What Does Easy Iron Mean On A Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer?

Modern washing machines and tumble dryers often have lots of programmes and functions that at first glance don’t make much sense. One of these features is the easy iron function. 

If your washing machine and/or tumble dryer has the words “easy iron” or a symbol that looks like an iron, and you’ve been wondering what it means, keep reading.

Because in this article we look into the easy iron programme, how to use it, when to use it and the benefits as well as the disadvantages of using it.

What Is The Easy Iron Function On A Washing Machine?

Easy iron is a programme on some washing machines (and some tumble dryers) that is designed to wash clothes in such a way that they are easier to iron. It works by spinning the clothes at a lower speed to prevent them becoming tangled in the drum and creased up.

This allows you an easier task of ironing the fewer wrinkles from the clothes.This function should be used on clothes that you know can be difficult to iron after washing.

How Does Easy Iron Work On Washing Machines?

Washing is usually subjected to a fast and pretty violent spin cycle whilst being washed in a washing machine. As they are spun, the clothes become tangled which causes wrinkles and creases to form on the fabrics. This is often prevalent on clothes that are more prone to wrinkling like linen and cotton clothes.

Selecting the easy iron option, reduces the spin speed and the duration that the clothes are spinning. This reduces the agitation which in turn creates less wrinkles.

It won’t mean that the clothes don’t need to be ironed, just that they’ll need less ironing.

Washing Machine

What Are The Pros & Cons Of The Easy Iron Function On Washing Machines?

Everything in life has benefits as well as disadvantages and the easy iron function is no different.

What Are The Advantages?

Let’s look at the advantages of using the easy iron function on your washing machine.

  • Ironing Is Less Of A Task
    There are many people who hate ironing, it can seem like a thankless task. As the clothes leave the washing machine with far less creases, they are so much easier to iron. In some cases, the clothes won’t need to be ironed at all, just hung up to remove the few creases that remain.
  • Clothes Last Longer
    One of the main reasons that clothes wear out so fast is the rough treatment they’re subjected to in the washing machine. As the easy iron function reduces all of that twisting and wrinkling on your clothes, they will last longer.
  • Saves Money
    As there are less creases, ironing takes less time which means a reduction in electricity usage. Also as clothes last longer, you won’t need to buy new clothes quite so often.

What Are The Disadvantages?

On the other hand, using the easy iron function does have a few disadvantages as well which include;

  • Excess Water Consumption
    Washing machines use up to 30% more water when using the easy iron function. If you’re on a water meter, this can be a huge increase in the cost of your water.
  • Less Washing Capacity
    The easy iron function will only work if the drum isn’t completely full. If you were to fill the drum completely, the clothes would come out just as creased as they usually do, even after using the easy iron function.
  • Poor Rinsing
    Because of the low spin speed, clothes tend to be rinsed less effectively. Which can lead to detergent residue on the clothes.

What Is The Easy Iron Function On A Tumble Dryer?

Just like on many washing machines, many dryers now also feature an easy iron function. And just like the function on a washing machine, the easy iron function on a tumble dryer is designed to condition the clothes for easy ironing.

How Does Easy Iron Work On A Tumble Dryer?

The easy iron function on a tumble dryer works by only drying the clothes to a certain level. This means the clothes retain a certain amount of moisture.

The clothes are subjected to a shorter, gentler and cooler cycle than is usual in a tumble dryer. Plus the clothes receive less agitation to help prevent wrinkles from forming.

When the clothes are taken from the dryer, they can be ironed directly without the need for extra wetting to help with the ironing out of stubborn creases.

What Does Easy Iron Do?

The easy iron function on the tumble dryer relaxes the fabric which reduces the creases making any that are left easy to iron out. This reduces ironing time and makes the task of ironing easier to perform.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using The Easy Iron Function?

The problem with this function is, the clothes need to be ironed immediately on removal from the dryer. Otherwise they will start to smell musty as they have a higher level of moisture than clothes usually have on removal from the dryer.

If you’re not going to iron the clothes straight away, we would recommend not using the easy iron function. 

Instead use a regular drying programme which will at least remove all of the moisture from the clothes. This will enable you to store them away without them becoming musty.

Are There Any Other Settings That Make Ironing Easier On Tumble Dryers?

Many tumble dryers have at least one other feature that will help prevent the need for extreme ironing.

Anti-Crease Setting

The anti-crease setting should also be engaged when using the easy iron function on your tumble dryer. It works by regularly turning the drum even after the programme has finished to prevent the clothes from becoming compacted and creased. 

It is not advisable to leave the clothes in the drum for too long after applying the easy iron function as it defeats the whole purpose. However, the anti-crease function is handy to use for a few minutes.

We often find removing items from the drum one at a time, ironing that piece and then returning to the dryer (which has been turning to prevent creasing) then removing the next piece and so on, works well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does easy iron mean on a tumble dryer?

The easy iron function on a tumble dryer is a shorter, gentler and cooler cycle than is usually used on tumble dryers to help prevent clothes from becoming too creased in the drum. 

What does easy iron mean on a washing machine?

The easy iron function on a washing machine is a programme that spins the clothes at a lower speed to reduce wrinkles and creases and also reduce the time needed to iron your clothes.

Does easy iron dry clothes?

The easy iron function on a tumble dryer, doesn’t dry clothes completely, it dries them to a level of moisture that is easy to iron. If the clothes were completely dry, they would be more difficult to iron.

Can you iron clothes straight from the washing machine?

You can iron clothes straight from the washing machine, in fact ironing damp clothes is easier than ironing dry clothes.

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