

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Made from reinforced baking (parchment) paper, these liners are designed to fit in the basket (or on the shelf) of your air fryer.

They capture all of the grease inside the liner as the burgers are cooking.

After the burgers are cooked, the liner can be removed complete with any grease, leaving the air fryer basket completely clean.

Silicone Air Fryer Liners

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These are of a similar design to the disposable liners except they are made from reusable food grade silicone. They are environmentally friendly as they can be used time after time.

They can also be used in air fryers, microwave ovens and steamers and they’re dishwasher safe too.

Aluminium Foil Trays

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There are several shaped aluminium foil trays available for use in the air fryer so you’ll need to find the shape and size that fits in your air fryer’s basket.

They can withstand high temperatures and will prevent any grease or fat from spreading in your air fryer as the burgers cook.

You should never use aluminium foil or foil trays if you are cooking anything that’s acidic. This includes foods like; tomatoes, peppers, lemons, citrus, wine, vinegar, or any marinade or sauce containing any acidic foods.

This is because when acidic foods and aluminium are in contact with each other there is a chemical reaction which allows the aluminium to leach into the food.

As there have been studies which imply that aluminium is linked with Alzheimer’s, we would advise not using aluminium foil or foil trays when cooking anything acidic.

However, cooking burgers in an aluminium foil tray should be OK unless you use any acidic ingredients when making your burgers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to cook burgers in an air fryer?

It is safe to cook burgers in an air fryer. Just arrange the burgers in a single layer in the basket of the air fryer and cook at 180 C (350 F) for around 10 minutes. Flip the burgers after 5 minutes and check the internal temperature using a meat thermometer. The internal temperature needs to be between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F).

How long do burgers take in an air fryer UK?

The amount of time it takes to cook burgers in the air fryer depends on a number of factors; the size and thickness of the burgers, the particular air fryer you are using and whether the burgers are frozen or not. The average time it takes to cook 4 standard fresh burgers in an air fryer set at 180 C (350 F) is around 10 minutes.

Can you put frozen burgers in an air fryer?

You can cook burgers from frozen in an air fryer. They will take anywhere between 12 to 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 C (350 F). You will need to check that the internal temperature reaches a temperature of between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F) using a meat thermometer.

Can you wrap a burger in foil in an air fryer?

It is not a good idea to wrap a burger completely in foil to cook it in an air fryer. Air fryers rely on a constant stream of hot air circulating all around the food as it cooks. If you wrap the burger in foil, the air cannot circulate all around the burger.

Do you need to flip burgers in the air fryer?

Although it is not absolutely necessary to flip burgers in the air fryer, it is advisable to flip them at around the halfway point.

Can you cook quarter pounders in an air fryer?

 You can cook quarter pounders in an air fryer. They should be placed in the air fryer basket in a single layer, allowing a space between each burger. Cook for 15 minutes at 180 C (350 F) and turn them after around 7 minutes. Check that the internal temperature is between 71 to 76 C (160 to 170 F) using a meat thermometer before serving.

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