Hoover Nextra Washing Machine Error Code 3? (here’s why and how to fix)

If you own a Hoover Nextra washing machine which has stopped mid-cycle and the start and delay-start lights flash 3 times, keep reading. It can be annoying and worrying if your washer develops a problem but it’s not always a serious problem.

The issue can often be solved relatively easily and quickly without the need for contacting a technician. In this article we take a close look at the error code 3 on a Hoover Nextra, explain what it means and offer ways to resolve this issue.

What Does Error Code 3 Mean On A Hoover Nextra Washing Machine?

The error code 3 on Hoover Nextra washing machines indicates that the drain pump has timed out. In simple terms it means that the water inside the appliance failed to drain out of the machine in a given time span.

This is a similar process in all modern washing machines, once the machine starts to drain, it is timed by internal software and monitored by the PCB (printed circuit board). 

The amount of time allowed or set for the washer to drain varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but with this particular model, the time allowed is 3 minutes.

This means that if the PCB hasn’t received a message indicating that all of the water has drained from the appliance after 3 minutes, it figures that there’s something wrong and stops the programme and displays error code 3.

What Causes Error Code 3?

There are several likely causes for the Hoover Nextra washing machine to display error code 3 which include;

Probable CauseSolution
Blocked Drain HoseCheck the drain hose and clear any blockages
Clogged FilterClean the filter
Blocked Waste Disposal UnitCheck and remove any blockage
Blocked Air GapCheck and remove any blockage
Blocked SinkCheck and remove any blockage
Incorrect Detergent UsedEnsure to always use Hoover approved detergent in the correct quantity
Defective Pressure SwitchCheck and replace pressure switch if necessary
Defective Drain PumpCheck and replace drain pump if necessary

Let’s take a closer look at each of these potential problems;

Blocked Drain Hose

washing machine drain hose

If the drain hose is blocked, the wastewater cannot drain out of the washing machine and if the drain hose is partially blocked, it could slow down the rate of drainage. The first thing to check is that the drain hose isn’t twisted or kinked.

If you suspect the drain hose is blocked try pouring 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda and 1 cup of white vinegar into the drum. Leave the mixture to do its work for at least 30 minutes. In most cases this is enough to clear the water.

If that doesn’t work, you can use a plumber’s snake to force the blockage out of the drain hose.

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Clogged Filter

Washing Machine Filter

The reason for the slow drainage of wastewater could be caused by a clogged filter. The filter on a washing machine is designed to prevent any foreign articles from getting into the drain pump and damaging it.

We’re talking about items like;

  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Nails 
  • Screws
  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Lint

If anything gets trapped in the filter it could just be enough to impede the flow of water from the machine. You will need to remove the filter and give it a clean to remove any lint, etc.

Whilst the filter is removed, try twisting the impeller using a finger, it should turn freely. Once the filter is clean replace it and try the machine again. 

Blocked Waste Disposal Unit (if applicable)

If the drain hose on your washing machine is connected to the waste disposal unit, it could be blocked. Try running the waste disposal unit for around 30 seconds.

If it is stuck due to a blockage, you can manually turn it using an allen key. Simply insert the allen key into the socket and gently turn the key forwards and backwards.

Blocked Air Gap (if applicable)

If your washing machine is connected to an air gap to prevent any waste water from syphoning back into the appliance, the air gap could have become clogged with detergent.

To check this all you need to do is remove the cover and cap on the air gap and remove any blockage using a pair of tweezers. You can then use a bottle brush to remove as much detritus from the pipe as you can reach.

Blocked Sink

If your washing machine is connected to the sink drain, it’s possible that it has become blocked. This could be enough to impede the flow of wastewater from the machine.

You will need to clear any blockage using a commercial drain cleaner, a plunger or a plumber’s snake.

Wrong Type Of Detergent Used

putting liquid detergent in compartment

If you use the wrong type, or too much detergent in your washing machine, the extra soap suds can deceive the sensors into thinking the appliance is still full of water.

You should only ever use the correct type and quantity of detergent for your Hoover Nextra washing machine.

Defective Pressure Switch

The pressure switch detects a change in the air pressure in the washer to tell whether there is enough water in the appliance to commence the wash cycle.

Similarly it detects when the water has been removed via the drain by the change in air pressure. If the pressure switch develops a fault, it can send an incorrect message to the PCB, which could cause the programme to abort.

We recommend getting a technician to check and replace the pressure switch if necessary.

Defective Drain Pump

If everything else checks out, all that’s left is the drain pump. The drain pump forces all of the waste water from the machine once the wash and rinse cycles have finished.

If the drain pump becomes defective, it will not remove the water fast enough or at all! This will trigger error code 3. You will need to get the drain pump checked out by a technician and if it proves to be faulty, it will need to be replaced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does error code 3 mean on a Hoover Nextra washing machine?

Error code 3 on a Hoover Nextra washing machine indicates that the drain pump has taken too long to drain the appliance. This is typically 3 minutes on this particular model.

How can I remedy error code 3 on my Hoover Nextra washing machine?

To remedy error code 3 on a Hoover Nextra washing machine, you will need to ensure; the drain hose isn’t twisted or blocked, the waste disposal unit/air gap or sink are not blocked, the pressure switch is working correctly, the drain pump isn’t defective, the filter is clear and that you have used the correct detergent.

Can using too much detergent trigger error code 3 on a Hoover Nextra washing machine?

Yes, using too much, or the incorrect type of detergent can trigger error code 3 on a Hoover Nextra washing machine. This is because the excessive soap suds can trick the sensors into thinking there is too much water still present in the drum.

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