Can You Tumble Dry Chinos? (is it ok or will they shrink)

Although it is possible to tumble dry chinos occasionally, it is not recommended.

Like all other types of denim, chinos are best dried on a washing line.

Subjecting chinos to the rough and tumble action of the dryer as well as exposing them to heat, can, and will cause them to wear out faster.

If you want to prolong the life of your chinos, you should keep them away from the tumble dryer.

What The Tumble Dryer Symbols Mean On Chinos

Tumble Dryer Symbols On Clothes

Almost all clothing items have care labels which give advice on washing and drying.

Below we have listed all of the symbols relating to tumble dryers that can be found on care labels.

Only some of these symbols are likely to be found on chinos but we have included them all for your information.

Square With White Circle

This symbol is used to indicate that the item can be tumble dried. You might find this on your chinos but we still recommend not drying them in the tumble dryer.

Square With A White Circle With One Black Dot In Circle

This symbol is used to indicate that the item can be dried in a tumble dryer using the low heat setting. It is possible that you might find this symbol on your chinos.

Square With A White Circle With Two Black Dots In Circle

This symbol indicates the item can be dried in a tumble dryer on the medium heat setting. This could be found on chinos.

Square With A White Circle With Three Black Dots In Circle

This is the symbol that indicates that the item can be dried on a high heat setting. It is possible that you’ll find this symbol on some chinos.

Square With A Black Circle

This is the symbol that indicates that the item can be tumble dried using no heat. In some cases it is possible to find this symbol on some chinos.

Square With A White Circle And A Black X On Top

This is the symbol that indicates do not tumble dry.

How To Dry Chinos Without A Tumble Dryer

The best way to dry your chinos is to air dry them. There are several ways to air dry chinos which include;

Drying Your Chinos On A Washing Line

You can hang your chinos on a washing line, retractable clothesline or rotary line. 

They should be turned inside out to prevent colour fade due to the sun’s rays.

Drying Chinos On A Clothes Horse (AKA Airer)

You can set up an airer outside or indoors on bad weather days.

The chinos can either be laid flat on one of the racks or suspended from one of the bars to dry.

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Drying Chinos In An Airing Cupboard

If you own an airing cupboard it is the perfect place to dry your chinos. Simply lay them on a shelf until completely dry.

Using An Electric Fan To Simulate A Breeze Indoors

If you need your chinos to dry fast and the weather doesn’t allow outdoor drying, you can simulate a gentle drying breeze indoors using an electric fan.

Just aim the fan at your drying chinos but be sure to have a window open to allow the air to flow freely.

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Dehumidifiers Help Dry Chinos Faster Indoors

Placing a dehumidifier in the same room as the drying chinos will help to dry them faster. As the dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, it allows the chinos to release moisture at a faster rate.

This will considerably shorten the amount of time it takes your chinos to dry.

Why You Should Always Read The Wash Care Label On Chinos

Always check the wash care labels

The wash care label is there for a reason, to give you the best advice on how to wash and dry your chinos without causing them any damage.

If you fail to adhere to these care instructions you can expect;

Your Chinos Will Shrink

Exposing your chinos to high temperatures could cause them to shrink. It is far better to air dry your chinos than to tumble dry them. 

If you do have to tumble chinos, they should be removed from the dryer before they are completely dry and allowed to air dry for the rest of the drying time.

Your Chinos Will Wrinkle

Over drying chinos in a tumble dryer could cause them to wrinkle.

It is far better to hang your chinos from a washing line, this will allow any wrinkles to fall out naturally and save you the job of ironing them out.

Your Chinos Will Wear Out Faster

The rough treatment that your chinos will suffer in a tumble dryer will eventually cause damage to the fabric.

Even though chinos are tough like denims, over time they will fray or rip. This is accelerated in the tumble dryer. If you want your chinos to last longer, keep them away from the tumble dryer and air dry them instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to put chinos in a tumble dryer?

It is safe to put chinos in a tumble dryer occasionally. However, they will last far longer if they are air dried.

How do you wash chinos without wrinkles?

To prevent wrinkles, you should always hang your chinos on a washing line as soon as they are finished washing.

How can I dry chinos without a tumble dryer?

Without a tumble dryer you should always air dry your chinos. Hang them from a washing line (inside out to prevent colour fade) or indoors on an airer or in an airing cupboard.

Will chinos shrink in the wash?

Chinos are likely to shrink in the wash just like any denim or similar trousers.

Do chinos lose Colour?

Chinos are likely to lose colour due to washing, wearing and sunlight.

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