Frigidaire Refrigerator Beeping? (just do this)

If you own a Frigidaire refrigerator and it is beeping it can be quite worrying, but there is usually an understandable reason for this annoying problem. In this article we’ll highlight all of the possible reasons your Frigidaire refrigerator is making that beeping noise. And we’ll show you just how to remedy whatever problem is causing the refrigerator to beep.

Consult Your User Guide

If you still have the user guide that came with your Frigidaire refrigerator, consult the troubleshooting section to diagnose the cause of your alarm. If you don’t have a user guide or you’ve misplaced it, don’t worry. We have listed all of the possible causes for the beeping below.

Power Outage

If there is a power outage your Frigidaire refrigerator will start beeping as soon as the power comes back on and continue beeping until you press the alarm reset button. Depending on the model you own, it might display PF on the screen. PF is the error code for power failure and will display alongside the alarm beeping continuously. By pressing the alarm reset button you are notifying the fridge that you’re aware of the power failure and it will shut off the alarm.

Some models don’t have an alarm reset button, you might have to press the set button or the cancel button. But whichever button works on your refrigerator, once it has been pressed the alarm should stop beeping. If it doesn’t it’s likely to be because the contents of the fridge are too warm.

This happens after a power outage especially in warm, temperate climates. The problem is, both alarms sound the same, so even though you’ve deactivated the power failure alarm, your fridge is now detecting the temperature inside the fridge is too high and it’s alerting you to that fact.

Refrigerator Running At Too High A Temperature

If the refrigerator’s temperature gets to 55F (13C) or above, the alarm will sound, likewise if the freezer temperature gets to 26F (-3C) or more the alarm will sound. Depending on the model fridge you own, you’ll possibly see a display of “H” or “H1”

The most probable cause of the temperature alarm activating is the door has been left open. All it takes is a slight gap and warm air can enter the refrigerator and activate the alarm. However, there are other reasons for the alarm to sound these include;

  • Refrigerator too full (overloaded)
  • Refrigerator too empty (not enough objects to hold onto colder air)
  • Defective door seal
  • Blocked air vents
  • Compressor fault
  • Evaporator fault
  • Thermostat fault
  • Condenser fault

Usually all it takes to stop the alarm is to shut the fridge door properly and wait for the temperature to reach it’s set level. Then reset the alarm button and that should resolve the issue.

If the alarm continues to beep even after being reset, it could indicate a more serious problem which will need further investigation.

Door Left Ajar

This is often the reason for the beeping alarm and is easily fixed by just closing the door properly and then resetting the alarm button. Sometimes the fault isn’t so obvious and could be caused by one of the following;

  • Faulty door sensor
  • Faulty door switch
  • Damaged door seal

You will need to inspect each of these and replace as necessary.

Faulty Door Switch

There is a switch that is pushed in once the fridge door is closed, sometimes these switches develop a fault which can cause them to prevent the door from closing correctly. Check the switch which will either be a plastic lever type switch or a magnetic switch.

Check nothing is obstructing the switch and that it is operating correctly.

Damaged Door Seals

Over time the door seals on your refrigerator can become worn or brittle. If the door isn’t sealed correctly the cold air can escape and warm air can enter which will cause the alarm to beep. Inspect the door seals regularly and if you notice any sign of significant wear, replace them immediately. While inspecting the door seals we advise you to make sure they are clean and free from any dirt or objects likely to compromise the door seal.

Blocked Air Vents

The biggest cause of blocked vents is ice buildup. Inspect the air vents on both the refrigerator and freezer compartments for blockages. If there is a buildup of ice you might want to defrost your refrigerator to remove the ice completely.

Refrigerator Too Full

Having too much stored in your fridge can cause it to struggle to reach the set temperature level. There could also be something preventing the door from closing fully. It might look like it all clears the door but you can’t see what’s actually happening inside the fridge once you shut the door.

Refrigerator Too Empty

Some people find this one hard to accept, they believe that having the refrigerator nearly empty means it doesn’t need to work so hard to keep it cool. But the opposite is often true, having the refrigerator at least halfway full helps to maintain an even temperature for longer. This is because the items within the fridge actually hold on to cold air which makes the temperature more stable. Which in turn means the refrigerator doesn’t need to work so hard.

Water Filter Needs Replacing

If the water filter is in need of replacing, the fridge will beep to bring this to your attention. Check the display on your fridge to see the condition of the water filter and change as necessary. Once You have changed the water filter, be sure to reset the water filter light.

Ice Maker Blocked

If your Frigidaire refrigerator has an ice maker, check that the ice chute isn’t blocked as this can cause a malfunction in the ice maker which will sound an alarm. Clear any blockage either by hand or by defrosting the unit to resolve this problem.

Faulty Components

If, after checking all of the above, the beeping still continues, it could be something more serious. Either the;

  • Thermostat
  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser

Could have developed a fault, these should be checked by a qualified electrician and if your fridge is still under warranty you need to contact the manufacturer. Before calling the engineer it’s worth checking the evaporator and condenser for a buildup of dirt or dust and check the fans are running freely too.

Control Board Fault

While the engineer is with you, get them to check the control board as well. Because if everything else is running correctly, it’s probably the control board that’s causing the problem. Again this should only be done by a fully qualified electrical engineer and if your refrigerator is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

How To Stop The Beeping

If there is no reset button on your refrigerator it is possible to perform a hard reset. All you do is disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply for 10 to 15 minutes to be sure any residue power is dissipated. Then reconnect the power, the beeping should be gone now.

What Does It Mean When The Fridge Makes 5 Beeps?

If you hear a set of 5 beeps it indicates that the fridge door is not shut correctly. It only needs to be slightly ajar to set off the door alarm. Check the doors line up correctly and that the appliance is on a level surface.

The following video shows how to adjust the level of the refrigerator correctly.

This video shows how to align the doors correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 5 beeps mean on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

5 beeps on a Frigidaire refrigerator means the temperature within the fridge is too high. This is often caused by the door not being shut properly.

Why is my Frigidaire refrigerator beeping h1?

If your Frigidaire refrigerator is beeping and showing H1 it indicates the fridge and/or freezer has risen above the temperature level that it should be at. This is often caused by the door being slightly ajar.

Does a Frigidaire refrigerator have a reset button?

Frigidaire refrigerators don’t have a reset button but it is possible to reset it by performing a hard reset. This involves removing the power supply and allowing 5 to 10 minutes to pass before reconnecting the power supply.

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