Can You Put Overalls In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put your overalls in the washing machine, but it’s crucial to always check the care label first for any specific washing guidelines. 

Overalls should be washed at high temperatures to effectively kill bacteria and remove tough stains. Certain stains might set if washed in cold water, although it can be effective for other types of stains.

But beyond simply checking the care label, what other washing tips are there that could make a difference? Keep reading to learn how to effectively tackle stains and manage different fabric types.

How To Machine Wash Your Overalls

Always check the wash care labels

Always check the care instructions on your overalls before you start washing them. The tag provides key details on how to care for the fabric, including the right temperatures and recommended detergent.

To prepare your overalls for washing, make sure to tie the straps together and place them inside the overalls to prevent the metal clasps from damaging your washing machine drum. 

For bib overalls or any overalls with straps, consider covering each metal clasp with a sock secured with a rubber band to avoid any harm to the drum.

Use a hot wash cycle for regular cleaning. If the overalls are not overly dirty, this should suffice. Always opt for a detergent that is appropriate for the fabric type and stain level of your overalls.

Remember to wash overalls separately from your usual clothes to avoid transferring stains. 

What Temperature Should You Wash Overalls At?

Polyester and cotton coveralls are typically safe to wash at 60 degrees Celsius. Look at the care label for symbols indicating the washing temperature, usually represented by a tub of water with a number inside that matches the temperature. 

For optimal results, especially when dealing with bacteria or deeply ingrained dirt, consider a two-cycle wash: pre-wash at 40 degrees followed by a main wash at no more than 60 degrees.

How To Clean Greasy Or Oily Overalls

two people wearing overalls

For overalls that are oily or greasy, opt for the hottest water setting recommended by the care label. You might want to apply a bit of undiluted detergent directly on any greasy spots before starting the wash. 

For a deeper clean, especially for heavily soiled overalls, apply a combination of washing-up liquid and white vinegar directly on the stains, rub them for a few minutes, let them soak, and then scrub again before machine washing.

Can You Put Overalls In The Dryer?

Tumble Dryer

You can dry your overalls in a tumble dryer, but it’s important to consider the material and any special features like insulation or reflective parts. 

Insulated overalls retain a lot of water and may take a long time to dry, while overalls with reflective parts may not be suitable for dryer use due to the risk of shrinking. 

Generally, air drying is recommended. Hang them outside on a washing line or from a door on a coat hanger for quick drying in warm weather.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash overalls in a machine?

Yes, you can wash overalls in a machine. It’s important to check the care label for any specific instructions before proceeding.

How to wash dirty overalls?

To wash dirty overalls, first tie the straps and cover any metal clasps with socks secured by rubber bands to protect the washing machine drum. Use a hot wash cycle and a suitable detergent based on the fabric type and level of soil.

Can I put overalls in the dryer?

Yes, you can put overalls in the dryer. However, it’s crucial to check the material and any special features like insulation or reflective parts to determine the best drying method. Air drying is generally recommended to avoid damage and shrinkage.

Do overalls shrink in the wash?

Overalls can shrink in the wash, especially if washed or dried at high temperatures. Always refer to the care label to choose the appropriate temperature settings to minimise the risk of shrinking.

Can I wash oily overalls in the washing machine?

Yes, you can wash oily overalls in the washing machine. Pre-treat greasy spots with undiluted detergent or a mix of washing-up liquid and white vinegar, scrub, soak, and then wash using the hottest water setting recommended by the care label.

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